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  1. Can you rename Kuva & Tenet weapons?
  2. On the other hand, it's not like DE can look up every swear words in every language of the world to add them as profanities
  3. Thanks, I'll take a look, I play Umbra for every story related missions & I want him to be in top shape for TNW
  4. How often does he cast it? 'Cause I put Shooting Gallery on him for when I'm using my mech, but he seem to only cast it when I jump out as my operator
  5. Not completely true, what matters is not just health or armor, but ehp, & Lavan has the most ehp of all platings Vidar are indeed the fastest, but for boost too, since boost is a multiplication of the base speed; it basically works just like ehp, you need to look at both stats & not just one EDIT: Also boost is infinite now so
  6. If nothing works, even resetting your password & checking if you spelled your username correctly, then wait for support, they're the only ones who can help
  7. You can also click anywhere on the screen to deselect the search box PS: DE doesn't read general discussion
  8. The rule basically goes: "If it plays the game for you, then it's bannable", other than that you should be fine, but don't push it
  9. This was answered multiple times already, & you don't need a riven for every weapon in the game no
  10. Wow, such complicated instructions, shoot red screaming cloud with operator
  11. Honestly, I don't like pvp in general, warframe or not, but a Grineer vs Corpus could have some potential; if they work like in TNW gameplay they showed us Like @Genitivesaid above, there wouldn't be mods, abilities, & weapons would be restricted, so balancing wouldn't be too hard to do
  12. You have to actively concentrate with the amount of enemies coming at you, one mistake & you're dead An exploit is something that is completely broken, this is not btw, your problem with glass cannons is that they are, well, glass cannons? Just pick a tank then if they're not to your liking
  13. Damn, DE is just adding some cool cosmetics into the game & people still want more asking for a whole system along with it
  14. I have so much to say yet can't be bothered to do so Inaros is such a boring frame
  15. After all those replies you still don't understand what would be so broken about it? Are you sure you're not just a bad troll?
  16. Of course not, they need a reason to keep this room
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