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  1. "DE never said Nidus Prime's mutated tentacle form would work on other skins & I just assumed it would be the case therefor it's their fault"
  2. looks at profile: "joined recently" (also first post) Yup, it check out
  3. I only see a few people like yourself complaining, don't act like you are speaking for everyone
  4. Sure, if you want to nitpick about every single detail you don't like I won't stop you, but it will be without me, I don't intent to waste my time arguing you with
  5. Technically they are just invisible, not inside a pocket dimension
  6. I can confirm what Monster said, a regular viral slash build is more effective than a Paracesis fully built to fight Sentients I wonder what DE will do with the "evolve" part they mentioned, 'cause right now, they became complete garbage
  7. It's building for me so I can't test it, but I'm pretty sure that's the finisher animation
  8. I agree that they feel extremely weak now. I tested them a bit in the simulacrum, & a lvl 160 Battalyst barely survived three Corinth Prime shots They don't feel like this powerful enemy anymore, makes you wonder how the Orokin even lost against them
  9. @[DE]Rebecca Will Nidus Prime use the deeper screech heard in his trailer for his 4 or will it stay like regular Nidus?
  10. I thought that's what they were going to do too I would also prefer that his 4 used the scream heard in his trailer
  11. Most likely because of issues with bigger models, this Syandana was designed for the Mefisto's proportions
  12. It was designed as the Executioner Blade for Ballas first, then evolved as a warframe weapon, & they kept the sheath with it The very first concept art for Ballas already had the blade with the sheath
  13. Paracesys was designed with a sheath, but it was way too big to be used for warframes in-game, the model was in the game all this time, but they decided to add it as a deco so it wasn't made never to be seen
  14. Just a heads up for those who didn't see the most recent stream an hour ago by Marcus: The Paracesis' sheath will be available as a decoration for our Orbiter, so be sure to check the market if you want it
  15. Every 60s, the cyst will burst to create a maggot with 10hp (not affected by Strength), doing 1 true damage per second when latched onto an enemy (not affected by Strength either)
  16. A necro just to say that the frame with no abilities is better than Nidus
  17. I've find the Catabolyst doing more single target damage, especially on headshots, than a Kuva Nukor, only taking 1~2 seconds to kill a lvl 155 heavy gunner I suggest you put an ammo conversion mod on it tho, it burns through ammo extremely fast
  18. Thanks for the reminder, can't wait to get my little NidusP noggle as a christmas gift
  19. They said it was on pause since every hand was working on TNW until it comes out
  20. It's not broken if works correctly, you just don't like it
  21. What do you mean by evolving armor? Why do you say broken? It's supposed to spin; it might look silly to you, but it works correctly
  22. Creating a new Sea Snare when the enemy affected is killed by another ability is something I thought up too; her 1 needing to be recast every 3s for such a poor ability is an outstandingly stupid design Like OP said, make new bubbles appear when killed by her 3 &/or 4, & also increase their speed, again; they are way too slow compared to the amount of enemies we can kill with our weapons to justify wasting our energy for it
  23. That's my guess yeah, it's just how they worded it in the devstream: "Plague Star coming September 8th", but "We'll tell you when NidusP Access will be out"
  24. They said in the last devstream that they'll keep us alerted for when NidusP will come out, wasn't it supposed to be with Plague Star?
  25. I don't understand why so many people feel obligated to play everyday. If you have nothing you want to do in the game, play another one
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