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  1. Thanks, I did saw it but thought everybody knew that, guess I'll explain it myself then: @SampleText_vich, This is the cooldown FX, it's used on Lavos & in ESO; it's also used for the Operator when you use transference in relays & dojo to prevent you from spamming it
  2. Thanks for the explanation, really appreciate it You know, it happens to all of us to have a brain fart or just not see something completely obvious, & you could've been smarter & just explained it to me, but whatever I guess
  3. They're asking a question about color, I think we can forgive this one
  4. Thing is, mostly for weapons, I just have an overall build & never change it. If my weapon doesn't work for a specific task, I change the weapon, not the build, that's why I heavily dislike bane mods
  5. I find them all useless equally, never used them, never will
  6. The energy taken is equal to 25% of the attack's damage, so if you take 100 damage, 25 of your energy will be depleted But since they do more than 100 damage in most cases, yes, you will go to 0 energy in one attack
  7. Like all bosses, they have a damage cap, along with the damage reduction
  8. Well I never had any problems with my friends' & my own Liches or Sisters, so maybe you're just not doing enough damage?
  9. Mother, or the mothership, got completely rekt during the old war; it was explained by, I think Steve, during tennocon, that she was just left to die, but she was able to absorb everything around her to reconstruct herself It was even said that the gigantic part of her that we saw (image below), is in fact a way smaller portion of what she used to be during the old war
  10. Liches have weaknesses & resistances, check you damage types
  11. Yeah, let's make one crewmate a f/cking boss, so that way you'll have three bosses with you at all times with 1M health each Makes more sense right?
  12. I was talking gameplay-wise, k-drive codes were taken to make Merulina, I wasn't talking about lore
  13. 1. Merulina is a k-drive, k-drives are moddable 2. Merulina is an exalted ability, exalted abilities are moddable 3. Titania's archwing form benefits from the mods put on her Not saying it should be moddable, but it certainly does make sense
  14. Not much of a 4th wall break. The ui is for the player, yes, but the arsenal still physically exist
  15. Yareli needs synergies between her abilities, so far she has none
  16. Yes it does, the game has to choose another host, without a host you won't get any xp or rewards in general because the game isn't connected to the servers
  17. Agreed, more variety in the Infesteds would be more than welcome
  18. Primes are released around every 90 days, NidusP should release end of August/beginning of September
  19. Yeah, I agree with that tho The only real thing I would want would be to have stuff like +jumps, or worse, energy regen on Lavos, to be touched up
  20. I'd like to clarify this, the system isn't exactly overpowered, it's more like a riven with time constraints You can get overpowered buffs, but it's all rng, you will get way more useless buffs than good ones; just like OP said, +5 jumps on Titania isn't exactly what I would call useful, I wonder why it's even here in the first place To put it simply, I don't find this system worth it
  21. Idk what you saw, all I got is a Cryptid monster, & a bunch of flowers:
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