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  1. Really? The door doesn't open anymore? wtf I never had this bug so idk
  2. ummm because EDIT: if you're stuck just type "/unstuck"
  3. Like Kitten said, it would get in the way when aiming I already have this problem with my ChromaP with another shoulder pad
  4. idk, for now all I can think of is an acidic aoe on the ground, maybe like Oberon's 2, like vomiting as gross as it sounds, well, his current 3 is vomiting one enemy at a time, so I'm not too far It could cc since he doesn't have any that does that, well, excepting his current 4 with only a 4m radius Yeah, I thought of that specifically since you said this: You're welcome EDIT: Nothing to say btw?
  5. Are you doing this on purpose? Scott is the one that told us "he can eat his enemies, like, think of Kirby" That's all, now stop with this stone stuff, you clearly see it has nothing to do with his other abilities
  6. I really don't care Not in every lore are Trolls turning into stone, I actually never heard of this other than that, why does Kirby makes you think of stone? "He gains the property of what he eats", as far as I know, no enemies in the game are made of stone So no, it's not "totally in place"
  7. You're thinking of Atlas with that ability His kit is built around eating & being fat, as fun as that sounds, not turning into stone, that looks so out of place too :/
  8. As for Grendel himself: His 1 is ok, I mean they said he could eat enemies His 2 is meh, & how does it work? Press to gain buff, but does that mean it instakills the enemy(ies) inside? His 3 should be combined with his 1, press to eat, hold to throw everyone out with a big toxin aoe, what's the utility of throwing one enemy like a projectile? Doesn't seem useful at all His 4 looked fun at first, but so boring at the end. Does it work like his 1? Then why not his 1 in the first place if it doesn't add anything except for an aoe which doesn't even kill the enemy either So yeah, my opinion on Grendel, I don't like him
  9. Nice, I got a female Operator but I don't want those dreadlocks, I'm the complete opposite :/
  10. But sentinels are Sentients according to the lore, or maybe a new type of sentinel that is only made from robotic parts then
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