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  1. I just wasted my time coming here, can someone give it back? pretty please?
  2. Happened to me too when I first got into Orb Vallis, unarmed too
  3. You should keep it, you know, could be handy :p
  4. 5kb/s & then "update failed", are there others with this issue? EDIT: Great, now it's been at 0kb/s for like 20min. Good to have a limited time event when you can't even download the game EDIT: Finally works, damn
  5. No one said anything about changing it tho
  6. Contact support & try to ask If I remember, the consoles servers were shutdown because not enough people were playing on them, costing more than they returned. PC servers tho are still available, don't really remember the full story tho
  7. Welp he just visited me for the first time, didn't drop tho :p
  8. I haven't seen him even once, & I'm not complaining about it like so many other people
  9. Not for me, if I do it once & keep attacking it will keep doing the block combo
  10. Btw, check the options, they did something for players like you
  11. You know, aiming & attacking will still perform the block combo, I don't understand the problem
  12. How? XD Did it just enter the elevator with you?
  13. I wondered why my Glyph was not updating either :/ sad
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