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  1. That's a screenshot I took a few years back, you're welcome:
  2. Golems size scale with power strength, not that much tho
  3. Yeah no, not everything has to be new player friendly There's already enough things for newbies before having to introduce a whole new gamemode
  4. C'est les server anglais ici, poste ça sur les français: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/143-discussion-générale/ EDIT: Ou pose ta question ici mais en anglais, à toi de voir
  5. But you don't, that's what people are saying, that it takes more shots than before to kill the same enemies The range was increased tho, so if they bugged the weapon it would explain why it's so inconsistent
  6. You didn't watch it did you? For people like me, who are not playing Warframe right now, it's great to have a source of info telling me that the Cryophon has come from 14,000 damage to 6,000, 'cause Megan sure didn't say so in her hotfix post
  7. Because the video shows what's happening in the game...
  8. That's not at all what they said, the video was just to show you that it got heavily nerfed, nothing to do with Potato himself
  9. Hunter munitions? Look for a build on youtube if you can't find a proper one yourself I kill lvl 135 faster than your 105 in the video
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