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  1. The problem wasn't the death mechanics. It was that the missions are too long and therefore boring.
  2. Good job on Exploiter, guys! A little bit of tearing-things-apart-with-our-bare-hands really adds a lot to the warframe experience. Apart from the new hacking, where else are you planning on putting this stuff?
  3. When they release updates during the night Eidolon hunters get mad.
  4. New Nyx ability idea: pick up enemies and throw them at eachother. Fills the Telekinesis niche of psychic bolts and the general Use Enemy's Strengths Against Them themes.
  5. With wikia becoming a worse and worse platform ever since it became "fandom", is there any chance of a DE hosted official wiki?
  6. Is it just me or are the song fragments not spawning after the first mission? I'm running around every nook and cranny with max loot radar, and finding nothing.
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