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  1. Instead of puncture grenades why not one that regens ammo? This is far more viable than puncture, unless you're going to make puncture into a better debuff where they take more damage. Speed pads are kind of meh. We already move fast enough in missions and with bullet jumping being a thing now, we can just skip huge sections of maps. Seriously though, an ammo regen station for one of the grenades would be great, maybe a short term small nigh-indestructible wall to replace the speed one? He is named after Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban, the French master of Siege warfare and defensive doctrines after all. I'd expect his kit to play more into his concepts and ideas.
  2. Well I know two affiliated players who have a history of incredibly toxic behavior(to which that behavior hasn't stopped) but they get a pass due to their popularity.
  3. my torid rivens also got nerfed or had no changes. Maybe bugs, maybe other things like the spaghetti code is finally catching up to them
  4. Mine went from 88.2 MS to 80.1 ms. SO the change did make it into the game, but my riven got nerfed.
  5. Stug used to be one of the strongest guns in the game and was the meta for a long time, sad to see it drift into obscurity.
  6. I'm so confused by a few of these like, like who the hell was using a dual cestra? Aklex nerf is confusing too.
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