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  1. If you think that will stop toxic behavior, you're sorely mistaken, in fact it can actually create more toxic behavior. Everything will be a competition with some, nothing can change that. Toxic behavior will always exist, if you want to not see it then play solo and only solo. However the funny thing is, if they are being toxic, if you out toxic them they will actually stop being toxic more often than not simply because most genuinely toxic people have submissive personality traits but they to be of a dominate one. -A psychologist turned social engineer.
  2. A lot of people used the aklex prime actually, mostly after borko brought its relics, then people used it a lot because it's look and sound. They still use it to this day. Gaze is a fun one, a lot of people use it because it's unique and looks cool. fashionframe is the endgame after all
  3. It's based off usage, not meta. Some meta weapons don't even get nerfs(Khom) and the only lesser used weapons that got nerfed were lanka and rubico(before rubico prime released even)
  4. They also nerfed the aklex many times and that didn't really have a huge user base.
  5. This is the risk of buying god roll rivens. If you don't want to risk a riven going from 20k to 20, then dont buy them. If we actually had a controlled market this wouldn't be a huge issue. Everyone knows the rivens change, all this does is cause them to become more expensive as people want to not risk keeping them for as long. Weird how that works, right?
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