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  1. I really love that mode overall. A tighter mobile defense, And while the normal monsters, besides the nullifies, dont provide any challenge for a long time, at some point they start to get in the way when you have to concentrate on the demolyst. So it is fine. I still dont really understand when and why the demolysts get unaffected by Warframe or other abilities. Sometimes I believe that the demolysts dont make any noises. And even with the noises I often have a very hard time discerning the right location from where they come from. I really want to see an expansion on this. Maybe with Grineer and Infested, but I cant judge at all how this works out when compared to the Corpus. But at least on different tile sets, so you can get different loot from it and not only Neural Sensors and Hexenon. Disruption could work as a mini mission type on the open world maps. You just havet to limit it to the caves on Fortuna or the Plains. I really want to see that game mode in the Fissure map type pool, for all four types of Relics, with an adaption of the reward pool in correlation to the difficulty level of the relic. I will probably never play this game mode if it is added to the Arbitration pool. While it is an endurance mode, and with this a good fit for arbitrations, it will probably too much of an annoyance if an arbitration drone and a demolyst meet each other near the node. At least for people like me who like playing that mode with randoms, without voice chat or a coordinated party search beforehand. But maybe all of this is just the excitement of the first week, which might wear off quite fast pretty soon.
  2. Did they nerf it? I have issues void dashing straight to the extraction point after the fight, and maybe difficulties getting to the last electro platform once the main platform gets destroyed twice. But for the most part you can just double jump upwards, leave your frame and void dash over the ropes, so you will fall the last few meters down to the electro pillar.
  3. Mh, It is overpriced for me. Not too bad. Just sad that i will never be able to get one.
  4. What exactly did they mentioning during the devstream regarding that lootnerf?
  5. So the resource drop nerf is here to stay. Oh well, gonna leech energy pizzas from others then.
  6. Revert the loot nerf please. And do something that people stop insulting frames with loot abilities that are not Nekros, as it happened to me twice now while playing Hydroid in disruption.
  7. There are also many people who use it but dont read patch notes. When is next Nightwave? Where is the Flydolon? Why can't I play the Flydolon mission? etc... And of course his "many use it" is a valid point. Demanding anything that goes beyond that from a normal user to prove his point is just not providable. Imagine he would go out and do 20 Pilfercrate runs and compare it with his experiences from pre nerf runs, you would still be unhappy because a sample size of 20 is just too small. Also nobody really complains about DE fixing the Specetre exploit, but the run of the mill orokin cell farm parties and whatever else there is to farm in this manner. Your Revenant argument is also not a good counter argument. Revenant was anounced, Revenant was something for people to aquire in the first place. Players were interested to get their hands on them. Same with 2FA. People want to trade and had to deal with the 2FA trade restriction. Of course they are more vocal about it because they were confronted with it on a direct basis, whereas the loot aquisition nerf was hidden in a seemingly infinite list of fixes in the patch notes.
  8. But that was not the case. This synergy was not overlooked. And the scale in wich they nerfed fixed it stands in no relation to the issue at hand. If their main goal is to drive booster sales they dont openly cut loot rates across the board. Because many players who look for a solid reason to quit, will quit. And with them a lot of sales. Not even thinking about bad PR, especially with Anthem still around. The second issue that goes along with this is that DE was not honest about it, that DE tried to sneak it past the community with the smallest mention required. Just wen S#&$ started to hit the fan, when the word got around to youtubers and streamers, they came around with that half-baked addendum to perform some sort of damage control. Upfront honesty would probably have cost several sales, too. It is a staple synergy that many players rely on, that many players enjoy and it got turned upside down with a small side note in the "Fixes" section. DE can still show what they have planned, and how they will not prolong or complicate the grind after that 50% loot chance nerf fix, but as you said, there were incidents in the past that made people lose trust.
  9. They could have changed the Spectre drops to reward tokens. Kill Specter X, get one X token. Kill Specter Y, get one Y token. Maybe two when you have a resource booster. No other interactions. When you extract convert the Tokens into rewards as listed on the loot table. Or reduce the amount of flowers you need to craft the apothics, and make it a boss drop, similar to how farming non prime frames works. Or the same or a similar way as Vitus Essence works. Or something similar to the Identified mechanic from Sabotage or Spy missions. They have plenty of options.
  10. Just because I give a specific reason doesn't mean that this is the truth. And they only gave this added infos after some youtubers mentioned this in their videos, to prevent it from blowing out of proportions. And the "new intended behaviour" is just a phrase they can use for the sake of the argument that "this is our game and we can do whatever we want with it." In the end it is still just a cop-out. If I have a tree in my garden and the shade it provides has a negative impact on the rest of the flowers, I could prune its branches, or remove the tree if the former is too difficult. But I dont have to remove the entire garden because of that. And in the end the only statement I will give is: "Fixed an issue with shade interaction between flowers and the tree"
  11. And now you will get maybe 5-10 toroids in 10 minutes, with a resource drop chance booster. And no it isn't broken, it is intended. You would lie to yourself when you believe DE didnt think about this when adding Toroids, or any resources for that matter. Especially because they are relatively hard to get. Or more like not fun to grind at all.
  12. That's also the reason why Strangledome has only half the chance Pilfering Swarm grants. Fire and forget, and it will affect every target as long as your mates allow it to get into the Dome's range..
  13. It will just revert back the old ways, where farming parties consisted of 2-3 Nekros and something else, mostly oberon.
  14. It increases grind, it increases the time gating, it indirectly increases the cost of arcanes and other rewards where liberal use of consumable was common. The removal of this interaction was either to achieve exactly that, so people buy more resource booster, so that somebody can make more money. Or just lazy programming. Instead of fixing that single mistake with the Silver Grove Specters, they got rid of everything in a big way. If I grind for Polymere now, I will get a lot less. Thus i will craft a lot less energy pizzas, and will just try to leech off of other player's energy pizzas because my resources have become a lot more precious after that change. They added the Pilfer Mod for Hydroid, so people would switch away from Nekros. And to make Hydroid more interesting to play. Or at least more tolerable. People complained about Hydroid that his tentacles are super annoying, don't kill things and make the grabbed targets a lot harder to hit. His Barrage was unreliable damage, his puddle useless, and the wave useful in rare defense cases. Similar reasoning behind Khora. Cool frame, but you saw her less than Garuda or Baruuk. Great, her Strangledome offers a decent amount of protection, but shooting down those dangling enemies sure gets annoying after a while. The Pilfer + Desecrate combo existed for years. DE knew about it. I can't possibly imagine a world where none of DE's employees missed that interaction. They probably also factored that interaction in when deciding for resource requirements to craft certain items/consumables/frames. Without that interaction, Vauban Prime might only cost 5k Oxium instead of 7k. Basic Toroids might give 1,5k or 2k standing when you trade them in. The Hema's cost might have been reduced to 3k Mutagen and 8k Plastids, if it were't for that specific interaction. When it comes to rare resources like Neurodes, Cells, Tellurium etc, people rarely went for "Spare Part" farming because Pilfercrate parties existed. While monotone, they are still more fun than Spare Parts. Even though the Spare Parts method was a lot more efficient than a 1h Pilfercrate survival and it only ever came up in chats when DE introduced their own double drop events. It was a trashy method of farming those resources. And although this is just a minor argument, a Pilfercrate party didn't feel so S#&$ty and dirty and it allowed for communication between the party members. I agree that the Silver Grove Specter farming with all of those layers of loot generation was too extreme and unnecessary. What do you need 40-60 copies of Growing Power for? Yes plat, but with the flood of Grove Mods, from all the users that farmed that one Nightwave quest alone and without those layers of bonus loot, even that price dropped.
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