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  1. Even if they will be eligible for conclave standing, I as a pve player will never ever get enough univsersal medallions to reach anything meaningful in conclave with it, without actually playing pvp. And because of that they are just diluting the drop pool with unnecessary items. I don't know if they have a use for low-mid mr players though, but even then, getting syndicate or faction standing is not hard, even with a smaller daily standing limitation.
  2. I anything needs to be changed it is the "3 sorties" nightwave quest because it completely blocks the recovery mechanic for nightwave once you get it. Perfect Capture might be boring, and tedious but it is doable. At least for me. It also gives a boatload of standing. And when you are not interested in the floofs, then just reset after you did a few of the captures because some animals are easier to catch than others. And span locations are normally very similar.
  3. Oh a feedback thread. Since I didn't find anything on that topic, and i am not sure if this is a new bug, or has always been the case, the following really bummed me out today: While Serene Storm is active, you can't regenerate energy. I know that other exalted weapons cost energy per second, like Excalibur's or Mesa's weapons. But since Baruuk uses his own resource for his exalted weapon I thought that it would be exempt to everything that is related to energy. I ran an hour long infested survival arbitration earlier and it is imperative to always keep your daggers up. I don't mind recasting the daggers, but doing damage, and keeping the daggers up while getting drained from infested is nearly impossible. No daggers means you need to disengage far away so you dont get drained and are safe, you have to end your ult, cast an energy pizza, cast daggers, and cast ult again. And after you killed the infested swarm that you disengaged from earlier, wich defintely had 1-2 energy leech eximus, you have to repeat the spiel I mentioned earlier, because you're once again low on daggers and out of energy. Elude: Is barely useful for me. Maybe to build up your restraint quicker in the beginning, but that's about it. It can be useful if your whole team dies and somebody goes around and revives your mates while you stand about, looking gorgeous af and play a bullet sponge. I mean, you could just kill the enemies instead? Trash ability. Lull: Only used to maybe calm down a location for a very brief moment, but I only really use it to build my restraint. With only 12% duration, this happens rather quick. Range is ok, but I only run 145%. gives enough range to lull the mob right in front of you. Desolate Hands: I don't mind that they disappear. They can give a nice small buff to team mates. 10 - 30% damage reduction for a shot moment, plus a disarm for enemies that come closer to them is ok. Mesa will kiss you feet if she knows what's good for her. But the way it is designed, DH needs this drawback of the daggers disappearing. You run around with a 90% dmg reduction, what else could you possibly want? Serene Storm: Is fine as it is. It isn't slash which is a massive bummer, but given the damage you can deal with it, I can live with it. If it weren't for the denied energy reg. 90% damage reduction is nice, having to keep it up is ok too. I don't mind putting more effort into it, otherwise I could play Whiplash Khora. But as explained above, the length you have to go to keep it up in longer endurance is not only annoying but not fun. Please let us regenerate energy while having Serene Storm active. . To achieve the aforementioned you probably have to put about as many forma into him and his weapon as you have fingers on your hands though, which is harsh. Adding an additional polarity or maybe even two when you take his weapon into consideration, would be nice.
  4. I am still split on that loot nerf, although I was in the fraction that heavily disliked it. I liked the interaction. It made tedious farming a lot more bearable. Hundreds of Cells and Toroids, thousands of Mutagen and so on. And for dedicated farming groups this is great. No I dont need triple or quadruple dipping, or even more of that. Just the Nekros + 1x (Hydroid, Khora, Ivara, Kubrow) was enough for me and probably many others too. But it also takes a lot of freedom of choice away when it comes to normal missions. Or at least missions with somewhat rare resources like Polymer, Oxium, Hexenon. After they nerfed it I didn't have the feeling anymore that I am forced onto Hydroid (for example), just so I don't miss out on loot. The chances were high that somebody also played a Nekros in the first place. So I could play whatever I wanted and chances were still high that somebody had a loot frame and our whole squad benefits from that. Now I have to rethink all of this again. Do I really want to play Zephyr? Do I really want to play Wisp? Or maybe even Wukong? Chances are still high that somebody plays Nekros. If i would just play Hydroid now our whole (random public) squad would get even more loot out of it. Loot is here to stay, I might need it. So I guess my fun should have to wait in line until a later point in time, just so I dont have to deal with possible ressource bottlenecks in the future.
  5. My guess is: Modding your equipment and waiting "ages" for your first farmed warframe to complete, because maybe your starter was not fully to your liking. I was fortunate that I started the game with friends, so both of these factors weren't too severe for me because we just did something else in the meantime.
  6. I was in the same boat getting level 30 in about 4-5 days. I had the time to spare on a weekend. It might have been even quicker if the " Do 3 Sorties" Quest wouldnt have appeared, which made it impossible for me to recover dailies during those 3 days. Not being able to do the Nightwaves when I have time for it was my biggest concern, and alleviated by that system.
  7. Getting rid of something tedious has nothing to do with thinking.👁️
  8. Hi, Selling Prime parts to Baro has become a real annoyance for me, mostly because I possess a lot of different prime spare parts. I am also somebody who wants to keep a few duplicates. Because they might rise in value once they get vaulted, like the Loki Prime parts. Or in case a friend of mine needs one and I could provide them a missing piece. Or a full set. When I open relics, I either pick what I need or what I am missing. Or what is the most valuable to sell for Ducats. And over time you accumulate a Loki Prime part here, another one there, and you dont really take notes of what exactly you collected so far. And once Baro hits a relay it is annoying going through every single item to check if I have enough spare copies. Every single time. One for my friends, one or two copies to sell for plat. But i don't need 5 copies of Loki Prime Systems, and I dont need 8 copies of Loki Prime Chassis. But this is not limited to only one frame. I also want to keep 4 Nekros sest, 7 Volt sets, 2 Saryn sets. And dont forget the Redeemer, Rubico, Fang, Bo, or Akjagara sets. And all of a sudden you have ~25 different items to keep track off. Items you have enough, but dont want to keep too many. My suggestions are: A second Inventory tab. A seperate tab where I can put items I don't want to sell to NPCs. I could put my Loki systems in there, or enough copies of the weapon parts I mentioned above that I want to keep. This way it would let me select all the unwanted prime parts, which i happily want to convert into Ducats, all at once. Without having to worry that I accidentally sell specific items. Or reevaluate every time if I might not better keep 4 copies of Loki systems now instead of the 3 I already have. Of course such an inventory tab could be universal and used for future content, too. Take Cetus Fish for example: What if you could not only cut them up for standing or resources, but the fish itself will become a crafting resource. If you catch 20 Norgs, you might only want to cut up 10 and keep the others. this way you can easily and safely keep the 10 Norg and cut the rest of them up for whatever you need, alongside all the bycatch you accumulated. And once you fish a few more norgs, you don't have to worry about having enough, since you have a few stored in the second tab. A feature that lets us lock items from being automatically sold by the "select all" function. This would allow the player to lock certain items behind an additional query that demands another confirmation if you want to sell some/all of them. Or just allows to sell them when you unlock it. This way you can just "select all" and don't have to worry that you sell anything you don't want to sell. And you also don't have to check every single time, every single time Baro visits a relay. Both suggestions would provide convenience and safety. And they can also be completely optional. You don't have to put your items into a second, npc sale protected, inventory and you also dont have to lock your items if you dont want to and just use the system as it is right now. Either of those would help to make selling stuff to NPCs less bothersome.
  9. How often can i repeat those missions for standing? And with this I mean: How often can I get a Zealot key per planet? Right now i am 6/3 on Mars. I got a Zealot Key for 3/3. but for the second invasion i completed on Mars I didn't get a key. Does this reset after a time? I really would like to grind out some standing, as I fear that I might not make it before the season is over. And I don't have much to do anyway.
  10. I really love that mode overall. A tighter mobile defense, And while the normal monsters, besides the nullifies, dont provide any challenge for a long time, at some point they start to get in the way when you have to concentrate on the demolyst. So it is fine. I still dont really understand when and why the demolysts get unaffected by Warframe or other abilities. Sometimes I believe that the demolysts dont make any noises. And even with the noises I often have a very hard time discerning the right location from where they come from. I really want to see an expansion on this. Maybe with Grineer and Infested, but I cant judge at all how this works out when compared to the Corpus. But at least on different tile sets, so you can get different loot from it and not only Neural Sensors and Hexenon. Disruption could work as a mini mission type on the open world maps. You just havet to limit it to the caves on Fortuna or the Plains. I really want to see that game mode in the Fissure map type pool, for all four types of Relics, with an adaption of the reward pool in correlation to the difficulty level of the relic. I will probably never play this game mode if it is added to the Arbitration pool. While it is an endurance mode, and with this a good fit for arbitrations, it will probably too much of an annoyance if an arbitration drone and a demolyst meet each other near the node. At least for people like me who like playing that mode with randoms, without voice chat or a coordinated party search beforehand. But maybe all of this is just the excitement of the first week, which might wear off quite fast pretty soon.
  11. What exactly did they mentioning during the devstream regarding that lootnerf?
  12. So the resource drop nerf is here to stay. Oh well, gonna leech energy pizzas from others then.
  13. Revert the loot nerf please. And do something that people stop insulting frames with loot abilities that are not Nekros, as it happened to me twice now while playing Hydroid in disruption.
  14. And so it begins, getting stupid comments for playing Pilfer Hydroid in a mission. "Why do you bring those S#&$tentacles. Super annoying to hit stuff they grab. We already have a Nekros." I really hope this will get reverted ASAP. It reeks of lazy programming, or pressure from their biggest shareholder to generate more revenue. I am salty af, but I sincerely hope that my assumptions get proven wrong.
  15. While I dont need to waste my Vitus Essences for Archwing Weapons to begin with, I dont even know how I would want to store them. I rarely can afford Riven Slots. I have more important things to spend my plat on. And if I can finally get around to scrap some plat together for Riven slots, I prefer to fill those slots with mods I might want to use. I rarely use Archwing Weapons outside of Archwing Missions, my weapons are plenty strong for that. And for nearly all Archwing Missions, besides maybe Atlas farm, the damage of these weapons is enough most of the time. In Arbitrations, for me at least, the biggest problem isn't that I am alone or that a teammate gets killed but the long time to get any decent rewards. 10 waves for 1 statue reward and 20 waves for 2 statue rewards aren't fun and take long. The increased scaling makes it a lot worse to protect the dude past wave 20 or 30. Ten minutes per survival wave? Even if people are able to continue for a longer time. because they brought strong frames and strong weapons, most extract after 20-40 minutes anyway because they dont have more time, can't concentrate or lost to the boredom boss. And survival gets harder now because of the scaling. No it doesn't have to be a breeze or super easy, but when it is already pretty boring, making it harder earlier just hurts twice. Defection is barely played. The only times people play defection is to grab a Rotation A statue and extract before the arbitration resets (which was right around the corner anyway). With the bigger scaling, people are even more likely to avoid that mode. Interception, although quick, is also not very much liked. The only mission type that profits from those changes is Excavation. The scaling in this case is not too dangerous (depending on the enemy faction) and you can get the rewards relatively quickly. The revives are nice for this mission type. Edit: The revives are instant at least, which negates a possible domino effect of team mates getting killed while they revive. If anything, work on the Arbitration Drones please. There is only a handful of frames you see in every arbitration. Inaros and Wukong. Maybe Gara, Valkyr, Nidus and Limbo. If there were changes to those drones, they would at least alleviate the boredom problem because players would pick different Warframes. Why bother playing Hildryn when your Aegis doesnt work for 2 out of 3 spawn groups? Why bother playing Baruuk? His exalted weapon can dish out very good damage but you always run the risk of getting bugged out of it because you have to use your weapons in 2 out of 3 spawn group to kill the drone. And with the drone the whole spawn group.. Or literally any caster frame. +300% strength für Hydroid is nice. For 1 out of 3 spawn groups.
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