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  1. Not fixing the issue that I have with intrinsics. And somewhat with Railjack in general: I don't mind 20-25 minute long Railjack missions. But the rewards (especially the intrinsic points for me) are not worth 20-25 minutes of my time. I can play 2-3 Railjack missions a day, I don't have much more time with Nightwave and some relic opening for Baro. But getting 3-7 intrinsics per run, maybe 15 an hour is just not worth my time. And when you look at what is giving intrinsics, my favorite role, piloting, is next to useless. you dont get affinity for dodging, or killing sledges (it seems). So the more you dodge and avoid damage, the less affinity/intrinsics you get. All that damage could have been repaired for affinity and the intruders could have gotten killed for the same.
  2. Intrinsics farming is not fun. And I don't know what I am doing wrong. On an average galleon mission in proxima veil i get 3-4 intrinsics as a pilot. Maybe 5 If i am lucky. To max out my intrinsics, I would need ~1500 runs. And each run takes about 20-30 minutes. And the still locked commander intrinsic is not included. How should I even find the time to do this? Once the new year starts I can coun't myself lucky if I can spend an hour or two on this game.
  3. The current Archwing fights in railjack are basically reversed invincibility mechanics. Bosses rely on invincibility mechanics so they dont get instantly melted, and in railjack everything but the amesha can't reliably fight if they aren't invincible. Or else the enemies would just melt the archwings instantly xD
  4. We completed a mission. Somebody used all his revives and was dead. We could not return to base or end the mission because our objective was "return to railjack". We ran out of omni, died and didnt get any rewards. Who the everlasting hell greenlit this release...
  5. My Railjack constantly disappears and I dont know how I can make it reappear. I tried running a mission before i enter my dojo. It both helped and didn't help I entered a relay and left it right away. It helped sometimes and sometimes it didnt. I restarted the game, which also helped a few times, but mostly didnt. I sued Fast Travel in my dojo to get there, I used a teleporter that leads right into the room and I just walked there. All of those had the ship appear or not appear.
  6. I havn't gotten any Pustrels in my inventory. And probably a few more of all those other resources as well. I joined another Railjack party. we successfully did 2-3 misisons. All of us without intrinsics, maybe something on level 2, dont know exactly. After the mission was completed i still had only 2 Pustrels. And i (or we ) picked up several of those. The only Pustrels I got was 50 Pustrels from the mission bounty reward. As i said, not sure how it is with lots of the other resources.
  7. I joined another railjack party, but didnt get some of the loot. The mission started and i had 2 Pustrel. The mission was a success, we or I had multiple popup for +10 or +15 pustrels. And now that the mission is over and we are back in the dock, i still didnt get any of those Pustrels..
  8. In case you dont see your railjack in your dry dock, and you already completed the full build, try relogging. At least for me it worked. After I restarted the game, my railjack was back in my dojo.
  9. It seems my Railjack is gone. Clem stole it from my Dry dock. Joke aside, how can I spawn my Railjack? The ship finished building a few days ago, Railjack quest completed, but the Dock is empty. I can only access the research console. It also isn't just invisible.
  10. I hate the Blink change. Not because i can now hunt 3-6-9 Eidolons less per night, but because I am still not going to switch away from the Itzal, just because of his Vacuum ability.
  11. Can we please get a switching wheel for Nourish? Or the ability to apply all the different buffs at once, depending on which enemies we have in our belly? Even if it is for a higher energy cost. The way it is right now is not fun to use.
  12. Will you lose Void Traces if you have filled out your capacity and get the stolen ones back?
  13. I am probably going to quit this game after I killed my first Lich. This is so unappealing, disheartening and tedious. If you don't want me to play the game, then good job. And chances are high that I kill such a trash Lich Larva just by accident once I killed my LIch, which makes me deal with this **** all over again. The Lich now taxes Earth, Venus, Lua. Why should I even bother with this anymore? Collecting 150 Murmurs to know which runes you need, just becaues you seem to be unable to program a decent version of the game Mastermind? If I put 3 runes onto my blade and kill him, sacrifice a revive without gaining anything, I only know that the rune in the first slot is either correct or incorrect. No information about the other runes. And then repeat all of this for the other rune slots as well. Why should I even bother challenging the Lich then? Just that the guesses make the Lich stronger and expand his territory? I dont want to grind 50-60 or even more normal boring missions just to ignore the Lich all day long and just to gather those !"H§IO murmurs. This whole Kuva Lich mechanic, including the grinding for the requiem relics and the runes themselves, frustrates me so much right now that I am either never going to create a Lich again, if i have the possibilty to 100% opt out of this mechanic. Or that i give up on farming the weapons. Not even including the possibility that I might want a specific weapon with a specific element, when this means to grind 50-60 (or more) boring standard missions. Just for the hope that the next Lich might have at least a weapon I dont own yet. Or he might not and I am stuck in this unappealing and disheartening gameplay loop time and time again. Also I have a hard time figuring out the differences of the runes. or mods, however you want to call them. They remind me too much of the Diablo 2 runes. Please add their names to the Lich menu where we can check which runes we tried so far. Trying to figure out the differences of runes with a left swirl and an oval blob to another rune that has two right swirls and a slightly more voluptuous oval blob in the middle is inconvenient and confusing. Especially when you have a whole board of failed runes filling up your right side of the screen. It becomes very confusing.
  14. My opinion about this update has completely made an 180° turn. Grendels is okay, i enjoyed the way on how to obtain him. Or at least I didn't dislike the challenge missions. They were something different and that was more or less nice. Except for the last few waves of defense, they can go F themselves. I hated the melee changes at first. But now I am just not liking them very much. I really enjoy the fluid melee combo system. It brings me great joy. What doesnt bring me any joy is that it doesn't feel worth it to go full status build. Either crit or hybrid. And I am not too much of a fan of both, even less so of crit. This makes me less likely to use melee on higher level enemies (100+) because I cant seem to find a weapon that I enjoy. Out of the plethora of weapons I own, And contrary to my believe that I will really like the Lich system, I am starting to despise it. I was aware that the lich grind will be the most annoying part right when the update drops. Because you neither have relics, probably not many traces, nor any of the 8 mods. But I didnt expect that it becomes such a disaster. It is an absolute horrible timesink. You need relics, you need traces, you need the luck to get the right mods from the right relics, And it becomes a forced time sink later on, once you have all the weapons. Which will take ages anyway because you can't influence the type of weapon the lich will bring. Or so it seems. I am a Mr 27 player. I am not really in any need of the resources and my lich was kind enough to only tax Europa, Mars and Jupiter so far. Meaningless planets to me. And besides the tax, the Lich does nothing. He can spawn in specific tax missions, where nobody will kill him because it has no benefits whatsoever. I like his comments though. Better than Nora's gibberish and a change of pace to Ordis' phrases. But at some point, once I have all the weapons, I still have to waste my time farming for specific requiem relics, for specific mods, and waste my time to find out what the correct combination is, so the lich, which i have absolutely no need or interest anymore at that point won't tax my (possibly more important) systems, like Eris, Lua, Pluto, Plains, Vallis. You can probably avoid creating a lich by not killing that one Kuva Larva, but this will happen accidentaly anyway. TL;DR: Grendel good, melee is fluid but trash because status builds are irrelevant and you dont like crits. Kuva Lich farm is such a multi-layered time sink, I litterally can't even.
  15. I didn't even think about weapon slots lol.
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