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  1. Ehmm... first of all, thank you all for your answers, since there is not a real solution or way to avoid this problem completely I've decided just to take screenshots of my trades and hold the plat for like 1 or 2 weeks to keep my account safe. I made another post yesterday (my last post); because I saw this got a lot of attention and wanted to continue reading your points of view, but got locked by a moderator... don't know why exactly... maybe they like to ignore certain things... anyway thank you and hope this whole situation changes in the future, so innocent people don't pay for the mistakes of others. RNG god shall be by your side! Bye :v/
  2. Yesterday I made a post about bad plat, I really love to see people giving their points of view on things that are completely ignored most of the time, I don't know why... but it is like that. For example, yesterday a DE moderator was giving answers to a lot of people, I just read about this bad plat things the day before yesterday, so, I wanted to see what someone who works for DE had to say, and... I got 0 response, not even players cared, the only answer I received was a Whisp saying: "What is bad plat?". My conclusions are: People ignore the problem, because there is a low probability of ending up in that situation (which is bad). People don't know anything about the whole situation (which is worse). I stopped trading the moment I read bad plat was a thing, innocent people paying money because there is 0 effort or interest to solve the situation, and a nice community that does not say anything about it "most of the time"... yeah... I see why bad plat has been a problem since 2014... This gonna be my last post here, I just couldn't understand why DE handles the situation like this, but hey... Ghoulsaw is OP... ok no... Sorry, my English is not always the best... have a nice day!
  3. As a free to play player, my only plat income is from BP or mods I don't use, I usually go to Maroo's Bazar, and enjoy my time selling those things I don't need. But what if a thief comes and buy from me?, someone who owns "bad plat", what if he is banned and the plat is deducted from my account and locked? Do I really have to pay for the plat I didn't stole or buy from illegal places to continue playing with this feeling that is gonna happen again... am I a bad person for trading normally in the game?... Do I have to record everything to avoid this?... I can't really understand why this is a thing, why someone who didn't do anything wrong have to pay the consequences... My account is ok, btw, but this particular problem makes me want to avoid this game... Could someone clarify?...
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