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  1. been playing since beta. He's still my main. Sure i use excal umbra now rather than the original one. Of course, I do have other frames i really enjoy like chroma, loki, ash, wisp, inaros. But excal will always be my main and will always prefer him over any other.
  2. More frames... dunno. But more weapons? Yeah. I want a paracesis/skiajati type weapon for primaries and secondaries. a rifle and a pistol that destroys sentients. Or maybe a bow and some throwing knives, who knows. while you’re at it, throw in an umbra liset skin to have everything in a set, and ill be glad af.
  3. i wasnt going to get her with her old 4. But now? hell yeah im getting her and her weapons/syandana.
  4. If this is true... well... that sucks I guess.
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