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  1. Helen said on her last stream that the dojo improvements have been put on hold to help the new war get finished. She also said they have some great additions coming and she'll put up a new post soon(tm) to inform everyone.
  2. The OP is absolutely right. If someone wants to use a different strategy to the vast majority of other players who do kill the lich so other players can have theirs spawn in the same run, then piss off and do it solo. People are spending their time grinding down the lich (and dying on occasion) for the owner to stand around do nothing. Again, do it solo.
  3. Done more than 20 sisters. Not one ephemera.
  4. Yep. Server gone the way of tennocon for me. Says update to latest version.
  5. When reviving my cat or the new doggos, the percentage number does not increase and stays at zero until I revive them. In railjack when I enter any of the large vessels my melee animation doesnt kick in until 10-30 seconds afterwards. I'm still damaging enemies but no animation for a while.
  6. Good to know. Killing floor 2 goes a different route to you in that it just adds new trophies to an ever expanding list, rather than an individual list that you provide each update. Maybe their way could mitigate the problem you are having.
  7. The Dojo has been getting some attention by DE recently, with the Dojo QOL fixes it is working on. I wouldnt be surpised if this is being worked on amongst others.
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