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  1. It happens to me a few time by using teleporters, most of the time by just donating. Can you describe me how this glitch accurs ? I can't reproduce it ( yet ). I play on very low settings, that might be that. EDIT : I saw you response on reddit just now, my bad.
  2. Same thing occurs to me, do you make your own MIDI ? Because i do, and i might think i'm doing something wrong.
  3. Couldn't agree more. I just wanted to place new baro decoration on my dojo, IMPOSSIBLE, the camera is just in ultra-speed mode.
  4. Builiding decorations turn them invisible. Rotating a decoration ( even with snap ) will not gives you the correct rotation angle. The Orokin stairs, can't even snap with each others ( compared to other stairs ). You cannot fast double click to select a decoration, in the decorations UI, kinda annoying. Infested decorations are not listed in a category ( Infestation ), they are under the "Tenno" category. Scaledown key biding does not work. Sometimes, after changing the placement mode (Surface Snapping / Free Placement) , the mesh does not follow. Camera hyper-sensivity while after donating personal decorations to the dojo. In certain rooms ( thoses who have the light from the celling ) changing the Key color in "Change Lighting Colors", causes a strange light glitch on the roof's texture.
  5. It's fine, take all the time you need !
  6. It's okay, you can start using it
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/WarframeRunway/ Take a look in this
  8. Hey let's go play Destiny Royale 4
  9. u okay ? More seriously, can you....develop ?
  10. Well, i really likes the new design, i visted other relay, but apparently only Larunda relay shares resemblance with the Strata one I hope each relay will get a specific theme ( Strata is fire ) ( Larunda is water )
  11. I don't have the digital pass, and baro is nowhere to be found
  12. Hello, i might have missed something in the patchnotes, but when i'm visiting the Mercury Relay, it's a totally brand new relay. It's like the Earth one, but with less fire ! Screenshots : EDIT : I added an uncut video about the Mercury Relay : EDIT 2 : Merged topics, now i'm just a reply
  13. You really want to make this fight boring & longer aren't you ? What's next step ? Exploiter fracturing the ground only every 20 minutes ?
  14. Clan name : Le Miroir Des Ombres Clan tier : Ghost Clan platform : PC Your Clan role : Founding Warlord Featured image : https://imgur.com/ry2BQTU Video tour :
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