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  1. Thanks for the tips ! And i didn't see that the cortege got in there haha, i know it's from the vault, i just outlined my kitguns and didn't the cortege was in there aswell x) Okay ! I Understand that's good to know ! That's not how it works ^^'
  2. Hello Tennos ! I'm MR29 and i planned to get to MR30 of course ! When i look into my profile, i see that the kitguns are not unlocked , while i already have them all built and gilded. I saw another MR29's profile with their kitguns unlocked and maxed. I'm wondering if this is a bug ? Or do i have to build them again to fix in the case it's a bug ? Is there anything i can do ?
  3. I'm gonna stop you right there. No good idea is allowed by DE
  4. Mind to fix the dojo decoration system one day ?
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