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  1. u okay ? More seriously, can you....develop ?
  2. Well, i really likes the new design, i visted other relay, but apparently only Larunda relay shares resemblance with the Strata one I hope each relay will get a specific theme ( Strata is fire ) ( Larunda is water )
  3. I don't have the digital pass, and baro is nowhere to be found
  4. Hello, i might have missed something in the patchnotes, but when i'm visiting the Mercury Relay, it's a totally brand new relay. It's like the Earth one, but with less fire ! Screenshots : EDIT : I added an uncut video about the Mercury Relay : EDIT 2 : Merged topics, now i'm just a reply
  5. I can describe multiple warframes with one word : Irrelevant - Vauban, Zephyr, Titania, Atlas, Hydroid
  6. This has NOTHING to do with the new War. This a trailer for the a "new begin/tutorial" for the game. To help new players for a better understanding of the game The three statues we see are the three current starters ( Mag , Volt & Excalibur ) Volt fighiting a dax solider, is a reference to the OLD war ( New war is AGAINST sentients ) The human we see is not our/a tenno. I can only think of Mitsuki ( of the warframe comics ), or at least a human like her We can see a lot of grineers attacking, and that girl we see runing come to awake one of the three statues --> You chose your starter, the game begin. That's it.
  7. Well, i posted it on reddit first ( so it's still my post ) , here the original link : https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/boy118/the_truth_about_our_orbiter/
  8. @Dishinshoryuken Oh you know, just some Rubedo @Ced23Ric as much as red rhyme with bad ( Whooosh on me )
  9. Roses are red, new melee broke redeemer space mom wants us dead Stretched Excal = orbiter It is lore ?
  10. You really want to make this fight boring & longer aren't you ? What's next step ? Exploiter fracturing the ground only every 20 minutes ?
  11. Clan name : Le Miroir Des Ombres Clan tier : Ghost Clan platform : PC Your Clan role : Founding Warlord Featured image : https://imgur.com/ry2BQTU Video tour :
  12. Clan Name: Le Miroir des Ombres ( Mirror Of Twillight from Zelda Twillight Princess ) Clan Tier: Ghost Clan Platform: PC Clan Role: Founding Warlord https://imgur.com/a/QIgF1Bm
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