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  1. My guess is they don't really have a hard rule on what they make tradeable and what they don't. Liches/Sisters already are, although the situation is a bit different there, because it's potentially three things: the nemesis, their weapon and maybe an Ephemera. I'd wager if they're happy enough with the engagement, then they could be convinced to make things tradeable here, too. But it'd require enough people to care about and demand that change in the first place. Also, right now they're probably worried about not making the New War a similar experience as RJ was when it launched. Might want to bring it up again sometime later. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Don't worry about that too much. Conclave has separate balance. Well, there are some clearly unbalanced things nowadays because part of it has fallen into disarray. But if you don't bring some of the clearly broken gear, it's not really a problem. For example, all the Bratons are recommended automatics -- yes, even the MK1. By the way, if you're going to try it, start with hitscan weapons. Projectiles are a bit harder to use there.
  3. Assuming you don't mean dedicated servers*): I don't know exactly about the situation on consoles, but despite all the bugs over the years, people do play still. Just not around the clock. Games are usually in the evening of a region. You might want to organise with others on the Discord, though. Direct invite link / easy to remember link/redirect (separate site, note the .me): discord.me/conclave *) Dedicated servers are currently PC only. That might change with cross-play, but this is only speculation, no word on it by the devs.
  4. As mentioned later by someone else, ADS is basically short for "aiming" (tapping or holding the right mouse button). The zoom in/out is just something you can get used to, although there are mods to reduce it, and in PvE it's especially nice to have -zoom on Rivens. You can still do block combos in PvE, by the way. Just aim with your gun before pressing E. But yes, the stances are different and as I said it's a bit outdated now (can't preserve that kind of momentum), so YMMV. Well, a lot of it comes down to practice. The slam is a bug. Best guess I have is that it can happen when the camera gets pushed out of its regular position, be that by some geometry or another unit getting in between the camera and the Warframe.
  5. Shame you had to deal with those broken weapons when you tried streaming Conclave. We actually already had a few people ready with the desired loadouts: But I guess it wasn't meant to be this time. Hope you still had fun with rest of the stream. 👍
  6. I'd like to add to that: There are several issues at play here, one of them isn't all that old: Shield Gating is in today's Conclave, too, but it wasn't balanced around that, e.g.: 1.3s of invulnerability when going from full shields in a mode where a typical weapon (Braton) would kill a typical Warframe (Excalibur) in 0.8s if you're landing your shots. Headshots do bypass the gate, but do you know who's more likely to hit those? The people with more experience, of course. It has some positive aspects, too, like not dying instantly to the various bug/exploit abusers. But still, to me it's pretty clear that Shield Gate has added to the problems. Another one is that beyond Recruit Conditioning (which is simply/crudely limited to people below Conclave Syndicate rank 3) there was never a way to better separate people. Just watch some footage of less experienced players and you can see that they're not actually using all of the mobility they could use, because it's still required to land your shots at the same time. So it's less a matter of having that potential mobility and more of the gap between less and more experienced people. The most interesting games happen when the people in them are somewhat on the same level.
  7. I agree. Original (Ak-) Magnus are overall still some of my most used weapons. Recently, I've finally started to play with the Prime variant. I'm not sure how this came to be, but not only is it comically oversized, but it sounds like a pea shooter, on top. It's really weird and with the "pew pew" it feels like a toy gun. Edit: The hall effect when in the (both Ballroom/Cephalon) Simulacrum is decent, though. At least the reload is still nice.
  8. Yes, that's one of the cheapest excuses, too. In a game that's all about collecting an insane amount of stuff, somehow this part of it is "not allowed" to have things that are worthwhile. I mean, things that help with progression and are not a lot worse options than some of the alternatives. I've heard that so many times, that "it should only be for fun". It's no wonder that only a few people even want to give it a try in the first place. PvE doesn't farm itself in the background, after all.
  9. Very early on in Conclave 2.0 we had potatoes as a rare match reward. Community was up in arms, so that was removed. I had never received one then, but I think it was a legendary tier chance to get one. Forma Blueprint was kept and is at that tier, so that's why I think potato blueprints had that chance, too. Random Relic packs are in the shop like in other Syndicates. But while over time, other things (PvE) were made easier and less time consuming, match rewards and standing gain here haven't been updated in years. We already had that, too. The Variant mode of Annihilation, a tweaked Opticor and instagib gameplay was something we had. Got removed without a reason given and has since been requested to be brought back a lot of times, too (latest here). On the Discord we've come to think it was "replaced" when they made one of the mini events and then just never re-enabled. The mini events were basically that, too. Snowday Showdown, Quick Steel and the Valentine's day mode (forgot whether that had a specific name). All Warframes having the same stats and simplified gameplay with specific weapons. The devs would basically just have to pick up one of these again, they already existed in some form.
  10. Yes, melee slide mid-air depends a lot on the weapon and it loses momentum, but it's a way to more reliably change direction. Slam + roll is one of the cancels, yes, but there are other things. Here's a basic tutorial we have on the discord aimed at new people. It's a bit outdated now, e.g. melee + roll doesn't give you as much of a boost anymore. You can skip the first minute, it starts with the simplest moves. But I'm linking it only to better showcase a few things, anyway: Regarding cancels, here's another thing, although a bit outdated now, too: And here's an example clip of Loxyen, someone with years of experience who has really mastered it all. The intent here is just to showcase the combos and cancels, too. PvE doesn't really require this kind of movement, but maybe it inspires you to try out a few more things:
  11. I watched the video and I agree about the things that are very janky -- getting stuck on corners, automatic & unintended ledge grab, not being able to wall hop in some cases. But it also doesn't look like you're making the most of all the available movement options. If you want to change your direction mid-air, you should also consider slide melee (aka copter), for example. In general, get used to aim gliding, animation cancels, and working melee into your movement set. Maybe have a look at some Conclave clips to see what's possible, because it's a major part of the gameplay there, not just going fast from A to B. Although note that the stances are different. P.S. Your video is unlisted. is that intentional?
  12. Thanks for clearing that up as well as well as making it available for those of us who didn't have it yet.
  13. Yes, thanks @devs for making it available for the rest of us!
  14. Yes please. For example, as mentioned in the dev stream thread: Telos Boltace -- could simply be disabled if not reset to its pre Old Blood behaviour. Ragdolls on players should never have been a thing. E.g.: Wolf Sledge -- its throw has it all: very high damage and range, retained the super-fast Glaive wind-up, homing projectile, knockdown, AoE explosions (both automatic and manually triggered) and can melee block while throwing, negating 100% of incoming shots in that direction. Here's an example clip. Fall-off bug. Causes a lot of shotguns and snipers to deal PvE damage (min. fall-off) instead of the originally balanced numbers. Has been reported numerous times over months. Latest here: Saryn's passive + any electric weapon. A bug introduced with the damage type rework makes it possible for Electric procs to refresh themselves. This gets exploited by some to get an unavoidable damage source which ultimately just kills without being able to do much about it. Especially problematic with AoE like from Castanas. There are more problems, but these are some of the worst offenders right now. People would already be happy if you just disabled e.g. Telos Boltace and Wolf Sledge if you don't want to take the time to fix the bugs/balance properly.
  15. Today's news reminded me I had made this thread. Bringing it up again hopefully also makes some people see the edit at the top. I'm not going to create an extra thread for that. The information I saw included hashed or encrypted passwords (it wasn't entirely clear which). At least they weren't plain text, but that's no reason to believe they're in any way secure. So let me repeat: if you have an account, change the password. If that password is shared, change it in other places, too. Edit: There's an official update on the situation here. Regarding passwords: So what I've seen might have only been a rumour. It's probably still a good idea to change it, however.
  16. I guess this is a good moment in time to bring this up again. Are you going to release the Vastilok for the rest of us, too?
  17. I'm honestly curious, how much do these skins even matter to people? I mean, these devs haven't even been properly maintaining their own PvP in years. Even with the "nostalgic value" from UT of old, I hadn't bothered to get them when they were free (with hoops). Epic has basically given up on UT for the time being, as well. So what is it? Maybe it's just that they're good quality? Or because it's a different style? I don't know.
  18. So, looks like this got changed with the latest patch and a scrollbar was added: It's a bit curious that you decided to go this way instead of simply reverting it to its previous state where all names and values were visible (before Update 30.7), e.g.: But with how weirdly the patch notes were worded in the first place, I guess there's an underlying reason for that. It's not perfect, because the Tab menu doesn't allow interaction with the scrollbar -- Mission Progress with 'P' and end of match screen work, though. And we're at least able to see all the participants again. So thank you for the fix.
  19. Discord invite link is https://discord.gg/0o35sDMUR9RSWTWz and an easy to remember redirect is here: https://discord.me/conclave Yes, sadly there's only the distinction Recruit Conditioning (RC) on or off. If you turn it off you're likely facing players with months to years of experience. And because the game is very fast, it takes a lot of practice and muscle memory to be able to keep up with that. If it gets too hard, you might just want to leave it be for a bit, switch to private for a game or two for something less stressful, or you can also switch regions and/or game modes as an alternative. It's easier to learn when facing people that are about on your level, too. I do see another problem here, however: It's not only Telos Boltace, some equipment is wildly imbalanced and some has been like that for years despite all our feedback & reports. I see Telos Boltace, Mire, Dual Cestra, Rubico Prime (in that order), although Rubico Prime's stats are only a bit too high imho, it probably doesn't matter except in high level play. Not sure about Synoid Simulor, haven't seen that in forever. But there's a long list of other things that are problematic these days, it's not obvious at all when you're new to it.
  20. She used to be the queen of CC, before they reworked her. So there went the specialist thing. IMHO, the rework focussed too much on her least useful ability -- Mind Control (MC). From that perspective it made sense: MC damage buffs, armour/defence strip. MC with the augment can do some dumb damage, true, but it's the braindead AI that fails the her the most in that. So what is she good at? Chaos is still a very strong CC ability -- although it lost a bit with the passive change. That combined with the defence strip makes it possible to bring her pretty much anywhere you want with whatever weapons you like. Only takes 24 or 25 Power Strength, too (although she used to be able to ignore Power Strength completely). MC can be fun for a minute if you want to #*!% around a bit. But well... You can go a dedicated "immortal" melee build with Assimilate and a few things that keep your energy up. Although personal opinion: it's boring.
  21. Wouldn't say no to that, to be quite honest. ... or, you know, just play Conclave. 😍
  22. You're right, went to check and wiki says it's 25%. I do have the upgrade, but haven't had the need for new cats in a long time, so I wasn't exactly hunting them. Also, I think I scanned a bunch more, but that's just unlucky RNG then.
  23. Probably a bug. I have 19 currently, and scanned some yesterday, but didn't receive any. Edit: To be clear, it was Derelicts where I scanned them.
  24. I've mentioned this in Patch Note threads already, but I guess it requires its own thread. I'm not sure what happened, but these scoreboards were actually working correctly before it was mentioned in that update. From the thread Update 30.7: Nidus Prime & Plague Star: This was not quite fixed. In fact, it was completely fine before the patch. But now the Tab menu and End Of Mission screen in Conclave Annihilation only show the top 5 players. In a full game there can be up to 8, however. Example Tab menu; note there's only 5 people here and I'm not included, although I was in that game:
  25. There's actually a filter setting in the Mod station where you can switch between PvE, both and PvP mod views. The setting for both is called 'Universal'. Conclave mods that were enabled in PvE as well have the diamond symbol instead of the Conclave symbol, as mentioned. All of those that are now shared should be acquirable in some form through PvE, as well. Filter menu:
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