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  1. Well, Console gameplay is of course different, and if you have trouble with console players then that's a community problem. I'd advise you what I generally do to PC players these days as well: add people you like to play with to your friends list. Easy to get games going that way, too. Especially goes for Lunaro. I can't speak for others, but I strongly prefer the "shooty PvP", but Lunaro was made for people who don't. So while I pretty much don't play that, I really don't understand the hate that mode gets in general. Also, I'm not exclusively playing PvP here, but even after years of neglect it's IMHO still a much better experience than sitting in a spot pressing one button repeatedly, or rush through a level chasing the green extraction marker. Of course, a lot of people are entirely happy with the latter, but that's why we have different game modes after all. There's no need to turn PvP into more of the same old PvE. If you're not happy with it, then maybe it just isn't for you. It doesn't have to be for everyone.
  2. I agree, just want to add/clarify for others: continuous attention is only necessary because they didn't separate PvP better from PvE. Its balance is already separate, but changes in PvE can affect that negatively -- for no good reason. And I'm not even talking about changes to core mechanics. I'd add to the OP: 0) Fix bugs, exploits and unintended balance changes that have accumulated over the years. That alone would make it more attractive again.
  3. I've asked similar before, but to no avail so far. But "general QoL" is even more fitting: Can you do something about the worst offenders (equipment) in Conclave? And if not, why not? It usually only takes one or two people abusing bugs/exploits and weapons with unintended damage numbers to ruin it for the rest. This is a question of fair play. Do you simply not care about that? Telos Boltace -- could simply be disabled if not reset to its pre Old Blood behaviour. Ragdolls on players should never have been a thing. E.g.: Wolf Sledge -- its throw has it all: very high damage and range, retained the super-fast Glaive wind-up, homing projectile, knockdown, AoE explosions (both automatic and manually triggered) and can melee block while throwing, negating 100% of incoming shots in that direction. Here's an example clip. Fall-off bug. Causes a lot of shotguns and snipers to deal PvE damage (min. fall-off) instead of the originally balanced numbers. Has been reported numerous times over months. Latest here: Saryn's passive + any electric weapon. A bug introduced with the damage type rework makes it possible for Electric procs to refresh themselves. This gets exploited by some to get an unavoidable damage source which ultimately just kills without being able to do much about it. Especially problematic with AoE like from Castanas. There are more problems, but these are some of the worst offenders right now. People would already be happy if you just disabled e.g. Telos Boltace and Wolf Sledge if you don't want to take the time to fix the bugs/balance properly.
  4. Thanks, but here's a problem, and I've verified this again today -- an UI bug introduced in the main update. From the thread Update 30.7: Nidus Prime & Plague Star: This was not fixed. In fact, it worked correctly before the patch. But now the Tab menu and End Of Mission screen in Conclave Annihilation only show the top 5 players. In a full game there can be up to 8, however. Example Tab menu; note there's only 5 people here and I'm not included, although I was in that game:
  5. Get back into Conclave while waiting for the New War? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Thanks for the patch, but I'd like to bring up something from the main update. From the thread Update 30.7: Nidus Prime & Plague Star: That's kind of a weird one, because that worked correctly before the patch -- however, the loadout selection was messy and that got fixed. But now there's a new problem: the Tab menu and End Of Mission screen in Conclave Annihilation only show the top 5 players. In a full game there can be up to 8, however. Not sure what happened there.
  7. Just for completion: Ghoulsaw has since been disabled, so this can be considered fixed. The other things mentioned in the linked thread are feedback, not bugs.
  8. Conclave was initially much more popular, too, than it is now. And it's not a surprise when there's devs who for some reason both didn't try to separate it more from PvE (which causes PvE changes to affect it negatively), and haven't bothered in years to give it another pass. So the state of things has slowly deteriorated over time despite it being not too hard to maintain. A lot of feedback from people who play Conclave these days isn't asking for a complete overhaul, mostly just fixes for problems, or maybe the reintroduction of old modes the devs removed. And before that, Solar Rail Conflicts were popular as well, just -- in my opinion -- quite flawed in how they were set up. But we never heard about that anymore, either. The armistice is basically another lie. And by the way, I have nothing against Archwing. I enjoyed playing it every once in a while even later. There just wasn't much of an incentive to do those missions after some point. Same goes for Railjack, although I kind of dislike the latest overhaul, to the point that I now prefer to play that solo. The point of my post was that it should be clear that dev investment -- or lack thereof -- plays a big role here.
  9. You mean like Archwing? That was wildly unpopular but still got enabled in open worlds, just as a means of transportation. Then its guns got enabled in regular missions, too. After that they decided to expand on it massively with Railjack. They also didn't stop there, but reworked that how often now? Three times, plus Corpus expansion? And not even for the better, imho. Meanwhile in Conclave, for whatever reason, they don't even remove some of the most obnoxious things they introduced with PvE updates. For example, Telos Boltace didn't use to ragdoll people, sometimes even breaking the map. That was introduced with The Old Blood melee rework. Not touched since, when the easiest solution would be to simply disable the weapon, literally flipping a switch. Bugs and exploits are a big reason for "not enough interest". But there's also that part of the community who is completely and irrationally opposed to anything PvP, I'm thinking that was a big factor in how we arrived at where we are, too.
  10. Thanks for this, by the way. Its stats were pretty ridiculous for PvP (even higher than in PvE for some reason). Now if you could give Tenet Grigori and Cadus the same treatment, that would be great. They look like they got introduced by accident, as well, and have problematic stats, too. Also, while we're at it: Some of the other worst offenders are Telos Boltace (map-breaking ragdolls of players in a wide area) and Wolf Sledge (homing, huge explosions, fast-charge, huge damage numbers, can melee block 100% damage while throwing), and they've been problematic for months to years now.
  11. That's definitely worth stressing. The whole Conclave experience is very obtuse for someone new to it, even if they have a lot of PvE experience. Combined with a very high skill ceiling and people who are very experienced on one hand, bugs/exploits which get abused by some people on the other, it's definitely very hard to get started these days. The Conclave Community Discord here people could get all the info is not very widely known, either (un-partnered now because they moved away from fan discords). I still see players with only a melee weapon equipped, too, because it's their first time. It's really not a wonder this is not very attractive for new people. Yes, rotations would be a neat addition, too. Just to mix things up a little. But I'd be happy with just one mode for starters, too.
  12. Luckily, that got fixed now. The stats were kinda insane.
  13. I've asked console players after the Nidus Prime update and from what I've heard the freezes are fixed on their end now, as well. So thanks again for that!
  14. I guess I'm putting this here as well, because almost immediately, it got moved from Weapons Feedback to Conclave Feedback. And we all know by now, devs visit that particular subforum maybe once every year: But yes, this is about weapons, and addressed to the guys in charge of weapons. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Actually, addition to Magnus Prime: Wiki says it has a chance to trigger an ammo efficiency buff: I obviously can't say if that would be enabled in Conclave, as well, but if it is, a minor decrease to the PvP multiplier would probably be appropriate (I'd say subtract ~10% from the damage total), although it probably wouldn't make that much of a difference either way.
  16. First of all, we have Magnus Prime. I've looked at the stats and the only thing that would have a very minor impact in Conclave is the slightly faster reload. I'm assuming stats were copied over from the vanilla version, so you could simply enable it in Conclave without any changes. Strun Prime on the other hand, which I've heard is currently disabled as well, should probably stay disabled (at least until the problem is resolved). It's very likely it would suffer from the fall-off bug, too: I've also heard that Ghoulsaw is enabled and has PvE stats. While no tests have been made yet, these stats are likely too high for the Conclave environment and the weapon should probably either be adjusted downward or disabled. It doesn't seem to have a Conclave stance, either. P.S.: Tenet Grigori and Cadus are still enabled in Conclave, despite being mentioned in several places as having problematic stats (e.g. here). Please adjust or disable those, as well. Also, the Biting Piranha stance is still buggy.
  17. Yeah, right. If that's your only account (Switch), then you're probably going to have a hard time. I don't know what it looks like there, of course, but I'd wager you'd have to find others "the manual way". Might change when Crossplay rolls around. Other than that, games are usually in the evening of a region and most likely in Annihilation. But often these days, it's having to work around a bunch of broken things the devs don't fix, so players might migrate to another region, create private games instead, or simply do something else for a while. Anyway, back on topic: If they were going to do something about mobility, it'd have to touch mods, Operators and certain abilities all at the same time. Plus change some tilesets/number of tiles per mission, too. That alone would be a massive undertaking, and people would be up in arms over it for sure.
  18. What are you on about? PvP has existed in this game almost since the beginning and has had separate balance since 2015. (While said balance has deteriorated over time, it still works fine to this day when people aren't abusing the broken/buggy things.)
  19. Pretty sure this has been suggested in some form before and had even a dev's response at some point. Not sure if it's worth searching for that again. While nothing came of it so far, it'd certainly be a neat addition.
  20. Just fyi, I'm not trying to shut down the discussion. In fact, I'd rather have a better balanced game than the mess we have now. And I'd be one who would vote in favour of a complete overhaul. I just don't think it's going to happen, ever (or at least until Warframe 2 and they botch that up that the same way 😅). Just trying to be realistic here, in the end.
  21. They basically did that last year with the "revised" updates. They decided PvE should primarily be about collecting things. Don't expect much else. When they do introduce harder things in the future, it'll be the way of "damage attenuation" again, I'd wager. PvE balance in this game won't be fixed anymore.
  22. Going to focus on this only right now to stress it: Alone being able to select a mode where there is no bug abuse and no exploit abuse would make this a far more pleasant experience. Keeping things in its current sorry state is just breeding resentment -- towards the devs who for some reason won't disable even the worst offenders, towards those who abuse these things, and even towards those who might not even know about all the problems.
  23. Title says it all. The New War is on the horizon, so can we have a Sentient themed Annihilation map, too? Not asking for a completely new map, just something like you did with the Corpus Ship rework (Warehouse)*. That'd be great. 👍 *) Although that one is still not hooked up properly into the rotation and can only be played as a first map. See:
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