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  1. Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.7 Ctrl+F: "Propa" - 0 results  ?
  2. Can you fix Propa scaffold, it doesn't instantly explode to eidolons since Buried debts... This change isn't in any patchnotes so it's probably a bug...
  3. I hate people like you, it happened to me accidentally, it was fun. Ty to break the fun of the game.
  4. Any chance to get a fix for Propa Scaffold ? The ball doesn't explode anymore instantly on eidolons.
  5. DE really need to be aware of this bug,they fixed lures with hildryn passive very fast but they seems to ignore the eidolons hitboxes bug with propa scaffold. And you cant dash to the ground anymore to trigger Virtuos Shadow, another bug related to eidolons hitboxes.
  6. Propa scaffold is bugged since 24.4, the ball doesnt detect eidolons hitbox anymore (so it doesn't explode instantly). It was a nice alternative to the ONLY scaffold used in eidolon hunt (shraksun). In this state, propa scaffold is UNUSABLE in eidolon hunts and the change isn't even in the patchnotes... So if it's a bug we'd like to have some feedback on this. ALSO, you cant dash to the ground anymore to trigger Virtuos Shadow when the eidolons got the head down. Again, let us know if it's an intentional undocumented nerf, or a bug. Regards. 👎
  7. @[DE]Rebecca Propa scaffold is still broken on Teralyst, Gantulyst and Hydrolyst, it doesnt detect the collisions anymore so the ball doesnt explode instantly. 👎 So back to Shraksun meta until the fix 🙃
  8. I experienced HEAVY freezes after this hotfix: -In the orbiter when I remove/add a mod -In cetus -In Plains of Eidolon during an hunt, a lot a freezes that lead to host migration or crash the game. My network was fine with 80ms, my GPU/CPU usage were normal too (except during the freezes, the usage fall to 0%) 😧
  9. I experienced an infinite loading between cetus gates just after hotfix 24.2.7. It happened before rewards screen, therefore I didn't receive any rewards. It never happened before this hotfix. The host migration didn't fix it, and I wasn't able to go back to cetus or to orbiter with the menu. The last item was "view mission progress".
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