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  1. Assuming that's fixed, it looks like a good concept?
  2. Edited various posts for grammatical errors and formatting.
  3. Eximus Changes The various "leader" types are different for each faction, but they were previously called Leaders. These Leaders were changed to Eximus units recently, but some players thought that the Eximus title would apply only to the Corpus. Each faction has 3+ "leader" types varying by enemy type, with one exclusive "leader" type for a specific tileset if applicable. Here are some suggested changes to these "leader" types: Corpus: Eximus Blitz Eximus (Crewmen, MOA, Corpus Tech)-shockwave attacks and knockdowns, minimal blast damage upon death Leech Eximus (Prod Crewmen)-inflicts slas
  4. I feel like we should also be able to trade Brakk/Detron parts, as well as retired weapon blueprints: Brakk blueprint. Brakk barrel. Brakk receiver. Detron blueprint. Detron barrel. Detron receiver. Machete blueprint. Snipetron blueprint. Ether Daggers blueprint. Gorgon blueprint (only obtainable through log-in rewards). Pangolin Sword blueprint (alerts). Dark Dagger blueprint (alerts). Dark Sword blueprint (alerts). Jaw Sword blueprint (alerts). Boar blueprint. Excalibur Proto-Armor skin. Steam Rubedo items. Steam Phased items. Plasma Sword blueprint (alerts).
  5. This thread will include some subjects that are not of my own origination, and I do not take credit for them. I will leave credit to their respectful owners at the beginning of each subject that comes up that is not mine. Now that that's out of the way, a lot has changed with U14. The UI needs a few touch-ups, there's lots of bugs to fix, but I believe these would be good ideas. U14 UI Improvements (Menus, Star Chart Implementation, Solar Map Renovations) Speaking of UI touch-ups, this one is a definite must-have. The current Solar Map we have no is cluttered, disorganized, and eye-searing
  6. And yet you can get everything for free.
  7. There's actually a lot of diverse soundtracks in Warframe. They usually alternate between genres.
  8. He's like: "What am I doing with my life?"
  9. I've become far too bitter to warrant a positive message to go along with this post as of the moment. Thanks for the hard work though, DE. Even though some portions of the community disagree on different decisions, you're still one of the best game developers I've ever encountered. Thank you for Warframe.
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