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  1. Mine's an all-white female Huras...... Loyalty at 40%, cannot increase. Sad face.
  2. I heard it once too. Sounded like an ancient screamed it. Was creepier than Vay Hek calling himself my uncle.
  3. Rank 11 was a hassle as well. Didn't even see the elevator targets and ended up failing 4 times in a row (one fail=one test run)
  4. On topic, I would welcome this idea. I have been searching for Brakk parts for ages.
  5. Happy early birthday. I haven't seen anything on birthdays, though. Can I give you a virtual cake?
  6. APBladeX


    Welcome to the forums! I look forward to seeing what you can draw up.
  7. Either Crescent Moon or Community Moderator.
  8. I am. It starts at the very beginning of the launcher, freezing at checking updates immediately. Have to close out of it with Task Manager.
  9. Gorgon, event weapons, Ether Daggers, Snipetron, and some mods.
  10. As a player of these warframes, I have experienced firsthand the shortcomings I have found in these warframes. If balance is to become a reality in Warframe, certain things need to be buffed. This is not a nerf thread, do not turn it into one. Simply a buff thread only. Ember Mag Saryn Frost Volt Excalibur Oberon Nekros Well, I think that's everything for now. Feedback/suggestions? It's doubtful, but I hope at least some of these changes make it through sometime in U14+. Please? For the love of Lotus revive Ember and Frost's former glory, strengthen Nekros and Obero
  11. To avoid confusion, he means J3-Golem. On topic, this concept sounds cool. Would love to see an art concept for this. Any names in mind?
  12. Laser Rifle Prime received quite a few buffs, including critical chance.
  13. You could try and grow a pair and not be an immature ungrateful slag. Show some appreciation for the vault finally being opened again. This obviously isn't an update, since it isn't included with an actual update. Expect more vault openings later. DE isn't giving us the middle finger, otherwise there wouldn't have been an update this week. Case closed.
  14. Pretty sure this is where to report this bug. As I was playing online on Naamah, Europa against the Raptor boss, the UI showed the Raptor's transmission as a blank, white background with an unresponsive Raptor profile icon without any dialogue/speech.
  15. Congratulations! Good luck with Youtube and the giveaway.
  16. PW, Sumpo, EA, Founders (gear), _Nugget, Eclipse/Invictus, Nervos.
  17. Lol so the Skana Prime is exclusive so let's have two of them at the same time so it isn't exclusive anymore! What a brilliant idea!
  18. You can go to account management and there should be an option to rename your clan for 200p.
  19. Disruptors/Shock Eximus. Arc Traps/Blinding Lights/Nervos. Unexpected Stalker/Harvester/Grustrag Three spawn (especially solo). Wondering if I missed a Crimson Dervish and it ends up being an ability mod drop. Teammates pressing the elevator button immediately when no one else is there. Teammates that rush through everything and then get down. Playing with a team full of Rhinos. Alad V's voice (pedophilia). Running out of life support before extraction. Lotus changing the mission type as I'm about to finish the objective. Rare mods/resources dropping out of bounds. Having an OCD mom
  20. Welcome to the forums! 3000 hours? That's dedication right there. I used to play a lot of those games too. Warframe enemies remind me a lot of Starcraft, actually.
  21. Hayden Tenno was the first Tenno, dating back to the Cold War before the Orokin came to power. The Technocyte Virus was developed during the Cold War. His skin is actually an old Excalibur (see proto-armor skin for Warframe's Excalibur). Nemesis also resembles Nyx a bit. I do believe that the Jackal was based off of those robots you encounter repeatedly in Dark Sector.
  22. I assume you quit the Escape mission. A true Tenno never quits. You were supposed to retrieve your weapons in the Escape mission after the Harvester captured you.
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