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  1. I came from League of Legends like a few others here and I left for most of the same reasons. I never really liked the MOBA style, but I stuck through it because a lot of my friends played. I found LoL to be so rage inducing! Its full of jerks, noobs and trolls! I haven't looked back since I started playing Warframe.
  2. Anyone got more of these? These made me smile. :D I hope someone will post the next instance of update/hotfix/huccup humor. There can never be enough willy nilly!
  3. Its good to see that the DE has a sense of humor lol.
  4. I got 2 BPs back to back, both on wave 5 of Palus (the infestation one on Pluto). The first game I got Banshee systems, and the next game it was the helmet. What are the odds? The RNG God was in a good mood that day... or maybe I had sacrificed enough grineer to finally appease him/her/it.
  5. I potatoed my Afuris and I love them. I also tried the Twin Vipers too and I agree with MetalGerbil. Its so much easier to control the Afuris than the Twin Vipers. When I try to shoot a destructible with the Twin Vipers I feel like I wasted a few bullets because of how fast it bursts. While I CAN get 1 bullet to shoot from the Afuris. I do think that different situations call for different guns. Afuris is good for going through lots of enemies. If we're talking about killing a boss or something that's a bullet sponge? Then the Akboltos will do a better job due to higher base damage and
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