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  1. Recruitment Open We are a multi-clan family with Ghost, Storm, Mountain &, Moon Tier clans of friendly, active players. We have casual and competitive clans in our roster. We have members from North America, Europe, Oceanic and Southeast Asia. Our dojo is fully built with dueling room, obstacle courses, research labs and trading post (0% tax). All of the clan weapons have been researched and completed. One of our clans did earn Ignis Wraith and the blueprint is available via warlords. Definition of Coup de Grace: A death blow, mercy killing, a finishing or decisive stroke. Coup de Grace is also the first PC clan to be interviewed by DE! You can read our community spotlight here: https://warframe.com/news/community-spotlight-coup-de-grace And our Kotaku article here: https://kotaku.com/how-warframe-players-got-taylor-swift-lyrics-etched-per-1821967690 Also being entry fact number 9 on this gameranx video: Our Forum Club is here: Rules/Requirements: -Be friendly, respectful, social and a team player. -Clan's main language is English, so please be fluent. -Mic recommended. -Must be active. -Socializing and using Discord is encouraged. -Must be at least mastery rank 5. -Must be at least 16 years of age. Communication: The clan's VOIP of choice is Discord and the server Key will be in the MoTD. Please use the same Discord name as your Warframe name (so we know its you). People who are interested in joining our clan, please leave a comment below filling out the following information: -Current In-Game Name? -Mastery Rank? -Previous Clan? -Are you looking to join a competitive or casual branch? -Do you use Discord? -Anything we should know? Also make sure to leave your current clan and clear any other pending clan invites. Your clan tier/placement is decided upon by the warlords. Quick Reference Clan Dojo Map for Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Green: Achievements: We are a part of the CIV Alliance: Best Prime Time Ever! (a must watch): Valentine's Day 2016: Chinese New Year 2016: #PinkForBaro with friends and cool strangers: Christmas 2015:
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