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  1. Yeah. That's a good point. It's just Independence day, not all offices are closed. I imagine most people will take a 3-day weekend. Monday was a Holiday for DE, but that wouldn't affect cert since we are waiting on Sony/Microsoft, neither of which are based in Canada. I'm optimistic, but it won't be the end of the world if it comes out next week. I'd just hate it for DE's sake. They worked a miracle getting it to cert as fast as they did; they clearly wanted to get this to us before Tennocon, and did everything they could.
  2. I think that's realistic. As Wednesday is a US holiday, If we don't hear anything tomorrow, we might hear something Thursday!
  3. Oh man, that sucks! I'm sorry if I came across as a smart-butt. I did a quick google search and that came up.
  4. Chains of Harrow was released Monday, July 24th at 2p EST
  5. I've heard rumor that DE has today off. So we probably won't get an update until tomorrow, regardless. 🙂
  6. Anyone is welcome to correct me, but as I recall, All PS4 updates have come on a Tuesday, and were released between noon and 2pm EST/EDT.
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