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  1. I've been playing Warframe fairly regularly since it launched on PS4, and if there's one thing I can say - its that Warframe is like the US stock market - it's filled with ups and downs through the various updates, but ultimately its always on the up-and-up given the grand scale of time it has been up and running Every update, someone posts something along the lines of "If X update fails, then Warframe will die." The problem is - the various terms that dictate whether an update actually fails is very different than what we, a vocal minority on a forum, define as failure. This is also true as overhyped games are teased - remember when Andromeda and Anthem were going to kill Warframe? How about those original toxic "Destiny vs Warframe" debacles? The big picture is this: yes - someone is going to download this update, despise it for what ever reason, and never play Warframe again. Heck, they might even rant about it here. At the same time, someone is going to download the update, and adore it, calling it the greatest thing to come to Warframe, while logging in constant hours making the most of it, and buying plat to support DE; And you are going to have a vast playerbase everywhere in between those extremes. That's the beauty of it - just don't worry about it. If you love the update - great! Keep enjoying Warframe. If you despise it - oh well, there'll be another update soon, you can just enjoy the content you enjoyed before, the old stuff very likely isn't going anywhere. I'm not saying DE or Warframe is perfect, but I am saying there are a lot of people that far and away over-react. I love this game and want it to succeed for many years to come - but that doesn't mean that every update has to somehow save this very alive game from dying, "despite youtubers and veterans leaving in droves."
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