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  1. 1 minute ago, (PS4)Phantom_Arrow1 said:

    Yeah, holiday week for the US.

    Yeah. That's a good point. It's just Independence day, not all offices are closed. I imagine most people will take a 3-day weekend.

    Monday was a Holiday for DE, but that wouldn't affect cert since we are waiting on Sony/Microsoft, neither of which are based in Canada. 

    I'm optimistic, but it won't be the end of the world if it comes out next week. I'd just hate it for DE's sake. They worked a miracle getting it to cert as fast as they did; they clearly wanted to get this to us before Tennocon, and did everything they could.

  2. 2 minutes ago, (PS4)Finn-X8 said:

    Still, if it happens this week (which it may not) don't think it'll be tomorrow since even if it came out of cert today or yesterday they usually release the day after (meaning wednesday). Sincerely hope i'm wrong though. 

    Anyone is welcome to correct me, but as I recall,

    All PS4 updates have come on a Tuesday, and were released between noon and 2pm EST/EDT.

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  3. 9 hours ago, Demoonic said:

    Well steve just gave me all the information I wanted to hear. Guess I can stop my annoying important Umbra crusade until he comes out. Three years of worrying/pestering/searching/hoping and being let down are finally coming to an end. Guess I'll hop ship on the Umbra purgatory bus and get on the regular bus for once, since I know he's coming very soon. 

    Deus Umbra Vult, fellow crusader.

  4. 1. It's been said before, but add my voice too - Excal Umbra (pack) added to global. A sweet lore/quest to go along with his release would be ideal, but I for one would really like to see him released sooner rather than later. Adding both Nikana and Kunai prime to this global release would be icing on the cake, but wouldn't mind them being released with the next Prime Access. (though unrealistic, this would make a great Christmas present. ;-))

    2. Syndicate weapons and Syndicate lore.


    3. Codex stories for all primed frames - like Rhino and Ember have. I really want to know more about some of my favorite frames, like Ash, Trinity, and Volt.

    Warframe is an amazing game, and you all have really done an amazing job. Keep going; I truly hope this game continues getting updated for years to come. Thank you, DE.

  5. Hello all! 

    I have finally created a clan, and would really like to incorporate a custom emblem.

    I was actually wondering if someone could make something similar to the "Grand Master's" emblem:


    Even a more direct copy would be fantastic!


    Thank you!

    Note: Does anyone know if I could just upload this image as a clan emblem? Obviously re-sized to a 128 X 128?

  6. Miyamoto is a new "ghost" clan looking to grow into a Shadow clan by the end of the week. We are still in the construction phase, but will have all labs up and running by this time tomorrow! Our dojo is large and elegant (with plenty of room to expand) yet streamlined and simple. I am still looking for mature and active members who are willing to work as a team, and to work along with other clans in the upcoming alliance system. There will be regular promotions and events to keep everyone active; the more we gain as individuals, the more we gain as a team.


    Update 13 is fast approaching, but if you are willing, we can readily prepare a decent home for the new clan v clan dynamic that should really bring out Warframe.

    If you would feel you are an adequate fit and would like to join, you may respond to this thread or send me a message on PSN anytime. Mic's are not required, but I would prefer you be a more active player. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

    I look forward to welcoming you to the family.

  7. Valkyr can use Ripline on enemies, and she can miss too, sending her either into a wall or into the sky. People don't seem to be complaining about that.


    If Loki can Switch Teleport with his Decoy and reach any area he wants, then why can't Ash?


    But to distinguish the two, Ash should get a melee attack speed bonus after exiting Teleport. Like it was said above, this would synergize well with Smokebomb.


    You see a Corrupted Heavy Gunner Fire Leader running down the hallway. You Smokebomb to avoid the incoming fire from her Gorgan, then use Shuriken to stun her, following up with a Teleport targeted on the ceiling and you slam down on the ground, knocking her down and you start tearing through the armor like swiss cheese with Dual Ichor thanks to the melee speed boost. She's down in seconds.


    This is what I want to be when I play as Ash. An assassin.

    Sounds awesome. If this were implemented, I would imagine it working like a more precise version of Bladestorm. (which would be pretty fantastic.)

    Again: functioning more like an assassin.

  8. I realize this is such a minor thing, but it's a little something that has managed to get under my skin.

    I love Ash, he is my favorite warframe ATM, and I am also an avid bow user. I realize there are several topics regarding the bow animations on multiple warframes, but this is something that hasn't been addressed.

    The quiver on Ash is angled the wrong way. The top points toward the left hand/bow. This is sort of odd for 2 reasons:

    1. It cuts off/into Syandanas.

    2. It makes no sense. The arrows/quiver need to be either straight up and down, or angled slightly toward the right hand - you know, the one that isn't already holding a bow. When reaching behind with your right hand, why would you want to extend past your neck to grab an arrow?

    As the quiver already hangs off the right shoulder, I really think the developers should make it stand straight up. It would look more realistic, and would avoid cutting off Syandanas... I am not sure if this is an issue with other Warframes or just Ash, but it might be something to look into...

    Do I need to attach photos?

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