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  1. So is my Attica!!!
  2. Hey I won't be on for a while but I'm always willing to help when online
  3. Is this thread specifically for game breaking bugs or also minor bugs?
  4. Lot of good information in this thread but want to add, If the second in command is also inactive, it goes to the next highest rank and so on. I can't remember how this works with more than two second in commands though.
  5. If it was from a chat moderator, it would either be an hour, a day or a week. If it was from DE, I'd expect you to have an inbox message containing the information regarding your ban, so based on the info you've given, I'm going to guess a week.
  6. I don't think it's possible to play Warframe without XBL though, so maybe more due to Microsoft than anything else. I could be wrong, though.
  7. I don't have a good way with words, but I want to thank you for the post, so... Stay classy, Tenno
  8. If you can't go into a trading post, it sounds like your account has been restricted from trading and not just trade chat, in which case, you would have had an inbox message explaining why.
  9. How do I donate to this space time continuum science research?
  10. Sent My list: 1. Catalyst 2. Reactor
  11. I've looked at your profile and you don't have enough hours.
  12. Done
  13. banned for giving him sweet potatoes instead of stealing his sweet roll
  14. Banned for being bizarre-o. Also banned for being a PC member. Also banned for having 21 at the end of your name. Also banned for having a cephalon profile pic. Also banned for being a Gold Eagle. Also banned for having over 4600 posts. Also banned for having over 3000 rep. Finally, also banned for having so many reasons to ban you.