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  1. On the Grineer Galleon tileset, there is a chance for Kavor Defectors to spawn in a room where one defector gets stuck while his squad moves on to the life support. Queueing the other defectors to move forward will progress the squad, but the singular Kavor will still be stuck in the spawn room running against the fencing until he dies, forcing a death count for the mission. Screenshots below have the tile in particular on the minimap. https://imgur.com/a/XyxjA7D
  2. Using the menu from Equipment -> Inventory, and then viewing the Companions section, right clicking the Vizier Predasite show the model of the companion currently equipped. This bugs out with Kavats in particular, where the model goes wonky. Having the Vizier Predasite equipped will produce a furry Kubrow with the head and tail as the Predasite. Having a Vulpaphyla equipped will produce a furry Kubrow with Vulpaphyla parts. A normal kubrow will show equipped their armor but have the Predasite's tail. A Helminth Charger equipped will have the Charger with the Predasite's tail. https://imgur.com/a/sep9sKO
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