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  1. I had similar with Vectis but on Earth with water.... With Vectis however the screen went much darker than normally or much brighter than normally...
  2. It's in the forums rules not to post something that has been posted. It's mostly a negligence of the poster, but it's as bad as J-Walking, it's technically an offence but it's taken very lightly.
  3. With the inclusion of the Quest System 1.0 and New Player Experience 2.0, will Events like Operation Sling Stone or Arid Fear, be re-intriduced to new players to both expose them to the mission type and the lore that came with the event? Many new players wouldn't have been exposed to who Alad V is or what to do during survival as for the life support. There are many tips and tricks that more experienced players know that a new player wouldn't without experience. The lack of said experience may ruin a new players' enjoyment of the game as they may find the mission types too difficult while
  4. Kela in my opinion has lines that make her feel better than others. So I tried doing a very apathetic voice to convey that she thought herself as something regal but not that of the Queens. I also figured any attempt was better than the croaking voice of current Kela.Also using a tablet's microphone kinda limits one's potential..... :( If I do Ruk's voice soon it'll be much more.... Vocal. :)
  5. Hello all Warframe fan stuff lovers! Here is where I'll shame myself over the internet with my poor attempts at voice acting! Because the radio chatter conest says and I quote: "Apologies to you younguns, but you must be 18 and over to enter.". I figured "Hey why not just post your voice acting attempts on the forums because at least you may gain recognition but still follow legal bindings!" My point: I'll be posting my half-butt attempts at voice acting here and other things. :) Want to hear a bad one? Currently I only have Kela De Thaym lines up, but I'll try to work my
  6. I feel this is a summary of many player concerns... Of which all being worked on progressively.... *Sighs*
  7. I feel it somehow also cooridinates with post frequency and maybe... Maybe your mastery rank. I'm a disciple. :|
  8. Checked the main site before this :3 Always love me some Janice work....
  9. 3 days and 0 RNG (Not including resources). And now reduce the time. I'm just happy for not getting the same helmet again and again and again..... Man the community just wants everything don't we?
  10. OP your account's been active on the forums since September 10, 2014, with 6 posts to your name (Game account is made at the same time as forum account) Ergo... you don't know all *that* much of the game. Enough fire throwing, someone lock this.
  11. Okay now that I have proper numbers to go from I'll explain a bit more. 75 plat is 5.49$ on the PayPal side of the plat purchase (it's the worst deal). That is literally about 0.07$ per 1 plat. Or 1.44$ for a slot (20 plat). Oh and for the most expensive deal 4300 plat for 206.49, that's 0.048$ per plat. That's roughly 5 cents, but it adds up and actually saves you quite a bit (But Prime access is better for prices to platinum) OHHH AND LET'S NOT EVEN GET TO PLAT DISCOUNTS.
  12. True.... but I do know from employee reviews that DE has a habit to stick to one project until they're done.....But nevertheless, OP, DE needs this money, their micro transaction model is not based on our opinions, it's off their Marketing team. Moderator lock this.
  13. Can I also point out there are over 200 employees at DE (I think the said that in a FB post...) Just calculate the rate at which they need the plat to be recirculated into the system to be paid.
  14. This makes me ashamed to be young. To assume that age correlates with intelligence or logic is.... Well as bad as it sounds, illogical. There were only valid points within this thread.Don't throw fire here when only valid points have been shown. If I was a moderator (of which I'm sadly not) I would solely lock this for the points made, all logically proving you OP false. True WF has a horrid wait time (3 days for one thing), but considering the only consistent way for DE to make money is through 20 plat (Less then 5 $) or 75 plat (literally around 5-6$) then there isn't much absurdity here
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