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  1. 3 hours ago, FitzSimmons said:

    if you main volt and play excavation with volt, you would not want ES to be mobile, ES better to be mobile is just matter of opinion. besides if ES become mobile volt will become less versatile than his current state. everyday I do triton, I can leave excavator for almost 70secs without it being damaged except from shockwave moa stomp but its still really low dmg, not something to worry about. can frost leave excavator for more than 1 minute without it being damaged? no.

    if your shield is mobile that means when your body rotate the shield follow, that means when you show your back to enemy they can damage you, but when volt shield being immobile, you don't have to be afraid of enemy behind you, because you can put multiple shield, I don't understand how most people don't understand that, seriously. and what his general playstyle? I ask. if you didn't know, volt shield cant even nullify melee damage if you put your shield really close to object you want to protect, as example, if there are butchers or chargers trying to attack you and you put ES and not moving after you summon ES, you wont take damage from any melee attack in front of you, so you just have to rotate your body and put ES again behind you to make you invulnerable from melee and ranged attack (except explosives).

    lets say again you want to revive your teammate with nullifiers around you, if you use ES and its mobile your back will get hit. you die.

    and that overload change, it makes enemies around you affected by overload become electric tower, which means when one of enemy pass that enemy affected by overload they will get hit and become hostile toward that enemy affected by overload, which means innate chaos/radiation.

    I couldn't agree more.

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