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  1. Combat Discipline: -HP on kill for self / +HP on kill for Allies <---- That aura reads like one people will rarely, if ever use though. Whenever your allies do the killing, you get hp added (whether that is added towards you or the whole squad is not yet revealed so it is not yet clear how the adding and subtracting will work ) but whenever you yourself do the killing, you or your squad lose hp. Unless you are only defending and healing, without doing a single kill, it seems like an useless aura.
  2. He is still doing video's, although he is currently doing renmant of the ashes.
  3. I'd agree to something like that yes. And if they want to actually reward the kill assist thing, they could even do the assist on top of the current system i think. Mission finish, kills and assists.
  4. That is why i mentioned it doesn't have to be a 1 to 1 ratio. This current one kinda encourages to kill steal though as only the killing shot gives the pearl. So if you got 1 of them down to just a single shot and someone else got the kill then you don't get pearls for that kill.
  5. Regarding the pearls for kills, maybe also make that team wide? Doesn't have to be the exact same as others ( for example: other 3 have 30 kills, you only 1, no need for everyone to have 91 total ) as that would be counter productive. But maybe 1 pearl for each 4 total kills your team made? That way, each would just get 22 extra. ( 91/4=22)
  6. This change is actually kinda interesting...
  7. Unless you have some kind of attachment to the vanilla version, there is no reason to keep the vanilla when you get the prime. For example, i have some primes where i kept the vanilla versions as well for personal reasons. No advantage for me to keep them besides the aforementioned reason but i am still keeping them 😛
  8. Well, if you don't want to use steam, you can either try console ( they buy it with platinum, though their tennogen system works a bit differently compared to steam ) or get someone who does use steam to gift you one. Or at least, i think you can gift those... But if you can indeed gift those, then you still have to deal with the issue of real money for the tennogen on pc so not sure how that will work out.
  9. Such a shame we don't get to monkey around anymore, i wanted to try that one. Sounded like a fun thing to have
  10. "In the coming weeks, the Wolf will howl. " Great, i can already imagine all the terrible puns from my alliance as the wolf thanks to that... I ain't howling yet until the fat lady sings 😛
  11. Some of us don't like to update our windows though with how many issues the windows updates has lately. Hell, i still test out some stuff on my old W7 without sp1 just for fun and while it is still functional, don't expect me to be useful when i am testing on that windows... 😛
  12. Hmm, i am a bit torn on the cosmetic rewind... With half of my operator cosmetics i am glad for the rewind as they look awesome again but with the other half like the kopra suit for example, i kinda liked the reworked stuff as it looked like leather clothing from Underworld which was pretty damn sweet... The current version of those underworld looking ones kinda look bad now as they look more poofy then after the seams rework.
  13. Can we get a fix for operator cosmetics as well? Before: After: I don't need that chain thing that used to belong to hoods on my chest. So can we get a fix for that?
  14. Something in the operator fashion part got screwed up though... I have the chain thingie from the vanidas on my operator now where-as i didn't have it before.
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