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  1. Can we at least wait for the content to come our before we start complaining about it? I'm sure it will at the very least be interesting. This is a game system that we haven't played or experienced yet and in reality we've probably only seen 1 game mode since they've started showing it off. It's probably most likely not going to get abandoned either with how they're integrating it into future content.
  2. I would like the option to have the old archwing movement back. My pinky gets tired of double tapping shift + holding the button down when I want to go from point A > B.
  3. DE literally hands people endgame content and the just roll their eyes at it. I love how people's excuse for content not being "sustainable" is that they have no interest in doing it after they get their weapons. What a joke. I'm still doing liches even after having all my weapons because I'm trading the weapons to people that don't actually want to do it.
  4. I don't ever buy plat anymore but I still find myself rushing things sometimes. Even if it's not making them money, it's creating a plat sink to help balance out the ingame economy.
  5. If you think Saryn has been in a good place at all since the rework then you have problems. No frame in the game should be able to clear maps like she can. It's surprising that they're only just now talking about taking her down a peg.
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