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  1. I think its going to be a little bit more tough for the community as a whole to get used to not sorting through mods by what they look like visually vs. the name of the mod itself. It helps a ton when sorting through mods to actually see what the mod card image is instead of reading through each mod and looking and trying to remember the rarity of it. Having the ability to see the image of the card is a lot more important than actually seeing the rarity of the mod imo.
  2. I was actually under the impression that you could actually sell your Kubrow for cash since I recall seeing the word "consignment" being used. lol
  3. this is exactly what ive been trying to convey but everybody keeps having these false hopes of it not happening lol
  4. Well, if the game doesn't pick up popularity soon then they're going to be bleeding shares until warframe is fully garbaged out to this chinese company.
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