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  1. I don't have any standing. The Gravimag specifically says you must complete Profit Taker to use it (get the Archgun Launcher). So with no standing in either Entrati or Solaris, which mission would get me the Archgun use faster. No, it's not for Profit Taker, that would be silly. I need to complete a Railjack mission solo with it, because Fluctus shoots through walls.
  2. I have a dilemma. I need to use an Archgun for a mission I intend to complete solo. This weapon can be equipped on a Necramech or I could complete Profit Taker with Solaris and carry it. I have no standing. Which is the faster solo grind?
  3. Why not just skip the venting part and make it a defense mission to stop the engineers. With all the Corpus running in seems challenging enough already...especially solo.
  4. I found the color palette and bought it for 1 cred as advertised. The statue things I think are in my inventory but will double check. I didn't look for the jade skins.
  5. We are tools; hammers. We were even put away when the work was done, for centuries. Now they need hammers again, so out of the toolbox we come. We don't negotiate with nails, we pound them. We are anti-heroes. We do good by doing bad things to bad people. At least, we hope so, but having doubts just adds drama. A good story has plenty of conflict, particularly internal conflict. I hope in The New War they are able to give us both a physical and moral standoff; a final battle with Natah to decide once and for all "who we really are."
  6. I think the question is philosophical, of course the game has us playing for Lotus. It is however interesting to note that we are as unquestioning of our leader's orders as the Grineer are to theirs. We want to think we are the good guys, but the Grineer think they are the good guys too.
  7. Your room needs physical space also. If it is too big for the area you want to place it then it won't be available. You can bring up your map and see how much physical space is available at that node.
  8. Why do we follow the orders of The Lotus? Why trust her at all? Especially since it turns out she is a Sentient Spy reprogrammed by the Orokin. She doesn't tell is how our actions will bring balance to the system, we simply trust she has access to the big picture.
  9. DE definitely listens. Look what they did to Railjack - mostly regular warframe missions using the railjack as a Taxicab, cause many players complained it wasn't "warframe".
  10. I see Snipetron is a Plague Star reward, is it worth the grind? Is it better than Rubico?
  11. I notice this Feedback Forum is mostly filled with complaints and wish lists. In contrast I just wanted to offer some praise for the hard work DE is doing on a great game. I have recently returned after a year of exploring and grinding other games. I decided to check out Warframe again on a whim, that was almost two months ago. That alone tells me the game is amazing. I wouldn't play if I didn't love it, cause there are lots of other options. I found myself building up my Railjack, picking up a Prime, which is now my favorite (Titania), and enjoyed the Railjack story mission. (More!) I even started decorating my dojo. I discovered so many new things I hadn't even realized existed before. I discovered Zaws. I've got multiple things researching in all my dojo labs and I picked up a cat. I am very excited about The New War. Having seen Necramechs on the field my next task is to get one myself, and sounds like I'll need one. I've seen the negative posts, and I get it. Those long nagging bugs are hard to ignore when you play religiously. Yet I also know how unmotivated I am by complaints, and tend to respond better to praise. Also, sounds like DE has all hands on deck for The New War. When it drops, some of those naggy little bugs may evaporate with it. I know the game is great because when I sit down to play a game I load up Wareframe everytime. On the day I find myself playing a different game, I'll know Warframe has lost me. Until then, keep up the good work DE and don't forget about us on your wild ride.
  12. When designing missions DE should keep solo players in mind. Every mission should be able to be completed solo. Have multiple ways to meet the objectives; including some Railjack/ Archwing combos. Clearly they went out of their way to force team play. They should also employ some logical story elements. Balancing heat? Just blow the damn core. Have us go in with Archwing like on Jupiter since it's a Capital Ship. Make the challenge getting out, our add a rescue element if you want to spice it up. Maybe one of "lone Tenno operatives" got snatched, so we have get them out and blow up the ship. My rant is complete. Does DE read this stuff? Probably not.
  13. Public groups are a free-for-all. There is no mechanism to control the situation. You enter a public group accepting that anything can happen. I had to realize this myself and although frustrating at times, that is how it is. Knowing and accepting this helps to mitigate frustration. I've gone into a Plague Star and have the whole team bail. Sometimes in Railjack a random player will jump into the forward gunner spot and just stay there, don't know why, it's boring down there. A precision team with clear objectives is rarely found on public. That being said, 9 out of 10 missions progress amicably and are resolved to everyone's advantage. Would love to blaze through every Plague Star and collect maximum standing everytime, but that isn't possible. Eidolon is even more complicated and you can't learn by just watching youtube, and imagine just going in raw completely unprepared. Little things like building an Amp are near impossible to figure out on your own. You need to experiment and public sessions is where that starts. Inevitably better players carry less experienced players in public. You can't upgrade your amp unless you fight Eidolons so inevitably there will be an ineffectual player, but as long as they try...but even if they don't there is nothing to be done about it, other than assist and encourage when possible. As far as bullying goes, well that is just a sign of narcissistic tendencies and most bullies can't help themselves, which is why they are in public, cause they have no friends. Ironically they aren't team players even though they complain about team playing. They are the heroes of the story playing in their head and are justified in being crude or cruel by their delusions. Mostly they are lonely, so offer them a hug, and then carry-on. If you need that Sentient Core then go get it.
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