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  1. @[DE]Taylor Luckily, I just happened to stumble upon this post yesterday when checking on the forums about another topic. But I seriously have to ask, why is this kind of thing not posted prominently on the warframe.com website, or on the News kiosk in our ship in-game? I would personally really appreciate it if greater care was taken in the future to make sure that announcements like this were made more visible to players. I have missed out on time-limited things of this nature in the past simply because I was oblivious to something that was buried in a forums post... and I'm fairly confident that I'm not the only one.
  2. Why a gap between the end of Series 1 and start of Series 2? Especially in light of the fact that Series 2 will feature a "catch up" mechanic where players will still be able to complete acts/challenges that were missed in previous weeks--a feature that is currently not available in Series 1--it seems that a better option would be to delay the end date of Series 1 until Season 2 is ready to begin. This will enable players that still haven't reached Nightwave Rank 30 (yes, I know a few, they do exist!) to be able to continue to make progress between now and the start of Series 2, rather than just cutting them off outright at the end of this week. Please consider this alternative option, DE. Thank you.
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