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  1. If they want to keep the interaction between buyer and seller then fine. Still, a middleman NPC/syndicate of sorts (Darvo or Maroo maybe?) that offers a buy/sell noticeboard or something would be really handy, mayeb Hell there could be something like list of items with asking price(WTS) , "looking for" offers (WTB), and "Want:have" offers (WTT) or just open "Have" listings (PMO), all with necessary information about the seller (Offline/Menus/Mission). Finding a seller/buyer is a first step to interacting with them, and adding some sort of assist in that would go along way to help with that. (maybe a button to start conversation, and some sort of UI prompt to the one that set up the listing, to check if the listing is still valid after a few minutes from the initiation of conversation? Just to Streamline the process)
  2. Ooof That was close. Was thinking if I should take one of those to avoid jumping back to simmaris to buy anything/just read the lore (though i could read it on the wiki, it doesn't feel the same) (Though in the end I bought astral Autopsy, because scanning things in AW is a pain)
  3. Cant use Diwata when in Razorwing (Tested in PoE, free roam and Bounty, as well as a defense on Lith,Earth) Steps to reproduce: 1)Go to Plains of Eidolon as Titania 2) press 4 (or whatever one has set for the fourth ability) 3) try to attack anything in melee here is the video: also I just noticed that Titania tries to make an aimed ground slam...
  4. Well... this topic was started in 2013... and Taken King is from 2015, according to wiki, so Oryx looks like Baphomet.... Or they might be using similar themes...
  5. Show some love for the Infested! (And Phorid NEEDS a Rework) And maybe some new kavats or something?
  6. I believe that a thought-out mix of BDO(general combat idea for "basic" attacks), DmC:dmc (aka redundant:redundancy) (the "modes" (but instead of angel/devil maybe "focused/broad" or |offensive/defensive" or something, based on the equipped stance) while the "default mode" would be vanilla/stanceless/quickmelee, The modes would enable "special" moves like gap-closers||CC||Disarms||Status Procs (and maybe change the basic string?) (Honestly, there is no reason to not use reload as a melee input, it isn't tied to any other action on the controller as far as I know, it frees up another spot for a held-type input like the current block and channeling (and implementing two modes could be a way for us to have two stances equipped, one for each of the modes one can dream...) back then they said it would drop beore Fortuna, they also said there would be a separate Workshop dealing with the mods/CmboCounter/other issues...
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