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  1. which is, and always was, chat DMC series is a great game and I love it, but it's combat style doesn't belong here. And what you propose would require overhauling almost everything about the game...
  2. I noticed that whenever i try to bullet jump, my frame would continue to crouch/slide after performing the jump. At first I thought that I forgot to change my controls (that was the case) so I changed them, but, alas, my Frame still behaves as if I were using default controls (almost, I can't use neither default "hold to crouch" nor my "hold to crouch" ([v] in my case). When I launched Tutorial for Lunaro i noticed that even though the prompts used my settings for "use" [F], I had to press the default one [x]. This issue only appears in Lunaro (and I must say that I believe it lowers my en
  3. Besides, all Syndicate rank requirements will be updated (as usual)
  4. So, I bought lex, ranked it up, bought bp for aklex, bought another lex, started building the aklex in the foundry. Today I claimed it. I enter the arsenal, but It's not there, I check in inventory - nothing there. I thought that I didn't claim it. So, I open the foundry and I see bp for aklex, it used up my lexes (is that correct way to spell it?) cell and credits. Had something like that happened to any of you?
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