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  1. Well... this topic was started in 2013... and Taken King is from 2015, according to wiki, so Oryx looks like Baphomet.... Or they might be using similar themes...
  2. Show some love for the Infested! (And Phorid NEEDS a Rework) And maybe some new kavats or something?
  3. I believe that a thought-out mix of BDO(general combat idea for "basic" attacks), DmC:dmc (aka redundant:redundancy) (the "modes" (but instead of angel/devil maybe "focused/broad" or |offensive/defensive" or something, based on the equipped stance) while the "default mode" would be vanilla/stanceless/quickmelee, The modes would enable "special" moves like gap-closers||CC||Disarms||Status Procs (and maybe change the basic string?) (Honestly, there is no reason to not use reload as a melee input, it isn't tied to any other action on the controller as far as I know, it frees up another spot for a held-type input like the current block and channeling (and implementing two modes could be a way for us to have two stances equipped, one for each of the modes one can dream...) back then they said it would drop beore Fortuna, they also said there would be a separate Workshop dealing with the mods/CmboCounter/other issues...
  4. I meant it more like a passive ability akin to blocking in tekken, where you block if you aren't doing anything else. I mean, why keep holding that block then release it when you slash things and then go back to holding it? In my opinion frontal damage reduction from blocking should be a passive feature of unsheathed melee, active as long as there aren any other actions performed, and the current block should be like a "focused" state, or however you call it, working simmilarily to lock-on in DMC, meaning that it allows for performing specifc manouvres (like the gap closers(Stinger) and launchers(High Time) in DMC).
  5. Well... should I still be shivering for my survival with the changes to Chanelling? My good on-demand full-heal-and damage-buff for whatever pointy/sharp/toxic/corrosive/flaming/exploding metal/meat/gas bar/stick/rope/glove I currently have with me that I apply on the hordes that want to rip me to shreds.... I mean, you did say that there would be a Dev Workshop about the Mods, ComboCounter, and the like for the new melee... Actually, DMC3 uses sideways movement for Nevan combos I believe they also said that the stationary/mobile/gapcloser melee are a basic set for every stance kinda a default utiliy like slide attacks/air attacks/finishers are currently... Or I deluded myself into thinking they said that. though I believe that if we have a "full drawn mele" mode, the blocking should be a default function (kinda like the old Reflex Guard that procs every time and doesn't lock you in place) I mean... we are holding our melee weapon in our hand, ready to strike, so why don't we use it to at least partially protect ourselves from the attacks of those loot bags enemies we're trying to slash apart... which is EB's feature... but seems like common sense... at least to me
  6. Seems nice... By the way, where did melee mods&other things Dev Workshop disappear? It has been said that it will appear...
  7. Soo... when will we get the Dev Workshop about the mods, counter and the rest of the concerns of ours?
  8. Phorid still feels like a Placeholder... (and looks like one) And Baphomet would fit in that place quite nicely... (And I'd Love to duel him with melee. Phorid was... disappointing to say the least)
  9. Any rough estimation of Melee 3.0's arrival? (As in: How much time do I have to solo Jordas with melee) Will melee changes include AW melee? (I really need that Life Strike equivalent for it...) Wyrm Prime Skin for Wyrmius? (I'd like some bling in that game) And while I'm at it, private quarter's gaming console when? Does Railjack have something in common with now defunct Solar Rail Conflicts? Continuing with the more... "spatial" questions: will you fix AW's weird behaviour on Plains? As it is now, AW handles as if there were no resistance. at least in horizontal movement, as vertical movement (straight up/down) is really slow... Titania Deluxe when? Will the Proto Weapon Skins be rewards for The Relay Reconstruction Event (I vaguely remember you mentioning that a lo~ng time ago) Will we be able to research the Rails and Spectres in Orokin Lab? (That clan mastery just out of reach of newer clans is... painful to watch, you know?)
  10. What about Channeling Mods (Like Life strike, Quickening, etc) Will they be turned into "Heavy Attack Mods" or into generral ones? How will combo counter & channeling changes affect Focus? (Naramon and Zenurik)? Could we get a "dodge attack" that eliminates that awkward 1 second pause after a roll before we can continue slashing at things? Will we be able to hit Jordas with melee without having to clip inside of him? With the upcoming Railjack, are there any plans for Archwing rework? Why do we not slow down in the atmosphere but we do so in space? And why is it only in horizontal movement?
  11. I'm probably wa~y to late, but whatever: I think that adding "modes" (somewhat inspired by the game with wrong name "DmC: Devil may Cry"). Namely: an "Offensive" mode (holding "channeling") focused on quickly getting rid of that one more threatening enemy (or annoying) maybe with some gapclosers a "Defensive" mode (holding "block") focused on not getting damaged/CC'ed (you know, blocking, not being our usual mass-murdering machines), maybe with some utility like forced procs/staggers/disarms/knockdowns/etc to help with getting out of sticky situations a mode dedicated to doing what we do most of the time - mowing down enemies, with it being the "default" mode Devil Trigger Channeling Mode, triggered by pressing block&channel together, works simillarily to it's current appearance but drains Operator's energy(we don't use that resource at all) instead of Warframe's If each stance had an "infinite"/"loopable" (aka spam-e) combo per mode (that would reflect the mode in which the user is now) with a "special"/"heavy" attack binded to alt-fire (it is a unique binding on controllers by default, isn't it?) it would make melee3.0 like parkour2.0 smooth and intuitive. Should such a thing happen, then slam attack could be (defensive+e) in midair, our "flying swallow" (offensive+e) in mid air and e in mid air would just swing our weapon without affecting our flight (almost) at all. Could I ask for being able to make a dodge-attacks? (attacks performed by pressing melee mid-roll) people have been asking for it for a while now... With that out of the way: What i like about the 3.0: Additional melee attack input Simplification and unification of combos revisiting stances aimed slam attacks What I'm conflicted about: Removal of channeling Changes to ComboCounter Channeling looked nice... What I'm worried about: My Life(Saving) Strike has an existential crisis "normal" attacks not scaling with ComboCounter Heavy Attack eating away *all* combo counter My jumping-in-the-midst-of-enemies-with-high-enough-crit-chance-to-mow-down-everything playstyle is in danger while hitting enemies in another room though walls is ridiculous indeed, Being unable to hit through any object might be problematic... As many people before me I ask: What about Life Strike, Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds and such? Is removing scaling on normal attacks really necessary? Because that would require at least tripling their base damage, as that is the number the Combo Counter is most of the time now, with it reaching up to 4x at times (mostly endless missions in my case)
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