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  1. Sorry for the delay, I totaly forgot I'm selling stuff. I'm not exactly an expert in riven pricing, but based on the offers on riven.market 2000 plat seems like a fair price to me.
  2. Clan name: Selenic Gaze Clan tier: Ghost Clan Clan platform: PC My Clan role: Warlord (have Architect permissions) Clan members who took part: Kohour (design, funding, screenshots, logo, dojo layout) Swarmframe (funding, arranging decorations in hallways) Raunek-Ka (funding, video) EvilKrel (funding) gladosleonid (funding) Hello everyone and welcome to the Selenic Gaze dojo tour! Here I would like to show you the result of months-long work on our dojo renovation. We choose the Orokin style and tried to recreate the aesthetics of Lua facilities in the times before the Old War. Let's begin! Dojo layout As you can see, our Lua base is quite massive! And every room, hall and corridor (exept of Bio, Chem, Energy labs and obstacle cource) is decorated to resemble the Orokin towers. Warning! ~40 pics spoiler That's all we've wanted to show you, I hope you've enjoyed the tour! But, for better perception you may want to watch the video, or, even better, visit our Lua dojo and take a look for yourself!
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