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  1. *rendered using high-resolution textures For more screenshots feel free to visit my ArtStation page.
  2. *rendered using high-resolution textures My ArtStation page
  3. Yeah I know, there's just no point in rushing now.
  4. It's the name of an Egyptian god. I just scrolled through the list of the deities until I found the name I fancy. Wanted to be something meaningful as well, but unfortunately everything suitable was either too hard to pronounce or already used in media way too often. "Fan art" is there to indicate that this is not an official asset from DE, just in case. Unfortunately I barely started working on this skin when the submission window for this round was closed, so I guess I'll submit it for the next round, whenever this will be.
  5. *rendered using high-resolution textures For more screenshots, as well as the showcase of different color schemes, feel free to visit my ArtStation page.
  6. Two Lorists tending an Orokin See the artwork as well as 3D assets I made for it on my ArtStation page
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