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  1. I logged in today, and started looking over the alerts and invasions, and one thought stopped me from ACTUALLY playing..."Nothing I've done over the last 7 years, and nothing I can currently do, will put any of my Warframes on-par with Octavia."Power Creep just removed all reason I had to play this game.The time spent on builds, and collecting the right mods and Warframes... just to enter Steel Path with an un-modded Octavia Prime and kill everybody with minimal... and I mean MINIMAL effort.She needs a rework.Spamming the music wheel isn't skill, and thus, shouldn't be allowed.She doesn't need
  2. Question 1: How do I navigate to find all the notes on the Shawzin? There is no way, currently, to see every note on screen at once. You can change the key in which you're playing by pressing TAB. Question 2: I've seen that people made songs and you can play those...How do I do that? It's all done by code, like THIS. You can record strings of notes in game, and the game will convert them, or, you can make your own music using THIS GUIDE Question 3: Can I make songs (Question 2) but not have them published for all to see? Sure! I keep .txt files of all the music I've made. Like
  3. You need to link your Warframe PC account to Twitch. Not your console account. There is nothing that can be done about previous drops, but going forward, you'll get them on PC. Relink the proper account, lad ;)
  4. In celebration of the upcoming Void and Railjack expansion, I decided to make a new thing. "Entering The Void" has been added to the playlist. Enjoy. ...and as always... Happy Hunting, Tenno.
  5. Knowledge of a specific topic, is part of having 'skill' in it. You need knowledge in rocketry to have skill as a rocket scientist, eh? ...there's also a difference between a good Limbo player, and one that hinders their team by accident. I disagree, but I see your point :)
  6. Did your business model change since Christmas? "Celebrate a new year by giving us money for things you used to be able to earn as rewards during previous events." ...and none of the bundles include anything from the previous bundle. Blessing and Fortune Bundle - 130 Platinum 1 decoration. ...and items you can get by doing missions/sorties. Start Anew Bundle - 185 Platinum Does NOT include items from the previous bundle. 2 skins and a decoration. ...and MORE items you can get by playing the game. Luminous Brilliance Bundle - 470 Platinum. Doesn't i
  7. Oh, where to begin... It wasn't a "Dangerous Gamble" to have most of their staff have to step away due to concerns over COVID. You -do- realize they're an in-house game studio, right? Like... they are usually reporting to a building every day? They can't DO that with a full staff now, for safety reasons, and haven't been able to for quite some time. They are staggering the release of content to make sure it works, first, and second, because if something goes wrong there are fewer people to fix it. I am surprised at you, Grandmaster Tsoe. Your voice has -weight-, sir. Pe
  8. In theory? Helping new or less experienced Tenno improve, themselves. I believe that this is the reason the relays have the 'blessing stations' available. Truly master your skills, and not just your weapons and/or abilities. There is a big difference between a good Limbo player, for example, and one that hinders the team by accident. ...and lastly? Setting a good example. I can't say I've always -been- a good example, but the community looks up to the higher Mastery players. If you dislike the community, be the change you want to see in it. *shrug*
  9. FIRST These tracks are the property of yours truly, but I dislike DMCA something -fierce-, so if you would like to use any of the music on my Soundcloud for your Streams, feel free. SECOND I am at NO point going to ask for your money. Keep it. Actually, go buy your pet a new set of armor with it ;) --- --- I've been producing digital noise for a few years, now, and have mostly gone the 'instrumental' route, because I dislike the sound of my own voice. This leads me to my point. Over the years, I've made and remade various versions of songs. The first on this list fo
  10. Among a few Founders, there were principles which were agreed to. A long time ago, 10 of us gathered to determine the most ethical way to approach and interact with other Founders, and users, in general. In, and out of missions, our standards were an attempt to keep the community from becoming toxic. A filter, of sorts… It was simply called “Standards” among the small group of us, so we didn’t come up with a fancy name. So… I will… because I love the dramatic. ^_^ This collection of ethical guidelines will be known as... --- --- --- SANSHIN (Three Strikes)
  11. Spider-Man and Venom : Maximum Carnage -Video Game --Title Theme ---Green Jelly - "Carnage Rules" To go along with my Nidus.
  12. None of the units in Warhammer have resistance to VOID damage. However... the Tenno have resistance to every type of damage the units in Warhammer could use. Warframe wins.
  13. What?! That's EPIC. Elder Space Ninja? I guess "Space Mom" looks up to YOU, eh? Enjoy the game!
  14. Having the same problem...
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