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  1. Yet another bump. Ventkid standing is added both to preexisting standing as well as earned standing.
  2. Matchmaking through the "Join any crew" option does not prompt you to dissolve excess scrap first. This has proven somewhat frustrating in combination with another bug.
  3. If you have reached the scrap limit during a mission you are prompted to dissolve excess scrap. However, if you cannot scrap the required number before a crewmate starts a new mission you disconnect and host migrate, which will fail. This in turn counts as a mission failure, meaning you lose any items or bonus experience. This has proven somewhat frustrating in combination with another bug.
  4. I am not sure what triggers it, but twice so far have I had it happen that the Bonwidows exalted weapon would only reapeat the first swing of its combo and at the same time consume the energy amount it takes to cast. EDIT: Thrid time just, now; I think I noticed that at one point when trying to dismiss the sword; the sword would stay equipped and only after a moment (orrepeated button presses?) would it switch to the gun. After that when summoning the sword again the bug above would occur. Gun at the time was Imperator Vandal, if that is relevant. EDIT2: Everytime you s
  5. "And so it was, that you distorted my design."
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