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  1. Had the same issue with a normal Moa in Clems weekly mission as well. Solo mission, also on the Corpus ship tileset. Spawned invisible as far as I know, and the healthbar and name did not show either. Only indicator of its existance was the laser fire. Primary and Secondary weapons couldn't harm it, nor could my Hound which still tried to target it. Cannot remember if I tried using an ability on it. It did however die to an aerial slam from my melee, which caused a visible corpse to appear.
  2. Having the same problem here, mobile app can't properly connect either. EDIT: Appears to be solved for me.
  3. As per the title, I was just in the Vallis and whenever the Corpus deployed beacons they immediately were destroyed. At first I thought it might have been my sentinel, or collateral damage, since I was using the Ignis. However, after my Sentinel died I simply waited for the beacons to deploy, and they still were destroyed when there was definitely nothing shooting them. This did not repeat on subsequent visits to the Vallis, but when it happened it was still a bit annoying since a lot of the fun comes from the more challenging enemies.
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