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  1. What does this have to with 24+ players? I've seen players of all ranks act like asshats.
  2. I would honestly rather camp and get flooded with spawns than run around looking for something to kill because someone is spinning around like an idiot forcing spawns multiple rooms behind because 99% of players don't actually understand the spawning mechanics. At least in higher level stuff anyway.
  3. That still doesn't make this the place to post this. Bans and other support issues don't belong in general discussion.
  4. Are the other nine people in your clan just not active or not helping? If they aren't and you're just doing this solo, I just wouldn't bother. A full, even semi-active ghost clan should be able to knock that out in a day. lrn2multiquotepl0x
  5. I wonder if people realize that they're not going to change the pearl costs on PC because it's active on all platforms, which take time to update on, and it would be unfair to adjust prices on one platform.
  6. I mean, considering your name literally has grind in it, it was a valid criticism. Do you not have any friends or clanmates to farm with you?
  7. At this point, you're just complaining for the sake of complaining. Your logic is terrible, I knew you weren't going to reply to my post in your last thread because you literally didn't have a leg to stand on. You come on the forums, with a clickbait title, and it's just complaining about being lazy either about sabotage caches which take less than 10 minutes to find on some maps or the kavat codes you're incapable of scanning and just want handed to you. It's really disappointing seeing the forums used like this. I'm legitimately surprised this made it to 10 pages.
  8. I would forget about it too after looking at just how much work was entailed. It would be years of work and they have other things to work on that that. I would rather they come up with enemies that challenge us, maybe even force us to CC, instead of just nullifiers/straight up immune bullet sponges. There are plenty of concepts for enemies on the forums like that.
  9. I would rather maximize my whipclaw killing potential, rather than hybridize my build for loot personally. Then again, I have people that I play with consistently who can run nekros if I wanted more loot. I can't even remember the last time I had to use my dome for anything, stuff is usually dead in one hit.
  10. Makes me think if they're ever going to add an accent to ground button for rotation.
  11. I don't really follow him or much of the twitter stuff, guess that explains it.
  12. I don't even play this frame, what exactly are you have a problem with?
  13. I wouldn't mind something new to collect, but generally just quality of life stuff as not to completely negate focus trees.
  14. I mean, I know they're reworking vauban, but I don't recall hearing anything about ember being on the chopping block.
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