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  1. I have to point out despite all the epic number crunching going on its all pointless if you have a repelling vauban and play smart. No infested should ever get to you, if you get the right room to spread your bastille around and keep some range between you and the infested. Parasitic or not it makes zero difference to a vauban player with a few energy restores.... I will have a play with ironclad rhino though and appreciate the previous comments.

  2. 16 minutes ago, Stratego89 said:

    Welp. Back in my day- those abilities were still enabled on this test. Looks like I should go through the old tests again for the new experience. Interesting bug though.

    Tried it properly. Without using invisibility and it's quite fun. Need to be uber stealthy, but is definitely easier to be invisible. 

  3. As I was playing earlier I accidentally came across this glitch in mastery tests which makes loki king of stealth mastery tests again. Check it out for yourself in my video. I tried it again in another test to see if it worked again and it does..... enjoy the video.  

    Disclaimer: I do not encourage anyone to use this glitch. I made this video to educate the devs on this so they can fix it. Thanks. :).


  4. Just now, LegionCynex said:

    Yes, we will be getting our own Kavats in  U19 (confirmed in devstream moreless)

    Tho we won't be getting the Infested ones

    They are neutral in the derelict unto scanned then they lose their minds and attack everything. I did see we are getting them I really hope they are this type the reptilian looking skin is beautiful.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Ambiroa said:

    Not entirely sure, but I believe consoles only have updates, no hotfixes. PC has a hotfix maybe once every two weeks on average, and consoles have an update only after validation from the platform.

    The fastest emblem that went from upload to online on a PC that I know of is 4 hours. My guess is that consoles have an monthly update, best case scenario is couple of hours (right before the update), worst case is the full month (right after an update).

    We do get minor hotfixes, that pop up in red writing in the text box asking for a restart. A month is a bit much :( Thanks for the replies.

  6. I'm sure this has been answered previously elsewhere, but I am not finding what I want through the search function. Anyway, my question. Roughly how long does it take after I have uploaded my image will it take to appear in game? I read it says if accepted it will come with the next hotfix or update but I have no idea when to expect that one on PS4.


    Thanks in advance for replies.

  7. They really should create a light footed mod for this slot that would prevent floor traps being set off at a cost of have more chance of being knocked down a bit like the corrupted mods.

    I hate seeing players sprint off set off all the traps then die in one only for me to jump through all that and revive them.

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