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  1. I jerk off to ROY, thank you very much. Also TheVerdict is actually indecisive.
  2. Legolegend doesn't wear anything except socks.
  3. TheVerdicts goggles lets him see underwear underneath clothes...but only on animu guys.
  4. Aren't we telling lies? Also TheVerdict has a boot fetish.
  5. TheVerdict gave the poison to OverlordMcGeek.
  6. Prometheium helped me fake my death so I could escape the wedding with Verdict and pursue my true love...
  7. Alan stole all the cookies. They are hidden in his drawer.
  8. dacond3 has made a doujinshi of Cyber in a "interesting" scenario with a set of tentacles.
  9. Gravefire wants King Ganondorf Dragmire sexually.
  10. CyberIncision actually liked the ember profile picture better and is only using the Valkyr one out of peer pressure.
  11. GunmanRex in his spare time collects teeth that used to belong to Soviet Nazi Zombie Pirate Robots.
  12. JameSPYder the head of security at fort maxim left a dog at their post while they went to watch 50 Shades of Gray.
  13. Mofixil is a devout follower of Kanyeism. Every day they make a blood sacrifice to Kanye West. As part of their duties they must "purify" any who follow Kanye East. They do tolerate followers of Kanye North and Kanye South to a certain extent however. The most important lesson of Kanyeism is: [size=6] Ya'll gotta respect the artistry ya see? [/size]
  14. GunmanRex pays dem big monies to watch the Brsrkr watching OverlordMcGeek watching people sleep on a high quality stream.
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