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  1. Doesn't Redeemer want to build combo though to maximize Heavy Attack? That's primarily what I use Redeemer for- trying to one-shot Demolysts might be the best example I can come up with. In those instances don't I want to build combo? Initially I thought it would be a non-negative as I've only used Redeemer for Heavy attacks, but when I looked at a variety of builds on Overframe.gg it seemed like they all relied on some kind of combo buildup.
  2. I've got a Redeemer Prime Riven with ~130% crit chance, BUT -67% chance to gain combo count. Is that curse too much of a detriment to bother with? I know it's not an ideal Riven roll overall, but not sure if it's worth bothering with the Forma for a Vazarin spot to replace Corrupt Charge in current "One-Shot Crit Build" and Quickening in a Profit Taker Build. I don't use my Redeemer much, but it seems like Combo is pretty important to the builds for maximum burst and overall that curse makes the Riven unusable?
  3. Yeah, I guess my problem with "Looking up a build" is everything on Youtube/Overframe.gg "ZOMG GOD TIER UBER WEAPON- BUILD NOW!!!" and I have a hard time trusting anything more than a couple months old. I have both a Plague Kripath and a Keemwar Riven, so that's my main incentive to give it a shot, but again, I don't know which builds to believe or are still relevant.
  4. I'm on day 70, newish player. Never had the opportunity to acquire Plague Zaw components or Exodia Contagion/Epidemic. As far as Melee weapons, pretty happy with my Lesion. I mess around with Redeemer Prime/Stropha/Orthos Prime from time to time- but that's about it. Was reading on the Wiki that Contagion was nerfed when Deimos launched- which seemed to have been the last holdout on why you should build a Zaw. So should I stock pile any of these components daughter is offering (Plague Akwin, Keewar, Bokwin, Kripath, Exodia Contagion/Epidemic) or not bother because Zaws are most
  5. I've tried this Nightweave 3 times now, twice with Nezha's shield's up and then once with Ivara going invisible and killing the entire boarding party. Nezha had a helios companion, Ivara has a shade. All the guides I've looked up says to use Rhino for the same reasons I've tried Nezha. Is there some other mechanic I'm missing (not getting hit by grenades either)?
  6. Messing around, rerolling my Acceltra Riven. Currently 6 forma invested- plan on going to 8, but in the meantime wonder which roll I should keep. Planning on Viral/Crit build. https://overframe.gg/build/35949/acceltra/pushed-to-the-limit-acceltra-8-forma-riven/ +76% Toxin +68% Multishot -16 damage to Grineer VS +96.7 CC +56.1 Status Chance Pretty sure I'm at 80% CC (not using hunter munitions Neither are great, but I don't want to keep a significantly worse option while I'm rerolling for some better combination of Crit/Crit Damage/Damage. EDIT: On a Di
  7. Well, I thought farming Vox Solaris Rep would be as easy as the quills (Terry pubs), but such is not the case and I'm badly outgeared for these bosses (have Rubico but Redeemer Prime missing Bullet Dance and my only good secondard is Kuva Brakk, no rare mods for Arch Gun). Thinking I should build a Catchmoon, for these fights and perhaps Demoylsts. Catchmoon > Haymaker > Splat standard build? Figured I'd ask here because my last Kitgun investment turned out to be sub-optimal by simply following some online guides.
  8. Got a Kuva Quartakk that's 26% heat, no Forma or Catalyst, but max level. Current Quartakk lich is 57% Radiation. I know if I merge the Radiation into the heat the weapon will stay heat/max level, just more damage. Would the damage be maxed or is it an average- not sure how the damages merge other than the number always goes up? What if I wanted Radiation- and merged the old heat into it? Would the base damage be better going that way? If the Heat had been Forma-ed, does that all go away and I get an unleveled/blank Radiation gun? Finally, any advice on Element? Seems like Corrosive
  9. EDIT: I guess Tremor is just way better than Brash Fair enough on the Demios issue, but how come I'm looking at this video and this guy's sheet damage with a Tremor Grip is: 182 Impact 124 radiation 553 viral 1635 Total My Brash, with the exact same mods, minus Hunter Munitions is only. 79 Impact 21 Radition 181 Viral 535 Total His Firerate is 3.4 where ins 3.77, but does Tremor get him 3x the base damage? I'm using Splat over his Killstream (but that's just magazine size vs. reload speed, not damage). He's doing 10-20k crits and I'm hitting like 2k-4
  10. Leveling my Solaris rep and decided to look into what Kitgun might be fun to try out. Googled something like "best Kitguns" and got a lot of videos on Catchmoons and Tombfingers. Poked around a bit and watched some videos from mid June of this year that made the gun look awesome, kind of like a Semi-automatic shotgun that was 3-shotting 170 Heavy Gunners and melting level 100 guys without a Riven. So I went all in, dumped 5 forma into this thing, only lacking a Hunter Munitions mod- and took it for a test drive in Deimos 5-star bounty- and it completely sucks. I mean, I think my Fu
  11. Hi, new(ish) player here. Can you make Avichaea farming not the most miserable thing I've experienced in any game in a long time. Thanks :)
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