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  1. Quick update to the topic - after 5 days (or 5 attempts) I finally pass and.... I lost interest with this game. Today I finished story line, have total two new frames and a lot of new weapons - but because this nonsense with countdown - like I mentioned before - I lost interest in the game... Thank you developer team. To answer question - why I don't play between tests - simple, why do you want me to invest my time in product who punish me so badly and if I'm going to progress, spending my time is quite out of logic. I can ignore completely this MR after 16 - if I do remember on this stage I have unlock all stuff in the game. Till this level you are progressing to unlock all things in game. I tried to practise all the time and during practice was perfect, just extra layer of stress with exam and potential fail make me to ... fail. Sounds stupid, I know but everyone is different and in a different way dealing with stress. Since I install game on my pc - in two weeks I make around 120 hours (which's give us around 60h/week - not bad I think, especially when I have family and job), I spend some real life money (that's was clearly my decision, no one forced me to do it) but because of this stupid mechanics I slowly in these 5 days I lose interest in the game... Conclusion - feedback Scrap this countdown. If you want to punish someone for failing, just make countdown like 15-30 minutes. This allows players stay online and attempt to try again. If someone have to wait 24 hours to do some exams - (BTW - are we at primary school again?) - and player don't develop strong bond with game, he going to give up your product. From business perspective - I'm sure you guys want players to stay online and play the game. Only if someone using your product he be willing to spend some money for some cosmetic stuff etc. If you punish someone like this then I believe - you hurting your wallet.
  2. Like I mentioned - I practised and I fail - just my bad luck. Are you a developer team? That good news, thank you for this.
  3. After 100 hours of gameplay I made some kind of progress, hit MR7 and I doing level 8 - and I fail tests - not once. Is ok abut this, I'm aware that I can win all the time, not problem about this at all. Issue is when I realised that to get higher MR I need level my weapons and warframes. To progress in the game I crafted a lot of weapons, waiting for me to collect from foundry and start level them up, but I don't see reason to do it before I pass test - logic apply. Because agility is not my stronger part of play in Warframe, I fail test another day and I have to wait to do again for 24 hours. Can someone explain to me why we have a one day cooldown on exams? Where is logic here? Looks like developers punish me for playing. Sure, I can login and run some fissure missions or continue unlock some nodes on planets but subconsciously I'm aware that I don't get any progress from that (except materials or duplicate modes). Besides like mostly players know, materials is not issue after some time playing. And yes, I try practise on my test and I fail - just my bad luck - like I mentioned - I'm fine with this. As a feedback - if I can recommend - let's just scrap this cooldown. At current state looks for me like fictional way to keep players going... Warframe is really good game and I'm sure that don't need this type of stupid and useless mechanics.
  4. this one - I spend 33 minutes on this mission. Also I have yesterday that one what you have to throw and detonate weapon - don't remember name, in void I think - this mission was around 3 hours... I hope that with time going to change ;)
  5. I'm a new player (MR 5) and what I noticed - boss fights are really bad balanced in the game. When normal mission I'm able to do in 5-10 min, boss fight took me around 30 min where I spend more time to shoot and I see 0 as a damage dealt. but when I finally deal some damage, is so small that I'm forced to look for ammo. I found this quite strange. Also is difficult to find info about mechanics of the boss fight, mostly I forced to research youtube. Information provided by game is unclear what you must do. I don't think is good idea to create a bullet sponge as a level of difficulty.
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