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  1. Trying to assign a gear slot for the omni-tool in the arsenal has been causing my game to become unresponsive for a few (hotfix) versions now. The only workaround I have is to let it automatically assign to the end of my gear wheel in railjack missions. The game does not seem to detect that it's run into a problem so I haven't been able to send a report via the automatic crash report tool.
  2. The copykavat bug happens when you hit the combo for a trick before the current trick has finished executing, so what should be fluid combos have to be broken up with little pauses or you'll get copykavats and lose your multipliers. Also I've found the the only way to trigger the "Grindy" trick right now is to start grinding while another trick is being performed. The most reliable method of pulling this off is to hold a sideswipe while landing the grind, a trick that doesn't seem listed on the wiki and is activated by holding ctrl and the right mouse button.
  3. Oh, derp, you're right. I know that Bladed Rounds is better than Argon Scope when mod slot estate is tight, it's just 1:30AM for me right now and I'm a little too tired to think straight :P And yeah, I'd give it a go if I had the mod slots for it.
  4. I tried that in the Simulacrum but since mod slots are tight on my hybrid build, I had to sacrifice corrosive procing for hunters munitions. I got significantly less DPS out without that armor stripping. That said, I forgot to try with Argon Scope installed. I made a point to use body shots almost exclusively though, to prolong the life of my targets and get a better feel for which gun (Between Quartakk and Stubba) could kill faster. Both could kill with headshots really easily without a Hunters Munitions/Argon Scope build in the first place so I don't know if such a build would be worth
  5. It wasn't on par with my Stubba this morning when I was in the Sorties, before the update. I went down against a group of Grineer with my Quartakk in hand, then mowed them down from the ground when my Stubba came out automatically. It gave me an awkward feeling about the rifle. Actually, funny thing. I was messing around in the Simulacrum a few minutes ago and swapped out Heavy Caliber for Shred, curious if my corrosive/slash procing would be good enough to keep my DPS alright. Turned out that the gun performed equally well with Shred installed thanks to the status procs as I'd su
  6. I decided I liked the look and feel of the Quartakk and Stubba (its secondary counterpart, ofc) earlier this week, so I stuck 4 and 5 forma in each respectively and got my hands on Rivens to reroll for hybrid builds on each. The Stubba wrecked this morning's level 100 Sortie Grineer nicely, but the Quartakk was terrible. In fact, it struggled against level 80-ish Kuva Flood Grineer. After the changes I took the Quartakk into a Kuva Flood without touching ANYTHING about my build. It's significantly slower now, but it hits like a truck and has become just as powerful as the Stubba now.
  7. Personally, I've had that work only once, ever. 99% of the time when I throw my bait into those ripples, fish stop spawning entirely.
  8. My baits still have no apparent effect. Toss them in the water and nothing spawns during their duration no matter where I'm using it.
  9. I usually go to the website for PC news, and often went back through multiple pages on the old website to pull open big news pieces like Tenno Reinforcements, or something like that Fomorian Attack we had some time ago. Now the infinite scrolling ('Load More' button) means old stories are buried under LOTS of news posts, and going back a few hundred posts comes with the risk of mis-navigating from the homepage, losing your place, and having to restart your infinite scroll back down. Basically, some way to navigate pages of News posts like we had before would make it super convenient
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