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  1. I would like to see "Heavy Weapon" and "AMP" selection added to the main arsenal screen and thus being part of the saved loadout slot. As it is now, its rather bothersome to change those or to doublecheck which I got selected on each loadout.
  2. current and persistent bugs in Fortuna that I am experiencing: - after match making: elevator doors not opening for me as client - after match making: If elevator doors do open, the UI is stuck on "Mission voting" but doesnt show bounty progression for me as client. UI keeps being stuck like that even if a bounty stage is completed. If I leave the squad and get through host migration back into the vallis UI shows the current bounty mission correctly but not theremaining bounty stages. Consequently, after completing the active stage the bounty ends and a new bounty mission can be started at Fortuna entrance. - most annoying thing atm: Scrampus that spawn at higher levels do permantently lock my abilities (usually 2nd, 3rd and 4th on Necro Prime) and only way to unlock the abilities again is to leave the instance (might have to check if dying unlocks them, but mounting and resynching my frame by jumping into the water doesnt work) - "enter the secure area" bounties: alarm is instantly triggered when entering the entrance door for the indoor area (eg enrichment plant) every 2nd time that bounty mission is repeated. This is even true if no enemies are around at all.
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