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  1. Well this game still has a lot of place holders lol. Nef Anyo boss fight for one. vey hek and kela and regor used to be place holders. still a lot of operator stuff to go. other solar system with sentient stuff. I mean, they can probably squeeze another 4 years of new content.
  2. this implies it's not already in shambles riven market is absurd for one. a lot of prices people give out for other items are worthy of being called a scam. a market would put people in line, and it'd be off of supply and demand. warframe.market is already a basic regulator of prices and a outside source of a auction house. that /most/ players already use. may as well already place it in the game already. but to answer the thread; They don't "see a place for it" in the world. I think they just don't wanna deal with the fake plat charge back people abusing the market that they already do. or spend the time to make it not buggy
  3. I only play when there's a new update. max the stuff, then go back to other games. nothing to do anymore.
  4. I went back to black desert online because i'd rather deal with korean enhancement systems than that
  5. That is advertisement. "Not an ad, but here's my product" 🤯
  6. Why do people think the sentient ship is RNG. IT'S EVERY 3HRS-ish, FOR 30MINS. https://semlar.com/
  7. you can get by, but you can't have fun with having all your battle avionics and tactical. You get to just be a husk of a ship to get by. Cause that's totally why I play video games.
  8. I did 128 runs to finally get a ship part drop. It was a engine. It was 13 km/s 🙂 🙂 🙂 t r a s h
  9. We aren't heroes, just the lesser evil.
  10. Blame the game then for only making it 30mins every 3hrs, with a 1% drop rate and a even less chance for the Ephemera. Why blame the players for going for the hardest items first, out of the what? 7? other nodes you can do. If you honestly just want to do the sentient ship once every 3hrs and complete the mission, then you're going to get no where. If you think the players are at fault, then you need to take a step back, and look at how many runs you have to do to even get the items the ship offers. If you're not interested in Shedu or the Ephemera, or the Scenes, then stay off the node. If you're there for the quest, you can break the crystal then leave the mission/fail the mission and still have the quest obtained. There's EVERY REASON to go for the ship and leave if you don't get anything so you can go. There's NO REASON to finish the mission if you don't. "Exploit" or not. "Intended" or not. It's clearly a DESIGN FLAW. NOT the players fault. I'll repeat myself. IRL time and life is more important that finishing the mission. Not going to spend months doing the ship once a day maybe even twice a day. When you can do it more than once in a 30min span. When you can save your time and life by getting what you want, and finally moving on before you burn yourself out and end up not wanting to play anymore. It's ridiculous to even defend this RNG. and it's ridiculous to defend DE for it too. DE doesn't always intend to make RNG/Drop rates/Material Rates a snails pace, but they do listen to the players. So instead of bashing people for a flawed design, why not give feedback to DE about how we can remedy this situation for both parties. Such as, putting the ship as it's OWN node on it's spawn. Similar to a phorid assassination node, that opens when it's marked. Or when the ship spawns, make it the ONLY objective. Let's NOT - lock people out for not getting to it, and not punish those who are trying their best to get the only items they need.
  11. Correct. The blueprint was Ballas' design. as for War / Broken War it would make sense to get something. since Shedu is a sentient weapon and strips the res on the burst. Maybe strip on ground slam/send out ground slam AoE elemental damage
  12. Vor has fused with void energy, not Kuva
  13. if someone has the time to clear the ship, then your team was clearly doing the objective instead. Which you shouldn't be if you want the sentient ship at all. Don't blame the player for you being too slow, blame the GAME for even locking you out.
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