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  1. This game is a horde looter shooter so I mean... AoE is king, and game modes like defense, survival, and ESO DEMAND it. So if you rework abilities, you have to rework the game.
  2. Likely, but the proc itself would make more sense to have the enemy take extra damage to everything in general.
  3. People just complain cause there's more Saryn players these days than being any other nuker. Like when people complained about Ember when it was press 4 and forget.
  4. I thought the heat proc change was allowing it to stack multiple times like slash does. Still don't recall them saying it will strip armor only her ability stripping the armor.
  5. This is what I thought it did when I first played Warframe. Because THAT makes sense. That's something EASY to assume. but no.
  6. ?? isn't the armor stripping from embers fire the ABILITIES effect. not the fire itself. the idea is that she's melting the armor. I don't recall them saying everything that does fire strips armor.
  7. Guess we should nerf gara and her 4th ability nuke...or nova's slow..or any press a button and win afk in a corner frame abilities. really ruining my fun here. meanwhile. Saryn is fun to play, and is viable for late game like any other nuker. Get ready for Embers buffs cause she's gonna be melting things too with stacking heat procs that do armor stripping. Her fire is basically going to act like spores without the spread. -On topic to the thread: Limbo's (':
  8. It all depends how much your money is worth to our country basically. Not DE's fault
  9. We all know that people would just make all the female frames have bigger assets if they were to make new models. Abuse of system would happen instantly
  10. How about, delete this thread (': Saryn has been a nuker and reworked 3 times since her release. We don't need another tanky frame. She HAS HEALS in the form of molt augment. If you think she's a "boring nuker" then I guess you also slam dunk mesa, gara (who can nuke and tank), nova, etc, in the trash. Do you know what this game is? It's a horde looter shooter m8 You need to kill in mass quantity to get anywhere. Also ANY AND EVERY FRAME is gonna look OP if it's not a survival past 80-100 mins. Which no one does anymore every since the void rework. If the enemy level is sortie level and under, everything dies without effort. That's just how it is. Saryn falls off at point, she's mostly used in ESO cause she's most effective there. Saryn has always had a spot where she meets her end in enemy level. The higher the armor scaling, the longer it takes to strip off with her 1. To a point where she is not not effective. Where guns end up killing quicker than she can help. Using x4 CP? then the only saving thing is the DoT that was NERFED awhile back, it takes too long to ramp up and falls off QUICKLY if there's no enemies around. Use her 4 for viral? the damage is okay at high level because of the viral proc, but other than that lol? I've mained Saryn since I first got her in update 9. Back then she was a press 4 to nuke but her damage stopped real quick at about level 65 enemies. Wouldnt have even done a sortie back then. If you're judging a frame based on the STAR MAP / low timed runs. Do some long-term things and bring in data. There are frames that can do the same job Saryn does. She's good where she is. and with the TAU system coming out soon? I'd like a frame to enjoy playing during the sentient horde.
  11. Warframe Facebook said Christmas
  12. Vesiga

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but DE becomes just like them instead I wish that corruption was always reversed to something positive even if it's reversed again.
  13. I fell off the map and it spawned me about 8 tilesets away, I tried to find the room back but it doesn't allow me to enter the arena even by operator dashing, there's a wall that puts me back to the 8 tilesets away. So I'm forced to lose what I found omw to the boss 😕 I shouldve put down a mote to teleport to just in case anything happened.
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