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  1. Bring Saryn, double tap molt for explosion. see if it breaks any crates misplaced under the map. I always use molt as a container bomb
  2. The devs are too nice to us, being so open has spoiled people.
  3. I fell off the map and it spawned me about 8 tilesets away, I tried to find the room back but it doesn't allow me to enter the arena even by operator dashing, there's a wall that puts me back to the 8 tilesets away. So I'm forced to lose what I found omw to the boss 😕 I shouldve put down a mote to teleport to just in case anything happened.
  4. I also can't find the thing to destroy in this room and i'm gonna feel really stupid when/if I do Edit: OMGGG IT'S IN THE DOOR THAT OPENS WHEN OBJECTS COME OUT OF IT. THAT'S CRUEL
  5. can the thing youre supposed to destroy for the doors spawn in ANY room in the tileset? or is it the specific room. cause I'm gonna have an aneurysm finding this >_>
  6. I can't find #1, 2, 6, 8. I'm also gonna lose my mind trying to find the thing that opens the doors with the shapes lmao.
  7. one is behind that pillar thingy.another in this room, idk where it is Helios got it before I saw it
  8. I hope we get those fragments as a ship deco. thanks for posting. I didn't even think there would be scanables!
  9. Nekros desecrate works on separate gore parts doesn't it?
  10. Not hard to sell a few prime things for it, plus how many of our decoration have sound effects, AI that will go along the whole ship, and visual effects all in one. Just don't buy it if you can't afford it, it's a decoration that no one else will see unless you screen shot it.
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