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  1. It would be nice if it were like in other drops events, as in PLains of Eidolon, guaranteed drops if you completed tasks, so watching and have a chance to win is very vague, we do not know the chance of dropping Warframes, and not all people can keep the PC connected 24 hours a day until the day 15 to get it, I already have 54 hours to watch twitch and no warframes came just credits and glyphs, I know that is drop free, and I love TOO much warframe, but we players who we love this game we deserve it, I do not want to think that this is just a way to make us give Publicity for the warframe, but yes a gift for the players.
  2. Someone get Khora and Nidus? because I have 54 hours watching Twitch streamers and only came credits and glyph, and a few three relics 😡 I'm already down with this...
  3. And the credits continue to come, interspersed sometimes by glyphs, now in my ship there is no place to put more glyphs, waiting here nidus and khora
  4. I stayed 5 hours watching Twitch, and came 5 x 7,500 credits 😢, I think how many days will come to me a warframe 😡
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