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  1. Good thing you brought up left 4 dead. I think they nailed the tiered enemy desing , shaft , enemy with a unique mechanic ( spiter , hunter ... ) and mini boss ( tank , witch ). It is a good formula the keeps the player engaged but is not overly taxing. This formula could work on warframe as long as DE fixes the damage system and gives lore to the enemies. Giving lore to the enemies sounds like a odd request but strong enemies should be backed up by the universe. Take nulifiers as an example. It is literally a guy with a backpack , the true arch nemesis of the tennom. The corpus have the nulifer technology so well developes that they can thrown nulifiers grenede. At this point you ask , why the duck isn't the corpus selling this to the grineer or why aren't the sentient just copying the blue print. It Also kind of immersion breaking the a dude with a backpack can stop literally every single form of space magic. It would be way easier to digest the nulifier bullS#&$ if he had a lore behind it. Something as simple as a crewman that could not pay his debt gets grown into the void , if he reapers into a ship he will be argumented and become a nulifier because he became a void lighting rod. It would be a good reward structure , I remeber when they intorudced void sabotage ( ancient times , void keys were a thing ) , people always looked for all the caches to maximize the loot of single relic. I was trying to create new units that can fight agaist the layers lf cheese the players can put up but not feeling overly cheese themself. I tried to create a set for the corpus reworking the nulifiers and another for the infested using zealot herald. But I've run out of sound ideas for mechanics for them.
  2. The shotgun status one is probably the wrost sin on game desing , a anti intuitive system. If the player tried to make a status build and could not reach the 100% breaking point his build would suck and he would thing the stat is useless. If the player does make build with 100% it becomes broken. I kinda of disagree on this one. The skill must be simple and intuitive but is inner workings don't need to be. To repeat the best advice I got over Fan Concepts ( given by @FrostedMike ) " You should be able to say what a skill does in two senteces ". But all the behind the scenes does not fallow that rule. Nidus is the best example of simple result complex inerworking. All the math non sense about stacks boilds down to if you enegege on nidus core gameplay loop nidus gets more durable and does more damage. Even when you are building him you dont need to know the stack math , you just need to know I want str for damage and range for his 2. I don't think nidus is perfect I think the revive on the passive is a bit overloaded and the 3 would be better of if just did damage to enemies and healed allies ( would save desing space for a Hive frame ). An example of my own is in construction fan desing. She has a " Venom Skill " , she can equip herself on allied frame. The player will have no imput over Moviment and will control a sholder mounted turret and tendrils. The skill itself is not remarkable complex , you just become a turret but to explain all the rulings over if arcanes work , how the resistances stack and so on. It has a lot pf rules because the skill operates outside of the standard. Also extra moving parts can smooth things out , like nidus would be a way better team player of he gained 1 stack of mutation per enemy killed inside the larvae by allies . Does this increase his complexity ? Yes , but it does a lot to smooth out gameplay. I agree the reducing the amount of mutiplier does a lot of favors for a game ( you can see that by my own cutting down proposals for gameplay ) , it makes the things just work. Also you got a really good point there , the HUD should be a able to tell me if something is good or bad. Complexity has its place, sometimes it works well for the gameplay experience , expecially if it is intuitive. Best example is the formula for the catch rate of Pokemon. Here is the moster https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Catch_rate But all the complexity boils down to a simple and easy to understand gameplay implication. Reduce the pokemon HP and thrown the right ball. As per a bad use of Complexity , probably the biggest fail of looter shooter desing. Anthem , due to weird math the starter rifle had best time to kill ( lowest time to kill out of the auto Rifles ) even dough it had a 3 times lower dps then the best rifle ( as far as the HUD of the game was concerned ). Here a post on the debacle. https://www.reddit.com/r/AnthemTheGame/comments/ay0oh7/psa_the_level_1_defender_rifle_is_the_best_weapon/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share I think his first good rework was Nezha. Probably one of the best reworks because it did not change anything. It just ajusted the inner workings so the kit functions well in game.
  3. The DEVs can remove any skill they want but that does not mean it is a good idea. As much as think that Enthrall sticks out like a sore tumb , it is the skill Revenant kit and current messy theme is based around.
  4. If you understand a bit of programming you would be able to say that. Mission level ( on any sensible programming ) would be a imput parameter. If it is a imput you can just go to a node , icrease it imput parameter from 40 to 200. It is done.
  5. Doom erhernal show us the value of visible projectiles vs high Moviment players. Just a few ajustments on projectile speed and change the roll for a quicker and with less recovery dash. As far as enemy desing is concerned DE has to give enemies either doble edged swords or powers with drawn backs. The player has to feel like he is out playing the enemy not outstating. When the player loses he Also has to feel like it was his duck up not bullS#&$ enemy skills. Warframe invisible energy drain auras and hitscan weapon are contrary of that. As far as how I would do it have a bit of a pet project. A pitch for the TUBEMEN of regor. Here how they would work. They are modular enemies that roll on a few tables for skill and stats. Here is the list. First table, birth defects table ( I find it odd , that the grinner keep referencing birth defecrs on the lore but it never reflects on the gameplay ). Weak heart , this TUBEMEN was born with defective heart. Tyl Regor transplanted a Omega Dreker Kubrow ( has a external heart like a tyrant from resident evil ). This unit has increased speed but The player can shoot of the armor protecting the heart and deal massive damage. Weak lungs , this TUBEMEN eas born with defective lungs. Tyl regor replaced his lungs with an Iron lung. This unit come with gas grenades but the player can shoot the gas cylinders ( causes an explosion , if the target survives it has its Moviment speed permanently reduced ). Healthy boy , this is a healthyTUBEMEN has increased HP. Second table , helmet table. This table focus on countering some common strategies. Sometimes the game would Rig the roll so the counter unit will always spam ( if this happens the player receives an announcement from Regor ) Gunner helmet. Allows the user to see invisible units , the user has a ink grenede to atttemp to reveal the target. However this helmet has a laser sight pointing where the user is looking at. Medic helmet , can purge debuffs and gives temporary imunty to the dispelled buffs. But has a audible cue and charge time. Melee helmet, gives a jetpack to this untit and after two melee hits this unit will purge. The last table roll their hand ( they have attachable hands like Tyl Regor). This roll has a it's results limited by the helmet roll. Ack and Brunt ( gives heavy residency to all forms of ranged damage coming from the front) . limited to Melee helmet. Knux ( can Launch the fists, if the target is a defensive structure ( snow globe, gara wall and so on ) the first hit will crack the wall and the second one will break it ). Limited to melee helmet Frontal shield, has a frontal shield like Heinhart ( block aoe coming from the front ). Limited to gunner Glue gun , launches a stream of glue slowing down the targets hit. Limited to gunner Medic Gun , heals the target and can turn the target invulnerable Medic seringe claw , can revive fallen grineer as ghouls A last note is a later levels they would be spam along side either a grineer sentinel or a Omega Dreker Kubrow. A think this is good enemy desing because they have a strong lore gameplay conection. They also have really powerfull abilities but they either have some tradeback , conterplay or are situational. Good point. Good idea.
  6. So you are sorta of asking for DE to retcon sentient abilities so Revenant make sense retrospectively. I would rather keep just the mess we have then creating a new mess to justify the old one.
  7. This is a surprinsinly unpopular opinion because it would remove the ammount of player " choice " if we had dedicated slots the ammount of builds potential build would go down from 10000000000..... To 200. But what people fail to notice is the amount of meaninfull choice would increase from 5 builds to 50. Meaninfull choice is a concept Riot used when reducing their tune system feom 30 diferent runes giving stats to 5 diferent choices given either stats or adding new gameplay elements. I think the same applies here. Also I find it funny that people did not catch up DE has been sneakily adding dedicated mods on a overconvoluted way. Exilus mod and the current generation of mods with the same name are pretty much dedicated mods spacess but on an overconvoluted fashion. If I were to redo the damage system of this game I would create a unique stat called Void link or something like that. If the player upgrades his void link it will increase HP , shields and damage( weapon and skill damage ) ( uses Endo ). Quest allow the player to increase his void link cap. Mods are relegated to minor optimization on play style alteration or to do coolstuff ( like head hunter consecutive headshot kill increase your next melee attack damage , or a beam weapon mod called overheating launches a shock wave when you stop firing ( shock wave damage and range scale with time firing ). I also would reduce the mod slots 6 , 3 new passive for rhe weapon or minor offensive stat ajustments ( base damage for crit damage and so on ) and 3 handling ajustments ( projectile speed , magazine size ... ). This way modding would be about play style not spread sheet math. The crux of the issue is DE more often than not does not take the time to know WHYs ? Of the question the just look at the What and take haste changes based on what they already tough of something. More Or less it always feels like they were looking for a excuse do something them the feedback being heard and processed. I do agree with you devs have a deeper understanding of the game and can take the opportunity to streamline stuff and fix more problems than what people asked but the problem is DE has a weird love for complexity and refuses to reduce the complexity of a system and love for modding ( as per I already explained DE seeeminly desing system for mods not for gameplay , case in point the melee combo counter, it's base duration is to low , if you mod for it its durarion is so long you can't mess your combo at last the decay solution is hidden behind focus , as per I like to pit it "Is it too much to ask for stuff to just work ? No mods , no focus , the system just works by default." The melee countless reworks suffer from DE not looking at the Whys ? Melee 2.0 removed charge attacks because of the one dimensional nature of gameplay either people spamed e or charge attacks ( melee in general did low damage compared to guns two , mos weapons were judge by their coptering abilities ). Why people did that , because weapons were either good on charge attack build or spam builds , the specialized nature of weapons stats and mods pushed people to this gameplay. All the change rodeo and gameplay wise we are back at square one, precisely because the same problems persist , but a lot of complexity was added to the system. About how I would desing the melee system so would use thr following basic blueprint AI assisted combos ( to keep visual variety and help the player to deal aoe when he needs or single target when he needs ) Charge attack mods now trigger on reaching a combo tresh hold so people are stimulated to use their attack intead of holding it. Something like blazing Wrath , upon reaching a combo mutiplier , warframe ignites for x seconds dealinf AOE damage( based on current combo mutiplier ). The system. Naturally pushes the player to use the charge attack because it becomes harder and harder to reach a new combo mutiplier Remove mods that affect just the charge attack to avoid thr build enforcing play style. Increase the natural reach of charge attack . If they want to copy dmc , add a devil trigger because more move speed a d fancier and faster moves fit warframe. The "hate " simulacrum got is also quite telling of Devs not looking at whys , people use the simulacrum to show builds because killing bombards of level 170 is the best way to show case a weapon performance. If there were more places with high level enemies with more gameplay , people would naturly use them because the footage would look better. He has a good track record of warframe reworks and warframe desing. Idk if he will keep the streak. Protea looks like things people asked for Vauban the frame , come with a bit of Tracer. Speaking of traces I did not got the point of a frame that can create resources using a rewind mechanic to gain more resources if odds are she is already overflowing. I don't know if the desing is going to hold up. Kind feel like the next game updates should be damage 3.0 and new player experience. Both rolled in the same package. Thr new player expirenxe would be rework the junction system to be history events instead of pointless side quests and the damage would be simplification of damage types and a rework on all the stacking mutipliers that create such a silly damage system that people can cause overflowing numbers . New players probably don't even understand why some people dislike valkyr prime existing with the same kit as valkir ( at very least change her fluff from war cry to Hyhn of War and chage the look of Histeria Weapon to twin axes or swords ) or Why Til Regor is so mad about the TUBEMEN ( O realy wish defective TUBEMEN where a grineer or even infested TUBEMEN , we see infestation research going on these labs , a grineer infested unit would not be to farfetched especially after the indroduction of the Arlo strain. )
  8. I would rather have forma reduces the equipament down to 15 instead of 0.
  9. keikogi

    Free razorwing.

    I would prefer to have razorwing as passive that triggers upon holding space bar or atemting a second bullet jump mid air. As far as the weapons are concerned they need a unique passive so they don't feel like a dual decurion and veritruz , but the cute version. A mad man proposed the dex pixia to able to build up combo counter and maybe give diwata a unique charge attack.
  10. Warframe needs a new energy economy because the energy system has lot of parts but little room for player engagement. Look at the 3 best energy sources: zenurik ; arcane energize and pizzas. Look the gameplay they providr Zenurik - jump through a hoop every 30 seconds Arcane energize - pick up the energy pick up you were going to get anyway Pizzas - press a hotkey It does nothing to get me to aprouch combat in a diferent way. Something as simple kill get energy , head shot and melee kill get more energy , aoe kill ( either skill or weapon ) gets less energy does more to change the way I aprouch combat them all of the moving parts of the current energy system. As far as OP proposal is concerned I'm all for it because it at least gives new players a way out of the energy drought they are in. I would just change to start small in 1 energy per second then slowly build up until they reach the second dream. I don't see any reason not to because it this point we already have Infinity energy so just helping new players would not hurt.
  11. It was kind of obvious the solution to raibow build would be chaging the 90% elemental mods to converts x % of your damage on the desired damage type. This way elemental mods would be attuning your weapon to the enemy not increasing it's damage. If they had done that first the people only use toxin problem would show it's face and they would finally have to deal with armor. As per less damage types reducing the damage system to physical , 4 elements , void and Tau would do many favors for the game balance and gameplay. Since you don't know the history of damage on the game here is a quick summary. In the beginning there was rainbow builds and if memory serves me some elementes always had a effect attached to their damage. Them damage 2.0 happened and there was a moment of some broken stufd ( d viral used to stack reducing enemy health by half every time it proced ). After a few fixes the dust settle and we were back at almost square one again because the best build was corrosive and cold ( we removed the fire mod, progress I guess ). Then the crit nation surged and the soma and rbe dread were its champions. There was a moment where the game had both raw damage and crit damage builds. Then after the realease of the 60/60 elemental mods ( took years to get the set , because they were event rewards, before corrupted vor malignant force was a really expensive mid ) the status build flourished. At last for some reason DE decided that yellow numbers mean gameplay and white numbers not , so they started to create a bunch of stuff with the on crit condition and they also allowed people to red crit after these last batch of changes we are on the current hybrid crit build or the true critical build against immune enemies we have right now. See the Venari healing objectives debacle , and it is the same all over again. People complain , DE rushes changes. Changes are half assed and deal a lot of unintended damage and sometimes don't even fix the main problem ( see the heals of 100 hp/s on a target with 40 k HP ). People now are even angrier because ot looks like they were punished ( varazin dash being good at defending and after the workshop changes it is a joke ). On this topic , DE kinda of accidentally did Pavlovian conditioning on their community to Riot. As far as can tell there are two reliable ways to be heard by DE. Either you are a youtuber ( examples Jim Sterling changing prime access within a weeks , ember rework looking like it was based on Shy sugestions , grendel tweaks being based on a tributes video {even dough they did not fix the energy drain problems and the redundance of his 1 and 3 or the too slow and unwieldy nature of his 4 } , the titania no vacuum argument being there is an aggp demand { but it took years off complains off the community to give her vacuum on the first place } or you wait the right circumstances to create a riot on the community and force changes ( viver gate , vaccum within , the current Khorra debacle ) There are so many small problems people beg for years for them to be fixed. People did not even have a problem with self damage as a concept the problem was the stug can one shot a rhino. Or weapons having a unique ammo pick up mutiplier so bullet houses can work without ammo conversion or restores while weapons like the opticor literally can't run out of ammo. Or weapon switch speed and so on. Late edit: looked around a bit on reddit it is concerning people describing DE changes as monkey paw , here what you asked but it sucks. You are right about players being good at identifying problem but not necessarily good at solutions. The sheer volume of playtime the community as whole gathers will be able to experience more problems them any ammount of foresight can see. The problems is DE doesn't not have a good track record of good solutions , look at warframe reworks , looks like the community only trusts Pablo with reworks ( any other dev and the rework is placed under heavy pressure from its announcement ).
  12. You can post the images directly , just copy image adress them paste the address on the foruns text editor
  13. All the combinee element were added during damage 2.0 a misguided attempt at build diversity. "Raibow build " was thr norm ( 1 of each 90% element mod ) and toxic or serrated blade damage were kings ( because they ignored armor , what a surprise ). At a vain attempt of creating build diversity the bloated system we have now was created. Did not really fix anything because armor just scales better than health and shields so a good weapon is a weapon than can deal with armor. In the end of the day the system did not change. Have a look a the galatine video x pennant video on tbe section aboit melee. Literally the smae gameplay and the same reason kt works ( serrated blade ignores armor x bleed proc ignore armor ).
  14. That's a good point , who DE should listen to ? From their perpective it a crowd shouting from all sides and it is really hard to tell who is telling something important ,or who is shouting nonsense angrily. Also when you hear a lot of people you can easily fall on the old problem of " If you try to please everybody pleases no one " There is such a thing as "critical mass of negativity ". The Khorra venari heal debacle started such a shiet storm that even joke post are being treated as compalints. Saw I guy just making your tipical sex joke with the patch notes " fixed wisp not getting wet on plains of eidolon ... ". A clear sex joke and a lot of people were complaining about useless fixes on the comment section. That brings me second part of this point DE takes haste action to "fix" thr problem that started the shiet storm. Problem is on the haste action not a well tough out one. Now on the workshop DE is promising that every heal ability will heal objects , the problem is it heals for like 100 HP/s when the objective has like 40000 HP and already slowly self heals. So another side storm of people complaining about either DE not playing their game your being stuck on Saturn starts and people loose even more trust. Would Have been better to just revert thr khorra change and them carefully craft a healing system for objectices and take the opportunity to rebalance objective HP x enemy damage.
  15. At this point I don't think we need more niches we need less damage types and resistances types. Out of 3 layers of complexity of warframe ( 3 difference HP types [health , shield and armor ] mutiples difente types of health [ sinew , infested flesh , alloy , ferrite ... ] and something like 14 damage types. Out of all that complexity just the few damage types that can deal with armor are usefull , shields and health are mostly ignored build wise. At the end of the day the weapon triangle of Fire Emblems created more depth in the gameplay than warframe bloated system.
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