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  1. Yep , like the basis of the standard energy economy in warframe is an arcane number ( drop rate of energy orb ) furthermore energy orbs restore the same energy regardless of the frame picking them up. This becomes a problem when diferent frames have different energy requiriments. Rhino is probably so popular with new players because his defensive skill is relatively cheap ( a single cast can get a few minutes of protection in early levels ) so people can hoard energy to use the rest of the kit. My Idea fixes both of these problems. Yep. Yes I agree with that. Why I did I include ot in my rework? Ever since energy siphon was realised people have benn clinging to any form of energy regenation as the bandaid for the broken energy system at base. I included it my system because at this point I don't thing you can propose a energy rework without including energy regeneration. People will bring up the pitch forks. Like people complained more about about DE floating the idea of removing zenurik energy regeneration than gutting naramon shadow step , and shadow step was way more powerfull. Once again I agree with that energy should be a reward for playing "right " . Why did I just did the bare bones implementation of kill energy , ability kills no energy. Stand around energy ( note: I don't mind ability generating energy as long as said skill requires a minimum of set up or to use , for example gaus should receive energy for hitting enemies with his one not by getting hit while his 2 is active). Realisticaly speaking I think I lost most readers before they even get to the part of wielding the nerf hammer with righteous fury. So I decided to keep things short making a pitch for bare bones system that is surprisingly easy to implement ( it is just harrows turible with smaller numbers ) but gives that devs ways to adress quite a few of the fundamental issues of the current system. Once again I don't disagree with nothing said here. My only disagreement is that I think energy regeneration should exist and should be really fast but stop when you have enought energy to cast your 2 , this way it allows players to have a fallback patterm. Reload , recharge and back to action. Now that you mention the parazon finishers mods , am my the only ones that think , DE makes flawed systens to them fix them with "mandatory " mods ? Seriously, what is even that point of parason kill before you get the parazon mods ? Is it so hard to make stuff wothwhile baseline , than create a mod that makes it better. For examole: parazon kills give 25 energy energy . Mod Energy leach: increses parazon energy regen per kill by 100%. Another example is the ammo system in warframe. A bullet is at base with somewhere in between 17 damage to 1000 damage. Clearly one weapon will never run out of juice and the other will strugle to efficiently kill enemies. Then we have ammo mutators to fix problem DE refuses to address. Is it so hard to create a ammo conversion stat: for examole: grakata 300% ammo conversion , meaning ammo pick up gives 60 ammo instead of20.
  2. I agree with you , in fact I've staded each frame would receive a unique value for their energy regeneration per kill and their e energy regeneration per second. This way each frame has his own energy economy. Yep. It was before energy generation outside of energy orbs became widely avalible. The fundamental problem with efficiency as a stat is becase ot turns energy cost volatile , 1 energy is worth somewhere in between 0.45 energy to 4 energy. This turns all other sources of energy harder to balances becasue they are affected by efficiency as well. I'm not trying to force people to use flow at all , I've even suggested incresing the base energy and energy per rank as compensation buff. Right now, primed flow is used as durability mod , this is how weird the systems are right now. It is not a Herculean task , it requires a lot of corage and willingness to discuss how much energy is too much energy. The changes are mostly numerical , there is no need for new animations or much progaming ( no need to program new imputs or entirely new effects ) , but it does require a lot of math and playtesting ( just kidding pc players are the playtesters).
  3. Using trinity as a energy whore and running 75% efficiency.
  4. About 75% of this post is to buff the energy economy for new player. If you remove 3 lines of this entire post it the biggest buff to energy ever proposed ( namely kills using skills don't regenerete energy , nerfed arcane enegize , nerfed energy pizzas ). Do you really thing my concern is pointless and mindless nerf to abilities? Also actually awnsering your question , YES it does affect me not because Of the saryn killing the entire map , it affects me because the energy system only works after 100 hours on the game , before you can get your hands on arcane energize or at least zenurik the energy economy sucks. Also do you truly beleive people can only complain about stuff that directly affects them ? In that case all complains all fundamentaly meaningless. You don't like a frame. Don't like it, don't play it. A frame is clunky to play and has overcosted skills ? Don't like it , don't play it. A frame can't kill stuff or doesn't have any meaningfull buffs or CC. Don't like it Don't play it. You Don't like weapon. Don't like it don't play it. And the best one does a frame killing the entire map after casting a skill is problem ? Evidentely , no. Don't like it , don't play it.( I really mean this there was one time in warframe history you could kill the entire map with one ability) I can literally say this to every suggestion in the feed back section ,you chosen to play that frame you can deal with his problens , don't like play something else. Even if you want to strait up buff something I can say I like ot the way it is , why are you are you trying to ruin my thing ? It is literally the same thing you are saying to me , don't like something avoid it.
  5. In the post there is even mention of saryn ? Mesa receives a note about peace maker not being considered an exalted weapon it is considered a skill as far as this system is concerned. My problem is , there is 2 energy system in warframe. One for new player and another one for veteran's. The system for new player is broken because it is too rash , new players barely use skill because they don't have energy. Thr system for veteran's is broken because thr energy cost are trivial at best and if I really want I can deny the very existence of the energy system of I'm willing to use enought energy pizzas.
  6. I don't mind buffs tho her shields either I just find it so backwards that the most durable Hildirn build is based on having no shields. ( Did they nerf that build or it still around? )
  7. This entire system is meant to give the DEVs the necessary tools to gate abilities if they choose to do so. Saryn is killed everything in a 2 mile radius, reduce her base energy regeneration and increase her energy regeneration per kill. Killing enemies with her own skills does not generate energy so she will eventually starve. She can either kill enemies with her gun to get energy or allow her allies to do so, both ways she gets energy and can go back to nuking.
  8. it is broken , also Hildryn can receive compensation buffs to her costs.
  9. Yes but not really. Energy was originally premium ammo , and a really mean the premium part. The true face of the warframe energy system is what we have during the grendel missions. This is what most players in this game deal with and what the smashing majority of player that have ever played warframe saw. How do I know that , steam achievements. Assuming everyone that killed teralist has access to all the all players that killed a terry has access to all the efficiency, zenurik and arcanes. Only 5.5% of the players that ever played warframe have ever played outside of the grendel missions. Also my system is not meant to stop the energy flow or ability casting at all, in fact it would increase the ability usage by most players because the tools that give you a meaningful amount of energy are available right out of the bat. Kill enemies, get energy. Wait around get energy.
  10. They didn't really try that system. Exastion system are progressive first cast full effect , second consecutive cast slitly worse effect , third cast bad effect , fourth cast isn't even worth the casting time. What we have first cast full effect , second cast full effect third caat duck you hunter you are ruining my shonen simulation. Yes but fighting games are desineg around that and the truly obnoxious moves are gated by resources. Are there fihting moves that hit the enetire screen and have almost no recovery time ? Yes. Can you use than more than 2 times per round ? No. How many attacks warframes have that hit the entire map ? But don't misunderstand me , I don't think resourse are the best way to deal with ability overuse , the best way to do that is proper ability desing. Why I did not try do redsing abilities instead ? To many warframes , some of them are unreworkable. Chroma very identity is a MOA that makes gun shoot better , if you try to change that players will riot. Seriously chroma kit can be described as 2 passives and two butttons two enable hard mode.
  11. I always tought people overhyped exalted weapons , at the end of the day they are just good weapons. They are always at risk due to the slow march of power creep. Besides that the fact that exalted weapons did not get any meaningull changes either means DE comitted a major oversight or they are holding their changes to drop with the melee "rage" mod.
  12. Edited for clarity. Added a more detailed explanations of why the current energy system is broken. Exalted weapons work as any other weapon regarding the Void leech stat ( peacemaker is a exception). Added blind rage to the list of reworked mods, reworked the zenurik passive. DE realized that fairly recently, warframe was plagued for years by the parading of abilities costing 25,50,75,100 energy. At least newer frame are flexible with their cost , wisp uses 25,35,50 as her costs. Nidus does not fallow the standard cost either.
  13. Overall decent kit. There is one problem. Whenever you desing quiver like abilities it is expected that all choices are around the same powerlevel or at least have diferent uses. In you case web bomb outclases both cocoon and spider web. Also fix her stats , if she has no shields she should fallow inaros rules for scalling 250-1000.
  14. Did you stop to thing me not changing the maximum energy regenetarion was kinda of the point ? New player have acces to energy right out of the bat with is a big deal. Old players get to effectively enjoy the same energy income they have now. Thats kind of the point really .If mass AOE frame works well noone can even play the game. My system attemps to force the mass AOE player to eithet use his weapons once a full moon or just rely on the stadard energy regenaration. Why the are you using sol gate right now ? Ignis is ,most of the time, a better choice as it right now. Do you realy thing I cara about people having 100% uptime on buff or using their skill every 5 seconds , not at all. I care about the fact I can ignore the existence of energy in warframe if a keybind the large energy restore to my Q and then skill. Seriously there is no point on have a mana on a game if the player has unlimited mana without at least interacting with the enemy. Such a hard system to grasp. stuff dies without me casting a skill,I receive energy. Time passes , I receive energy.
  15. 25 was a typo , 20 was the right number. Just a question , do you think 20 or 25 is too much or to little energy. I could just change it from half efficiency to full efficiency problem solved. This entire system is just harrow thurible with extra steps, just give it to everyone and make energy orb drop chance 0%.
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