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  1. I kind off feel like DE sufers from dominance from the artist team. It´s baffling that warframes are aproved on visuals alone and their abilities are tacked on later. That overall desing carries over to the rest off the game and the rule off looking cool or souding cool is seeminly more important than such nonsense as balance , diversity off builds and play styles. The best example right now is DE obesseion with melee atack speed when it´s not really the culprit for the isane dps off melee weapons. Another mildy one is the weapon swithc speed existing because that one animator does not want t
  2. I´ve been saying this for a while no matter what DE does it wont fix anything because off the multiplier mess on the damage system and no diversity can emerge from the damage soup because only armor mattes because it better on a fundamental mechanical level. About energy, been saying this for a while to but I am ever rasher. The energy system only exists to stop new players from having fun because its surely not stopping a veteran from casting whenever he wants regardless off condition. What bothers me about the way DE tried to address this issue is the “solution” always is more mo
  3. Hate breaking it to you but it probably going to suck. More often than not the first tick off the slash proc kill the enemy and not the headshot so it will be unreliable aff. Unless you strip enemies first it wont do much and if you are stripping then first why use the vectis
  4. Can we just change the core problem instead off adding a new thing on top off the old one and hoping that somehow adding more stuff on top will somehow fix a crooked foundation. Out off 3 reworks only tries to fix the problem by addressing the core system instead off adding more bells and wishels on top hopping the somehow it will get balanced. The first one is effectively the first version off melee combo count. Deal more damage doing what you were already doing anyways but make sure to not switch weapons and rush the mission so you don’t drop the buff. ( I know t
  5. Going to leave a fairly hot take here. On kill is not really a condition because it does not really chance the way the player uses the gun. The changes it does bring to overall play style are fairly unhealthy for the game since it promotes rushing to level ( to not drop the buff ) and use only 1 weapon ( to not waste the buff ). Stuff like on heashot is good because it favors precision or even stuff like on reload is also good ( because on reloads backwoods the player dps or requires planing and timing)
  6. Kind missed the major flaw that mercy kills are a waste off time before you get any mods in. It's like if guns did no damage before you get serration leaving a new player confused why the guj even exist if it does nothing outside off looking and sounding cool.
  7. Seems like a rather pointless chance. It's better to just translate 1 health lost to 1 rage and adjust the rest of the skills accordingly. About the health regen , if it's going to scale with health mods to %max health gained. The passive would be clearer and simpler. "Molosarus gain 1 rage point per hp lost ( up to 2000). Additionally molosarus gains 0,24% max HP health/ second as long as he has no active abilities." Frankly I find the self heal component weird either make it strong enough to warrant a clause or get rid off it. Pushing it as far as 10% / s would not be broken with
  8. This look neat. NownI wish Octavia could ride her ball. Sorry for the initial info about tenno gen, this is a enterely new model therefore it is not part off tenogen
  9. Neat idea. How the skills would work ?
  10. Forgot a kitsume frame a made a while ago. Added it and will look up if I forgot something else.
  11. Post it on Twitter but unfortunately this exceed the 144 limit
  12. BTW Spoiler tabs arr best used to hide contextual information or details. The initial art work should be displayed right front but there is a point into putting the exalted weapon under a Spoiler tab.
  13. Top right there is 3 points , if you click there there an edit button. Gauss cold and hot third skill. What about contextual orders. Give an expecidict oder depending the off the target closest to the cross hair. For example Enemy - fire at will order Far away objective or ground - March order Close by objective or ground - hold the line command Would be neat way to bark orders to your allies and a unique mechanic. It would work similar to apex legend ( contextual communication think ) The helmet was indeed what gave my futuristic vibes.
  14. I would sugest to edit to the initial post to put the art up-front. Help with visibility. The kit is mostly fine, my personal dislike for the theme might be clouding my judment. The one is perfectly servisable for a first skill, The two is fine but I would sugest to reduce ir ro just 2 supply packs for the sake off casting speed ( tap for offensive stuff hold for defensive stuff ) , also add damage and knock down on the drop point off the supply pack for the sake off it would be funny to kill enemies by dropping supply packs over their heads. The third has one to may buff
  15. As far as we know the ones we have are pretty much soulless copy , empty vessels the tenno control. The original batch were actually people but turns out subjecting people to extremely paintfull process does make a loyal subject, who could have foresaw that. Since you know we actually had to connect with Excalibur Umbra( even dough our Umbra is a copy made into the foundry ) but no other frame build int the same foundry has ever rejected the tenno , well that pretty much implies that no other frame has a soul off its own to be able to reject the tenno oro.
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