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  1. Don't have the faintest clue. Just paste on the editor if the image appears for you it worked
  2. Upload on imgur Go to the uploaded image Press your finger on the image until the menu appears Open image in a new tab Copy the address of the new page Paste here
  3. Buffed the passive so it now also allows the player to use primaries to heal. It would open up a few unique build based on fire storm and fire rate. Also a unique gameplay off firing at allies.
  4. Never had noticed it but eudico calling us sparky ( feels like a proper nickname ) made me acutely remember a few of her voice lines despite not really liking valis. Cutscene seems a bit to hard to do. But basic stuff like showing up on quest to do something visible like showing up with a launcher to take down a sentient ship chasing you after your warframe was disabled. Even if the quest was not a rail Jack quest. Send the occasional inbox with gifts. Having a basic ai for position like sometimes they are fixing something or sometimes they are just playing in the ludoplex , have the
  5. Not exatly a fan off aoe dots. But if it does not lock her in place ( tought it was similar to sound quake ) it´s not bad. I just think there is better use for the skill slot, exalted form (did a few a while ago but DE is finaly making the idea a thing in the game) , territory creation ( more off gives you advatage side off things than the so comon cc enemies and deals damage side off things ). Yep My issue with all skill thowing a seed is the kit will feel same even it the skill are diferent. It´s kind off the vauban problem where all the skill look the same and DE strugled t
  6. Goinf to preface with this, plant frame is my favorite theme. I like the theme so much I even did 2 full kits and visuals for the theme. Granted I did no go far on the carnivorous plant side off things. About the visuls i really like where it is going Removing the health would make this skill way better, as is this skill would brick on laterlevels where a single spit from a ignis would whip out all the sprouts. Also the stealing over time mechanic would make the skill useless on lower levels because the ene,ies would be whiped out before they can steal a significant ammount of e
  7. I had a similar idea combo for guns empowering melee and combo for melee empowering guns. However using a strong arm on this problem can conflict with other design aspects off the games. Namely, the warframe design itself. For example, valkir entire design is make melee weapons better so making it so ranged weapons are necessary to make melee any worth would break her design. That's why on my second take at the problem I removed the need to swap weapons and just made combo universal. However I made a lot off mods that stimulate weapon switching by providing quick burst, utilit
  8. I haver a beEf agaisnt charge attacks for historical reasons and lack of diversity in melee play style. The very existence of a."charge attack " build makes it charge attacks and normal attacks cannot be seamless integrated into a play style. Since stacking multiplier is the way to do damage , if you invest mod slots on charge attacks odds are your normal attacks will suck. I just think this is fruit of DE having more concerns over having enough stats to create mods than having a good gameplay base so stuff like charge attack wind up speed is a stat. Personally I liked the first showing off me
  9. Man the post looks hideous on dark mode. Sections under spoiler tabs look fine but the normal text looks like its inside a white block. Probably happened when you copy pasted it and did not remove formating.
  10. I´ve been saying this ever since the system came out. if people avoid engaging with the core purpose off a gameplay system , well the system is broken I think this ever since the sword alone update came, I even went as far as to say the choice of name made the entire update misdirect it´s efforts because well , sword alone. As far as warframe is concerned there is only 1 diference that matters on a gun it has aoe or not. Effective engagment range is somewhat meaninless because off warframe mobility is so hight that the effective ranges off the gun are mostly irrelev
  11. I dont want to make this bigger than it need to be, I´m not here to discuss if bloodrush ( at it´s best ) is better than literally every other crit mod combined , same goes for weaping wounds ( they got a quite hit because maximum combo tier was reduced to 7 from 12 ) but I´m not here do discuss their desing nor my opnions on them. I'm just trying to rework combo , add weapon swithing as core aspect off gameplay and finaly deliver on the devil trigger ( withc a did not finish because the passive focus bonus are yet to come , and the extra effects for charge attacks were not finished either )
  12. The Problem I´ve been here when melee weapons were the “bullet jump” stick , when they had no purpose and when they took over the game. The thing is warframe can't really balance the equation off melee vs ranged dps because the time to gap close is a fixed amount and the time to kill scales with level , so regardless off the stance DE takes it will be broken by level scaling. I’m not here to address melee weapons dealing too much damage or ranged weapons doing too little damage , what I intend is rework combat and modding to offer alternatives for each slot be useful in any given loadout
  13. Right click Copy image adress Paste on the text editor You are welcome
  14. I kind off think either melee or ranged will have to take the second place on dps because off the very nature off buff stacking in warframe leading to expecialization. And I do agree with you guns should pack enough off punch to justify aiming requirements. But if the rework either shafts melee or ranged it will cause an up roar. So I think I found the solution , mods and weapon switch speed. Create mods that buff melee weapons for ranged users for example Sharpening sheet ( nikana ) - increases melee damage per second holstered, looses damage per hit Making niknas as a
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