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  1. You can just copy image adress and paste it on the text editor to show the image here
  2. The stats are a bit out of wack you could fallow nidus precedent for armor and health scaling Sounds like a pointless roulet, it would be more reliable to just scale drops with the enemy base hp ( hp before level scalinag ) If you want a agro tank just giving him a taunt skill is better than relying in agro mechanic the precedent set by atlas is 1500 , having for times more is unresonable Could create afk farming strattegeis and favors camping. I would keep it as is but add a small cap on the number of hits the anvil can take, something like the anvil has a
  3. So geshin impact reaction system on game that was not made around it. Bad idea. Geshin impact was made around that system with characters and skill to support it. In warframe it would just make stuff more convoluted
  4. Making the math fancier does not really make it any diferent from a % increase it just makes me do more math on the orbiter. You could try something with a bigger gameplay imolication adds the base HP of the last shadowless eenemy killed to the base damage of your next shot. For example it can increase your damage alot but it also raises considerations about missing shots and the order you kill enemies. It also has it´s own layer of math opmization but at least the gameplay concerns are really strong You can probably just reskin harrows chains ans smoll hands like this
  5. I dont really see a reason to just give 20% damage vunerability. The crit condition just created build requirement because the kit has no inate crit sinergy ( this is no harrow ) Neat , spreading cc The augument is amazing . just make them pick up loot so it is also a amazing QOL This skill strikes me as odd , the efficency buff is to short for allies to take advantage off , the skill also odly has a added energy fee for its "combo " effect. Personaly I would just rework it to reduces the cost of the next energy cast by 25 * energy. So it is consistent for both allies a
  6. It was not meant to be more than that. It is pretty much the "titania " for necramechs. Thr only truly unique things are the way she pays the "hybrid tax " ( she has to use both forms or she will waste energy due to the passive slipping the energy gain , if a pool is full you will waste half of your energy income ) and the necramech thing. For that frame I actually intended to write lore but I can write a story even if my lifr depends on it.
  7. just a sec did not notice it I use word to fromat and sometimes I forget to recolor Should be fixed by now
  8. Added the descripition for the heminth version of the skill
  9. Added Icy avalache , now it heals snow globe a bit and has level scaling so it scales a bit better
  10. The overall game mode sounds interesting but there are 3 problens. You don't know what a mod is before you pick it up so you might end up picking a mod that's actively harmful for your build. For example of you had fire damage and pick up a cold mod odds are your dps will decrease. Second the drop tables were not created to acomadate that game mod , the overall logic of the drop tables of the game is new mods on new enemies not any kind of progression curve. Third necros is OP on that mod because mods make or break a build , having a higher "mod " income would be to good to p
  11. Good luck. A bit of forun etiquete , either quote people or type their name like this @(PS4)Toni-ZVer7 so they will get a notification that you´ve replied
  12. Had a look at it First base is not using the standard scaling and there is no particular reason to deviate from them on this concept. Armor and movement speed do not scale with level. Given the stats at level 0 the stats should be at 30 health 360, shields 300 and 187,5 energy. First skill Neat but a bit to weak , it compares to a conbined Version of nergy Vampire and well of life but it is way weaker than bot. You should make it like condem so it can affect more than 1 target but it requires a bit of player skill Second skill Would make more sense to always
  13. Added snow globe augument , it effectively increases the duration of buff and debuffs inside the gllobe. Sill trying to figure out the 4th agument.
  14. Added an agument for the 4th, basically wuclone but the clone will use a diferent form form the user.
  15. I wish we at least had colour codding for defensive and offensive buffs. Something like offensive buffs are read , defensive buff are green so at least I have a general idea of what a buff does.
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