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  1. Maybe some kind off breath attack or something like the petrification ray from medusas ( from god off war ). Disabling warframas is a remarkable powerfulll form off cc to be easy to land.
  2. Neat way to explain their continued existente. Terrorism needs funding after all. I would suggest to rework the Aura effect into a unique grab attack that disables or even goes as far to take control over a warframe. Auras tend to take away a lot off forms off counterplay ( energy drain auras comes to mind ) It's only fair that ghouls actually got the zombie stick off infections bite. I would sugest to allow them to turn enemies on invasion maps.
  3. Added a new argument mod. Sponsored loan , it allow allies to benefit from Sachiely 2 but Sachiely must pay if they default.
  4. That's slitily better than valkir ripline and rip line is quite bad. Maybe give it better ground slam functiiality like giving a better radius when you slam the enemy into the or a slam into the ground functionality. The shield is quite weak for a presumably direcional shield. Irin skin gives like baseline 4k or so off ominidirxtional defense and CC immunity. The damage deflection is quite weak , given the timing restrictions even a 10x would not be really good. The 3 and 4 th are a bit bland but ultimately fine. The art direction is really good but the kit needs a bit more flavour and raw numbers behind it.
  5. DE has a nasty habit of introducing a plot thread and not really tie it or develope it. Arlo went literally nowhere, the wolf never heard of again and tyl regor still MIA. Same goes for the black seed group , did that strain of the jugernaut and we never head of them again nor striked their headquarters ( to the story could have closure ) / Corpus could for for the 1 minute standart off the recent off 1 minute videos or having a weird gimick off speaking really fast to optimize the "break".
  6. I like the time it takes for the situation to develop and as far as game desing is concerned this could also lead to some interesting use off gamplay to tell an history. It wouldn't remarkable funny if it started with just a transmission from the redveil notification the player there weirdstuff happening with the infeistation and not really elaborate, no new event after the update but a bunch of larger chargers are now part of the infestation units. 2 days later the player would actually receive the notification of the event since there infested railjack to farm Same goes for the rest of the event , frankly speaking this would be a neat nightwave since it's format rools well with the old nigjtwave structure. Overall I really like the way the history shows and not really tells. Most of the info regarding the new infestation is pretty deductive reasoning from murder acne or the last reports someone could scramble. So the information is easy to spot but not the case off the scientist guy saying look infestation tactics and vengeance. Also man did you remember the blackseed group from that ancient juggernaut event. As far as faction their actions are quite in "character". The grinner duck ups are funny and seemingly lore friendly(given the info we recentlygot wit male lichea laid back personality and a crime sceneon the night wave ).the corpus seen way to altruistic ( not really give too much off a #*!% about economic, if the Facebook outage taught us anything is that a company would rather l loose billion in market value Tham pay a dime in securities. Glad to know I've helped. Going to take a deeper look at it tomorrow
  7. Love this passive Better to just have to types of grandes, flash bang and tear g as grandes. It's weird to have somewhat unrelated effects on a skill The rest of the kit is just fine.
  8. Added a new argument for her 3 3.1 Void Endowment(cost 75 energy and all credits ) Allies are also affect by the credit rain and gain shields (similar to Warding Halo). This shield provides attack speed and fire rate.
  9. I think the core idea is good the kit is bad because most likely it will age like milk ( it´s the tendency for exalted weapons ). The passive is really good I would only sugest to change it to a headshot bonus. I think I have an idea on how to takcle this idea but Idk if it will work ( changes to the passive so it shuts down the ability to equip melee weapons in return you get extra gun slots ) and similar to aphelios ( lol ) the skills the frame has depend on the currently equiped weapon but idk if it can work( the idea includes hud changes 1,2,3,4 chooses weapons equiped , skill casted using the f). If something comes out of it I will notify you.
  10. I struggle (a lot) with coming up with distinct silhouettes for weaponry, especially revolvers Revolvers are kind hard to make a unique siloute for a revolver because most of the desing is kinda off fixed(most of the mechanical components of the gun are visible and part off the siloute ) and deviating from it just makes the gun not look like a gun, so it ends up looking like a toy. even pistol in general have quite a bit of leway because of the hidden compontes give more leway for changes on the chassi. for example this pistol was made This is a good line up also out off the enmitic weapons thing , whats the diference from a gauss weapon ? looking foward to it the chance to miss is what makes the weapon balanced because it caps the effective fire rate and incentivizes skill. If you want to be particulary kind making it a loose 1 or 2 stack at time ( like the gun arcanes ) it could find a midle ground but I utimetely think the all or nothing is the best aprouch. There shouçd be some gerar thats strong on the merits off the player and not the mods. Depends the lore angle you aprouch it. If you go for entrati that one fits perfectly. If you go for the corpus one i think this one fits better with the whole granum executive look Since we do know the corpus still use tablet ( the gameplay from the corpus dude on tenocom ) mayve even have some more nonsensical feature for a gun like touch screen triger pull or other such nonsense. these weapon would be powered by specter particles so thats why it can repeat a player headshot The last angle you can go is a mutalist gun or infested gun, give the gun a visible heart like the dual ichor. make the heart beat faster each head shot, if the heart reaches a certain fire rate the gun phisicaly tranforms and gais aim bot capabilities. If the players stops headshoting the heart slows down also i do agree , pandero prime is paintifully normal
  11. glat to know I´ve helped. Also neat color scheme reminds me off the anniversary guns but the sutler use of purple made it more elegant. I also like it´s simple visual goes really well with the old stick off the tenno ( use really basic gun but pushed to their absolute limit with good materials and desing ). The small key chains things also git it a lot off visual flair and recoginalible siloute. The weapon also has it´s own "combo" counter and it does a really good job a rewarding precision to the point its acutally worth it to aim before taking the shot because at max stacks this weapon looks like a beast. I like the idea off rewarding consecutive headshots and it gave me an iteresting idea for a corpus gun ( specter particle nonsense). What about a pistol that stores headshots. Each head shot you do gets stored , alt fire your frame goes mesa for a secont and headshots as many times as there where headshots stored. What do you think ?
  12. You have to right click the image , the pop up apear , choose copy image address and than paste the image address here
  13. You can display the image here. Go on imgur, right click the image, choose copy image address than paste on the text editor here. about the frame I can't say much because I can't see. The image resolution is to low to read.
  14. Remove the 5% evasion all together or allocate the power budget to get it all the way to 50%. As a 5% evasion it's not noticeable to the point most ppl would not even notice it exists. Also change the wording the health gain to 1.5% per second ( unless you intend it to only proc after 2 seconds) When designing a skill that affects both allies and enemies its best to make the effect related but opposite. If it slows enemies it speeds up allies , if it damage enemies it heals and so on. Just so the effect seem related. A rather interesting form of cc but It might need a quite a bid more charges. I'm not sure if I understood it correctly This skill ridiculously overpowered. It's better invisibility with is one off the strongest defense in game with a lot of extra upsides. The silent weapon requirements are trivial to beat since hush is a exililus mod and the health drain is trivial to offset with operator arcanes or a simple side strike mod. The madness effects seems redundant I would rather apply it as a synergy with the 2nd skill. Something like inside absolute darkness the shadows created by touch of darkness can leave the ground and fight as specters frightening all enemies inside off the lake off darkness. The rest off the skill is fine and a really like the synergy with the 1. The visual is where this concept shines. You nailed biomechanical warframe look .
  15. looks good. Delivers the theme and works well in game. There always room for improviment but I don´t see anything that needs change.
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