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  1. On 2021-10-16 at 8:20 PM, Teoarrk said:

    Recruit Corpus through promise of higher wages. Pay off key people in key places to 'turn a blind eye' to unmarked items appearing in manifests. 

    Neat way to explain their continued existente. Terrorism needs funding after all.

    On 2021-10-16 at 8:20 PM, Teoarrk said:

    Triuna Enforcer - A wall of flesh with two Supras grafted directly to their arms. A Triuna Zygote suspended in front of its torso will deactivate Warframes that get too close.

    Puppet Warframes - Warframes animated by Infested Flesh. 

    Triuna Brute - A mountain of Muscle that will close the distance, using the Triuna Zygote to disarm and dismember the Tenno.

    Triuna Lurker - Little more than a tripmine with arms. Do not stand on or near them.

    I would suggest to rework the Aura effect into a unique grab attack that disables or even goes as far to take control over a warframe. Auras tend to take away a lot off forms off counterplay ( energy drain auras comes to mind )

    On 2021-10-16 at 8:20 PM, Teoarrk said:

    The Kurokk Hive is formed from a number of Grineer Ghouls with the Kurokk Strain of Technocyte. This strain has made them smarter and stronger than normal ghouls and even more monstrous. Despite the small number of initial ghoul test subjects and their tendency to eviscerate their victims, the unique mixture of diapause and Kurokk has meant that each victim becomes another added to their number. 

    It's only fair that ghouls actually got the zombie stick off infections bite. I would sugest to allow them to turn enemies on invasion maps. 



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  2. 2 hours ago, blazeac said:

    (1)grappling hand: a prosthetic fortuna made hand that can grapple to any surface, pressing 1 once activate the grapping crossair,

    pressing it again makes the grappling hand drag you to the aaimed surface/ledge/ceiling, while pressing 1 while aiming an enemy,

    drags them to you and Sprit performs a slamming attack with the enemy, that deals IMPACT damage (300 base damage) and staggers

    That's slitily better than valkir ripline and rip line is quite bad. Maybe give it better ground slam functiiality like giving a better radius when you slam the enemy into the or a slam into the ground functionality.

    2 hours ago, blazeac said:

    (2) Shield of aegis: the prosthetic arm creates a personal shield that has 1200 points of shield, by tapping 2, the shield activates,

    by tapping and then holding down 2, the shield makes a parry movement that deflects any projectile/ melee damage and returns it to its

    owner with 1.2x times damage.

     The shield is quite weak for a presumably direcional shield. Irin skin gives like baseline 4k or so off ominidirxtional defense and CC immunity. The damage deflection is quite weak , given the timing restrictions even a 10x would not be really good.

    The 3 and 4 th are a bit bland but ultimately fine.

    The art direction is really good but the kit needs a bit more flavour and raw numbers behind it.

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  3. 8 hours ago, Teoarrk said:

    I'll be honest if it weren't for me talking to @FoxFX and reading from his backlog of concepts on the faction I imagine they would have not been on my radar. I wasn't around for the event itself as I was taking a break from the game at the time.

    DE has a nasty habit of introducing a plot thread and not really tie it or develope it. Arlo went literally nowhere, the wolf never heard of again and tyl regor still MIA. Same goes for the black seed group , did that strain of the jugernaut and we never head of them again nor striked their headquarters ( to the story could have closure ) /

    8 hours ago, Teoarrk said:

    Thanks for the feedback from you all. I had a Nora Night event script brewing, which I will definitely work into part of this miniseries. I could also write some radio segments from the Corpus and Grineer. I had this 1984 style news station idea for Grineer, but Corpus having their own radio station opens up a bunch of ideas as well. Fortuna has a bunch of adverts in the ambient noise, which I will try to build upon.

    Corpus could for for the 1 minute standart off the recent off 1 minute videos or having a weird gimick off speaking really fast to optimize the "break". 

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  4. I like the time it takes for the situation to develop and as far as game desing is concerned this could also lead to some interesting use off gamplay to tell an history. It wouldn't remarkable funny if it started with just a transmission from the redveil notification the player there weirdstuff happening with the infeistation and not really elaborate,  no new event after the update but a bunch of larger chargers are now part of the infestation units. 2 days later the player would actually receive the notification of the event since there infested railjack to farm

    Same goes for the rest of the event , frankly speaking this would be a neat nightwave since it's format rools well with the old nigjtwave structure.

    Overall I really like the way the history shows and not really tells. Most of the info regarding the new infestation is pretty deductive reasoning from murder acne or the last reports someone could scramble. So the information is easy to spot but not the case off the scientist guy saying look infestation tactics and vengeance.

    Also man did you remember the blackseed group from that ancient juggernaut event.

    As far as faction their actions are quite in "character". The grinner duck ups are funny and seemingly lore friendly(given the info we recentlygot wit male lichea laid back personality and a crime sceneon the night wave ).the corpus seen way to altruistic ( not really give too much off a #*!% about economic, if the Facebook outage taught us anything is that a company would rather l loose billion in market value Tham pay a dime in securities.

    12 hours ago, Teoarrk said:

    Special thanks to @keikogi for coming up with the base premise.

    Glad to know I've helped. Going to take  a deeper look at it tomorrow

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  5. 33 minutes ago, (PSN)Tomplexthis said:

    Gelanor projects a forward facing energy shield as long as he is holding a one handed melee weapon, or one hand secondary weapon.

    -The shield blocks all incoming projectiles, and reflects 100% of the damage taken back at attackers

    -5% of the damage received is converted to health and energy 

    (the shield is like volts energy shield but carried only in his left hand, while his melee/secondary is in the right)

    Love this passive 

    34 minutes ago, (PSN)Tomplexthis said:

    Power 1: Flashbang / Pepper Spray (25 energy for flashbang / Hold for 3 energy a second Pepper spray)

    Tap to toss a Flashbang that does a 15m 8 second Blind effect on all nearby enemies, opening them to finishers

    -This flashbang also applies 100% slash and puncture procs  dealing 200 base puncture and slash + (5% EH)

    Hold to spray pepper spray that deals corrosive/blast in a 15m cone to all enemies with 100% status chance

    -the pepper spray stuns all enemies that are hit continuously, and deals 200 corrosive/blast + (3% EH a second)

    Better to just have to types of grandes,  flash bang and tear g as grandes. It's weird to have somewhat unrelated effects on a skill


    The rest of the kit is just fine. 

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  6. I think the core idea is good the kit is bad because most likely it will age like milk ( it´s the tendency for exalted weapons ). The passive is really good I would only sugest to change it to a headshot bonus. I think I have an idea on how to takcle this idea but Idk if it will work ( changes to the passive so it shuts down the ability to equip melee weapons in return you get extra gun slots ) and similar to aphelios ( lol ) the skills the frame has depend on the currently equiped weapon but idk if it can work( the idea includes hud changes 1,2,3,4 chooses weapons equiped , skill casted using the f). If something comes out of it I will notify you. 

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  7. 7 hours ago, (XBOX)Fluffywolf36 said:
    8 hours ago, (XBOX)Fluffywolf36 said:

    super Pandero. Perhaps even what Pandero prime should have been when you consider how normal that feels compared to regular Pandero.

    I struggle (a lot) with coming up with distinct silhouettes for weaponry, especially revolvers

    Revolvers are kind hard to make a unique siloute for a revolver because most of the desing is kinda off fixed(most of the mechanical components of the gun are visible and part off the siloute ) and deviating from it just makes the gun not look like a gun, so it ends up looking like a toy. even pistol in general have quite a bit of leway because of the hidden compontes give more leway for changes on the chassi. for example this pistol was made 


    7 hours ago, (XBOX)Fluffywolf36 said:

    Thankfully, I have 4-6 more revolver ideas for the near future. There's a full-auto one inspired by The Last Wrod, one that's basically a full-auto pocket opticor, (I'm saving that for later) one that's basically also a pocket opticor except it's a railgun instead of a laser, there's that thing in that picture from about a week ago inspired by the Enmitic Pistol (not sure what it does - might be baby charge rifle from Apex?) and one that reduces armor and shields on headshots. As inspired by how much trouble we have on Steel Path.

    This is a good line up 

    also out off the enmitic weapons thing , whats the diference from a gauss weapon ? 

    7 hours ago, (XBOX)Fluffywolf36 said:

    ext post will actually be a sniper rifle or some bizarre near-alien thing. Probably the latter.

    looking foward to it 

    7 hours ago, (XBOX)Fluffywolf36 said:

    That's great! I'm also hoping it's balanced a bit by how unforgiving it is if you miss. It was tempting not to, but it took all of ten seconds to figure that at Maximum Potential this thing is basically an Amprex (or, for more current WF players, pre-nerf Kuva Nukor) in revolver form.

    Probably best that isn't easy to keep up lol.

    the chance to miss is what  makes the weapon balanced because it caps the effective fire rate and incentivizes skill. If you want to be particulary kind making it a loose 1 or 2  stack at time ( like the gun arcanes ) it could find a midle ground but I utimetely think the all or nothing is the best aprouch. There shouçd be some gerar thats strong on the merits off the player and not the mods. 

    7 hours ago, (XBOX)Fluffywolf36 said:

    Sounds like uhhh....

    super Pandero. Perhaps even what Pandero prime should have been when you consider how normal that feels compared to regular Pandero.

    I'm thinking that it this was to happen, it'd need to be a pistol (possibly semiauto?) that looks like a weird revolver. Something like this but with a much fatter mag.

    Depends the lore angle you aprouch it. If you go for entrati that one fits perfectly. 

    If you go for the corpus one i think this one fits better with the whole granum executive look 


    Since we do know the corpus still use tablet ( the gameplay from the corpus dude on tenocom ) mayve even have some more nonsensical feature for a gun like touch screen triger pull or other such nonsense. these weapon would be powered by specter particles so thats why it can repeat a player headshot

    The last angle you can go is a mutalist gun or infested gun, give the gun a visible heart like the dual ichor. make the heart beat faster each head shot, if the heart reaches a certain fire rate the gun phisicaly tranforms and gais aim bot  capabilities. If the players stops headshoting the heart slows down 


    also i do agree , pandero prime is paintifully normal 

  8. On 2021-09-12 at 7:00 PM, (XBOX)Fluffywolf36 said:

    It’s my FOURTH ANNIVERSARY OF DOING WF CONCEPTS and good lord man it has been a time. I'd just like to thank everyone who's been there on this thread and made it what it is - @Almighty_Jado, @Teoarrk, @Neo3602@Unus, @Teridax68@keikogi,@KaffeRausch, modernmercenary (who redesigned the Fuselok. I wonder why this was so popular sometimes) @HugintheCrow (even if he probably won't respond to this tag) stellarseeker, @BlackDiamondAce, and especially @Unus. You might be wondering why I mentioned Unus twice, and the answer is simple - I like that part =D And hell, I'll even thank Sean Bigham for approving of the Meridian autoshotgun that one time, along with whoever it is that probably looked at the Meridian when they made the Cedo.

    glat to know I´ve helped.

    Also neat color scheme reminds me off the anniversary guns but the sutler use of purple made it more elegant. I also like it´s simple visual goes really well with the old stick off the tenno ( use really basic gun but pushed to their absolute limit with good materials and desing ). The small key chains things also git it a lot off visual flair and recoginalible siloute. The weapon also has it´s own "combo" counter and it does a really good job a rewarding precision to the point its acutally worth it to aim before taking the shot because at max stacks this weapon looks like a beast. 

    I like the idea off rewarding consecutive headshots and it gave me an iteresting idea for a corpus gun ( specter particle nonsense). What about a pistol that stores headshots. Each head shot you do gets stored , alt fire your frame goes mesa for a secont and headshots as many times as there where headshots stored. What do you think ? 


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  9. You can display the image here. Go on imgur,  right click the image, choose copy image address than paste on the text editor here.


    about the frame I can't say much because I can't see. The image resolution is to low to read.

  10. 5 hours ago, Ninjatroll353 said:

    While Ophelia is in darkness she regenerates 3% of her max hp every 2 seconds and gains 5% evasion. 

    When downed you become a shadow (can't attack but you will give enemies "paranoid" effect) and can cast up to 3 abilities. 

    Remove the 5% evasion all together or allocate the power budget to get it all the way to 50%. As a 5% evasion it's not noticeable to the point most ppl would not even notice it exists. Also change the wording the health gain to 1.5% per second ( unless you intend it to only proc after 2 seconds)

    5 hours ago, Ninjatroll353 said:

    1st ability: Shadow Pulse

    Ophelia sends a wave of energy that makes enemies forget about their tasks (returns alerted enemies to unalerted state) and heals her allies for 

    Range: 10m

    Healing:4/6/8% of maximal hp per second for 3 seconds

    If alarms are active the base duration of the unalerted state is 5 seconds, if the alarms are of it’s permanent.

    When designing a skill that affects both allies and enemies its best to make the effect related but opposite. If it slows enemies it speeds up allies , if it damage enemies it heals and so on. Just so the effect seem related.

    5 hours ago, Ninjatroll353 said:

    2nd ability: Touch of the darkness

    Creates a shadow that follows you for a set amount of time. Enemies who see the shadow gain a "paranoid” state for some time. While " Paranoid " they can shoot their allies on sight. If they see any player while “paranoid” they shoot in random direction and run away from the player. They don’t trigger the alarms once “paranoid”

    A rather interesting form of cc but It might need a quite a bid more charges. I'm not sure if I understood it correctly 

    5 hours ago, Ninjatroll353 said:

    3rd ability: Into the shadows

    Ophelia steps into the shadows slowly draining her health. While in the shadow form she is undetectable by enemies and receives reduced dmg. Additionally she gains bonus movement speed. Using the weapon with “alarming” sound makes her leave the shadow form and receive 10 dmg. Melee attacks and silent weapons can be used but attacking increases the health drain.

    Initial cost:60hp

    Dmg reduction: 35/45/60%

    Movement speed bonus: 15/25/50%

    Drain 2% max hp/s ,while attacking 4%max hp/

    This skill ridiculously overpowered. It's better invisibility with is one off the strongest defense in game with a lot of extra upsides. The silent weapon requirements are trivial to beat since hush is a exililus mod and the health drain is trivial to offset with operator arcanes or a simple side strike mod.

    5 hours ago, Ninjatroll353 said:

    Ophelia covers a surrounding area in a limitless darkness. Enemies inside it begin to go "mad". This state makes them shoot everyone they see on sight for set amount of time. Allies inside become hard to spot for enemies (or invisible if alarms are off).On top of that allies get evasion. Attacking enemies who are inside the shadows has increased crit chance.Ability spreads over time to it’s max range from the place of casting.

    The madness effects seems redundant I would rather apply it as a synergy with the 2nd skill. Something like inside absolute darkness the shadows created by touch of darkness can leave the ground and fight as specters frightening all enemies inside off the lake off darkness. The rest off the skill is fine and a really like the synergy with the 1.


    The visual is where this concept shines. You nailed biomechanical warframe look .


  11. 19 minutes ago, LegOmniverse said:

    Honestly, after reading this, I'm considering just replacing the ability, and giving him something else

    I'll update the post with edits, tell me what you think of his newer 3rd ability when I do

    I like it but here a few nitpicks 

    I would make the armor a pick up at the center of the explosion so the skill is "slower" (takes more effort and time use). to prevent silly stuff from hapening picking a new shield would replace the old one if it was stronger. I also would remove the base line shield all together , no armor no shield. 

    Also reducing its radius to 8 meters so it does not fight on the same niche as larvae ( since it tags enemies with a strong passive , reduces defenses and generates "a shield so its only fair it´s quite a bit worse a grouping )



  12. The idea is good but it's damage frame that does not scale its damage. My main suggestion is make the passive scale with the hp of the enemy you killed so later in game it would be remarkable strong depending on numbers.  

    For the second skill I would sugest tap for a small blast ( a bullet jump like range) and hold for massive blast covering massive distances 

    The third just sounds like worse iron skin , maybe give it a movement speed penalty but increase its power 


  13. 3 hours ago, dragonu8 said:

    Passive- Given his intimidating appearance Ulv may occasionaly cause his enemies to throw down their weapons and run in fear.

    To random to be used with purpose by the player. It's kinda like Gara passive its strong but so unreliable the people don't even consider it when playing 

    3 hours ago, dragonu8 said:

    (bite) - Ulv bites down on a enemy with devastating force healing himself in the process , if he kills the enemy energy spent on the bite is awarded back.

    Frankly single target skills are inherently weak but I like the direction. I would add a short dash for reliability ( 3 to 10 meters lunge ) , a finisher component ( deals x finisher damage per x missing health ) and make it so it generates more energy than  it consumes. Sounds like a lot but it really isn't the only component that's actually good is he energy regen the rest is just there to facilitate it.

    4 hours ago, dragonu8 said:

    (claw mark)- Mark enemies with the mark of the wolf (similar to ash 4) , marked enemies take increased damage and are more likely to take trigger Ulv passive.

    I would limit the damage buff to melee strikes and his own skills for the sake of a stronger identity

    4 hours ago, dragonu8 said:

    4 (full moon) - The night calls Ulv, turning him into a werewolf , once turned Ulv gains  increased agility , damage and acces to his Wolf Claws (spectral weapon) giving him the ability to clear out even the most dangerous enemies

    You either make a werewolf frame that starts as human and than transforms into a werewolf or you make a werewolf that already transformed. You should not do a werewolf that transforms into a werewolf at full moon. If you want a transformation skills it so the frame starts as a human ( with a human like kit , the human can be anything a cleric a knight a hunter a poet a black Smith)  and than transforms into a wolf ( with another kit a lá sevsgoth shadow ) or you just make a werewolf with a exalted weapon.

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  14. 10 hours ago, (XBOX)Fluffywolf36 said:

    Almost certainly. There's been this problem with lots of recent Frames as far back as Khora where I just... whatever role or theme they're supposed to have feels all over the place. Like, their abilities feel almost grab-bag relative to their theme. Meanwhile, Yareli has a similar problem in that they wanted to make Another Water Frame, which... was honestly their first mistake. So she does water, and..

    I think revenant is the splitting point here. To this ducking day people haven't reached a consensus on what he is supposed to be. Kora had a strong identity but she was stripped off it during development due to fundamental inbalance between physical damage types.

    10 hours ago, (XBOX)Fluffywolf36 said:

    Meanwhile, Yareli has a similar problem in that they wanted to make Another Water Frame, which... was honestly their first mistake. So she does water, and...

    I really think they just wanted a janpanse idol Frame and went with the first good art on that theme that came to their desk was chosen. I think it would have been wiser to make a light frame based on the idol nonsense since you could given even more flair and a literal spot light for the frame.

    10 hours ago, (XBOX)Fluffywolf36 said:

    nd now, for the requisite horn-tooting that every conceptor does in another creator's thread. Normally when I try to come up with frames I ask two questions: "What's the theme, and what's the role?" So Gagarin is Gravity and CC, (not that useful in today's "Best CC is DED" meta but it sounded fun) Vulkodlak is basically just Krieg from BL2.

    I did frames starting from a skill I wanted into the game and from a theme I wanted on the game. Both methods are perfectly viable but they require multiple drafts to make the whole package fit together. A lot off the recent Frames and mechs feel like the first draft off a kit and not something that was refined. The only Frame that felt really cohesive was sevagoth and gauss , the rest either has a problems in lore cohesion ( protea random rewind skill necessary for the whole granum nonsense,  the rest off her kit is so mundane in nature ( shield generator,  turret , supply depot ) and her last skill is almost mystical in nature , if the rest off the kit was more exotic ( like a black hole turret , a shield reminder instead of recharger and a recharger that reminds your magazine in time ( recuperate x% of the bullets you spent on the last Y seconds ) the rewind 4 would make more sense ) or in kit cohesion ( Grendel redundant skill ( 1 and 3 spit enemies function) , extremely energy hungry frame that can't generate energy by itself ( buffing energy gain still requires another energy engine)  and 4 th that requires a argument to bi mild amusing ) 

    10 hours ago, (XBOX)Fluffywolf36 said:

    So Gagarin is Gravity and CC, (not that useful in today's "Best CC is DED" meta

    You can make a gravity frame these days . Just throw in 1 skill gravity anchor changes your personal gravity towards the target terrain or enemy  if it was a terrain your personal gravity will be in its direction for X seconds. This is an amazing mobility skill allowing you to fall in any direction and slam attack your way into enemies. 

    4 skill Black hole , makes a small black hole that feeds on nearby matter. Black hole deal damage scaling with its current mass and reduced by range from center. Black hole eats the body of nearby dead enemies increase its mass by the enemy HP. 

    You got yourself a solid damage and mobility core to build the cc around.

    3 hours ago, Teoarrk said:

    wanted to keep the DR since Merulina has to remain somewhat interesting. I've made it more thematic by only applying the DR while performing tricks.

    Fair enough,  probably could use a grace time after the trick ends .

    3 hours ago, Teoarrk said:

    The crit thing is very good. The issue I have with it is that getting something that makes Mesa envious for free is a little overtuned. Maybe how I've handled it is kind of making it a Chroma style ability, but it is in line with other similar abilities like Toxic Lash or Xata's Whisper.

    Generally speaking its just a good idea to keep whatever the player base thinks it's good after s rework more for calming down the mob than any proper desing reason. I'm not a fan off the gain crit while doing X because they try to hard to enforce a play style. 

    Edit saw that the passive is back as part off the active , 

    4 hours ago, Teoarrk said:

    I've clarified the wording on this. It's a tap to do one thing, hold to do another type ability.  I've changed how the Glaive works because it would be a bit too strong

    It's a reasonable way to implement it.

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  15. 5 minutes ago, (XBOX)Fluffywolf36 said:

    I was on StallordD's discord earlier, and we hit upon a conundrum about Yareli. To quote myself:

    "There's... lots of defense frames, and out of all of them..... I haven't played Gara enough to form an opinion, but I like Frost's kit the most of all of them because it's so refreshingly simple

    old, clunky, but how does a Frame so ancient feel more useful for crowd control than yareli"

    Frankly speaking, I can´t shake off the feeling yariel is form over function to an extreme. Why does she has rotating blades when she can´t use melee while using her defensive skill. It would look good on the concept art. Why does a frame has all it´s defense on a mobility skill that can do more harm than good, because it looked good on the art and we did not want to program a smoother trasition to k drive. Why does she use slow bubles to cc , because it looks cute. 


    1 hour ago, Teoarrk said:

    PassiveMerulina - Sliding summons Yareli's trusty K-Drive, Merulina. While active, Yareli gains +75% damage reduction and each of her abilities will gain increased functionality. If Yareli cast an ability before summoning Merulina, it will remain active as the on-foot version. Coincidentally, if Yareli dismounts Merulina, any active abilities will retain their mounted forms.

    Shoving the dr here overloads the passive a bit given that it would be wise to preserve the crit one given that it is the only thing really good about yariel right now 

    1 hour ago, Teoarrk said:

    Ability 1 - Sea Snares. (25 Energy) - Yareli fires a beam of water. Enemies hit will become suspended in mid air by bubbles for up to 12 seconds, taking an increasing amount of Impact damage that starts at 250 for each second spent ensnared.  (Note: this is strong for a first ability, but this is simply to make up for the fact that Yareli is much weaker while on foot.)

    I think it would be wiser to make it buble beam instead. just to keep the custesy flavor 


    1 hour ago, Teoarrk said:

    Holding the ability will summon a Glaive of water in Yareli's hand. When released, it will fire the Glaive towards the player's reticule that explodes in a 3 metre AoE. Damage dealt and range of this Glaive Explosion will scale with the player's equipped Melee Mods.

    Love this one but given the common complains about stat sticks and the precedent for mutiple exalted things on a frame just making this a exalted weapon seens like a good idead ( i know the precedent is stat stick since the skill does not equi the glaive ) 

    Frankly i think i simple recast to throw would fit the skill better and hold to skip the initial spining phase all together 

    1 hour ago, Teoarrk said:

    Ability 4 - Riptide (100 Energy) - Yareli summons a roiling pool of water. Enemies within 18 metres will be promptly sucked in, taking 1000 impact +25% of their total Shields / Armor as damage. Riptide will persist for 5 seconds, dealing 250 Impact Damage per second. Any enemies killed this way have a 25% chance of dropping a universal ammo pack.




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  16. 15 minutes ago, Teoarrk said:

    This is really, really fun. I  especially like how Debt Spending works.

    It's the skill that gave origin to the frame. I like the idea off loaning ammo health and energy and paying interest on it.

    The third skill is just a reference to nef ago nonsense off giving unto the Void and the void give it the void takes away nonsense.  It would be neat of there was an actual in universe origin for that. Since if someone had actually traded with the void people would be more eager to believe his religion.

    The forth skill is the most obvious one to have, originally it was more mundane in nature . The revive passive was more like a trauma team coming to revive you , commissioning bombardment and so on.

    When it came to the first skill I was already grasping for straws and I reflavored and reporpuse a trial skill from an old dragon priestess frame. 

    The passive is pretty much a band-aid for the first skill work opmally 

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  17. 18 minutes ago, Teoarrk said:

    thinking the best way to handle it (which may dig my own grave) is to double down on the K-Drive. Make it the passive while running and have every ability gain something while it is active.

    Could work of the transition is smooth enought. But it indeed would make anyone that even remotely dislikes yariely not even equip her for fashion points. Maybe bidding it to the slide would be wiser since it's avoidable while playing. Also make sure to allow merely to equip k drive mods. It's weird it's worse than your usual k drive.

    18 minutes ago, Teoarrk said:

    have to have another gander and see if I can help in some way.

    Pretty much tan into the fundamental issue of railjack guns don't use mods and I want the miniature railjack to have all features off a normal railjack and plexus support.

    18 minutes ago, Teoarrk said:

    This sounds awesome.


  18. 12 minutes ago, Teoarrk said:

    I've finally got some ideas on how to improve Yareli and will post them here tomorrow.

    Good luck. I literally did a k drive frame before and can't quite figure out how to fix yariely without effectly creating a new frame. Really think the problem was a the very conception off the skills not the execution. 

    I've been fairly inactive here too. The last thing I did was a money frame with esoteric financial powers ( going into health debt ) , investing on allies performance ( to beat a market goal ) , buying time and so on. Never actually finished my miniature railjack frame

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  19. 9 minutes ago, Teoarrk said:

    or now, I'll also leave you with this rework on Sentinels

    Till Then.

    I think you went to far with the carrier rework since it is far to reliable off a loot increase. Unless you are using the strat odd caminpg and writing for the smeetha buff it has a way better loot wield. 

    The 10% damage reduction seems fairly useless frankly. Most people would not even notice it's existence. On character desing it's it's better to avoid minor side buffs because they are mostly seen as white noise. They do help the character to be viable but are not part off what makes the character the character. It's better to negate a attack on hight cooldown than provide 10%damage reduction all the time.

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