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  1. Added the accessit , it's pretty much a reverse Shotgun since it deal more damage the further away the enemy is. Slight changes on the four. Friends now also buys back mechanical pets and the package now creates a short duration blind.
  2. Best I can do is holographic pink skirt.
  3. Im kinda off confused why This is mercenary and not solider themed since themed. Since they don't quite fit for a mercenary. Why would a mercenary fight beyond death. He is literally not payed enough for this shiet. The death denial mechanic works generally well for a warrior but A there need to be a good enought reason to refuse to died and B there should be no self heal just can't drop below 1 HP since there no source for the healing. Why does a pike line does slashing and not slash and not piercing damage. If is for scaling purposes I guarantee you a 350 slash proc won't make a skill good . If you where looking for scaling something like does 700 piercing damage and forces a bleed proc ( equal to enemy missing health) when the enemy leaves the pike line would make more sense. Since you know the pike pierced on impact and left a bleeding wound once it was removed. Perfectly servisable but the weird reload reduction stat ( the game only deals with skipping reloads all together or increasing their speed , never reducing their duration )serves no purpose just allow instantaneous reloads at the cost off 10 energy. Also increasing head shot damage is a more interesting stat than critical chance. Why would a mercenary give particular care for a banner. He serves under the banner that pays the most. Personally not a fan off exalted weapons on kits. They tend to age badly due to the slow March off power creep eventually making them worse then normal weapons. Also they tend to make 1/3 of their player arsenal obsolete by their very nature.
  4. genuinaly sorry tought it acutally mixed with the base. After the kuva weapons I just assumed extra elements on a weapon where coded as a the last mod on a build and gave the weapon base damage as well. Been a while since the last time I really paid atention to a build. Just used any variation off viral + slash or fire.
  5. zakti has to instances off damage like every launcher on the game. First on impact deals phsical damage. Second the explosion does gas damage. So with a fire mod , on contact does physical + fire , on explosion just gas. Quoting from the wiki While the weapon's innate Gas damage does not apply to the dart - only the explosion - combining Heat or Toxin mods can be used to apply it to the dart impact itself.
  6. It's easier but it not necessarly better. It's more like adding another set off legs to a centipede. Does a new legal help the centipede to move forward ? Yes. Is the old broken leg still weighing the centipede down and its wounds fester? Also yes.
  7. Each player getting the rare item of his owm relic would be a good reward.
  8. Removed 4th "Safety - convinces the boards to use quantitative easying measures to erase all debt." Removed because it´s already easy enought to climb out off health debt , ammo debt can be enterely negated and she is not particulary energy hungry. Reworked from " 4th Happiness - buys back Sachiely guns and fills up the ammo reserves." to "4th Happiness – buys a supply package. This package will resupply the player ammo , restock any lost gun ( either due to Sachiely 2nd skill or enemy ) and a replacement for any lost mechanical companion ( moa , sentinel or hound )." Reworked 3th from "Sachiely gives all her credits to the void and gains favor with the entities that lie there. These entities return the favor by firing rays off void energy (damage scales with credits offered) smiting her enemies. Smitten enemies are disarmed, have their skill disabled. Upon death, enemies hit drop credit proportional to the damage of the void ray that strook them. " to "Sachiely throws up all her credits into the sky and they vanish into the void. Them her crestis fall from the sky dealing damage to enemies and slowing them down. Damage and slow scales with credits spent. If the slow would reach 100% the enemies are turned into a credit statue instead."
  9. The problem is not he brust is the weapon loses lock after the first brust so you can´t keep firing after the first brust
  10. This reminds me off allies guns on boderlanfs. Probably the metal things on a scale like patern. Also man jts against the rules to do heat and gas at the same time. Literally a engine thing. You could bypass it with multiple explosions like first there a heat explosion and right after their is a gas explosion but both can't happen on the same instance off damage.
  11. I really think the best way to lore implement them would be they are what was left off the tubeman project. Maniacs don´t quite have their mind right but they are inteligent and controlable enought to be deployed along side standard troops. We presume the tubemen would be that but better ( stronger and smarter ) , after our sabotage it would make sense the grineer off the project would be pustulent sacks off mutation but still be stronger than your standard grineer. Also given that there is a lot off infestation reserach on the sealab and salav cured himself with tilregor juice I´ve always assumed the tubeman were infested in someway shape or form. ( I´m asssuming both the corpus and grineer are quite aware that warframe bodies where infested in nature they just did not knew about the void demon secret sauce ). I frankly don´t care that much about number balance, I only care about something being balanceble. What i mean, if I see a pure damage skill on a warframe with no scaling I will say it will fall off , If I see I skill with some kind off scaling ( even credit scaling my lastest atempt at unique scaling ) I will only coment on the imbalance if it´s complely out off wack or I can see something way to easy to exploit. Edit: what I am trying to get at, it more off loss of identity issue than a power issue but what can be done if the identity is useless on the game setting ( what a sword man can do in call of duty and what can a automatic rifle do in horde game ). I understand why just giving aoe would be the quickest solution for the auto rifle crisis but is it the best one. Edit: what I'm trying to get at, I only care about the overall direction off to major factors does it fit ( lore and flavour ) and is it balanceable ( is it fundamenlly too strong or to weak ). What I would give rash criticism. Yareli. Well the entire package does not fit well nor it is balanceble. The Visuals looks more like a deluxe skin , the kit is a theme repeat , the skill desing is atrocious 1 - fundamenlly bad cc ( slow travel , limit targets , LOS limitations) 2 - bad DR skill ( does not get the cc immunity nor the health scaling that's pretty much standard at this point but does not offer something else significant as return ) 3 - Non scaling damage skill that works against the frame flow ( k drives have a lot off forward momentum but this skill force the player to keep a precise distance between him and the enemy instead off just sweeping thought the e enemies ) 4 - bad grouping ability Bad synergy with the helminth due to the Defensive skill silences helminth abilities. The problem with yariely is not the numbers on the kit is the kit itself. The problem with most skills lies on their very nature and there no changing that her 2 can't be fixed because they made her survivability attached to ridding a k drive but most tile sets are not k drive friendly. It would have been wiser if the k drive was some kind of set up skill ( ridding it would increase range off next cast or something). Her 3 even if it had good damage scaling it would fit better on a any melee blender frame because she can't melee while ridding her 2 and her 2 is worse it positioning the blade than just walking. Her 4 sound neat until we really think about it and realize larva is better because just firing a tenet envoy would do more damage than the explosion anyways. Her kit can't be fixed regardless off the number added. Of course she can be good with hight enough numbers ( give any frame 600 health and he will be the new Inaros ) but that does not mean it would be well designed.
  12. Frankly speaking , I'm not a huge fan off the ghools because they ocupy a weird desing space as far as lore is concerned. Somehow a hastly cloned ghoul is more resistent than the standard trooper and their simple behavior is more aki to mindless infested. Frankly speaking I would prefer if they just were failed clones that the grineer salvaged with a 'tamed' strain off the infestation so their toughtness would make more sense. Also would give more desing freeedom for form. Pretty much tought off that becasue off of the cadou nonsense being what allows heinserbertg to get away with his bashed in desings. Also Mailstorm purge seems overwelminly strong but I guess that what it takes to make non aoe guns good. Idk maybe bouncing shells would make it more 'balaced'
  13. You can actually post the image here just copy imagens address them paste it on the text editor
  14. Removed from the 4th skill” Power - Commissions a bombardment off the target area. Dealing damage (scales with enemy level) and knockdown enemies” it was redundant with her 3 skill that also bombarded from the skies. Added Time into the 4th – buys time to increase the duration off all ally skills, buffs, and combo count by 100%. Cannot Increase the same skill timer twice. Changed the wording off the passive Added the Icrementum Melee weapon Later I will make up stats and credit prices. Also I´m trying to cook up a proper secondary or primary weapon.
  15. needs more umu. Jokes aside always tought fate caracters to be really cool but I´ve always struguled to replicate their nonsense in warframe. Unfortunaly I´m familiar with the blue saiba side off fate , I don´t know much about red saber side off fate so I can´t really help you to better translate Nero. The only things I know about nero is imperial privelege is OP aff ( not broken for fate standards ) and she is really cute.
  16. The weapon damage seems out off theme given that is quite hard to argue that firing a gun is some kind off performance maybe go for a melee attack speed buff instead. No form off scaling on a pure Damage skill makes it useless after a while , either add a stage light effect ( some sort off buff of debuff for things iluminated by it ) or some kind of damage scaling ( level scaling , absorbing enemies killed nearby....) Fine. Neat. Need a bit off extra spice on the pet dragon but it's good. Overall really good art and a in theme kit. The kits needs a bit off polish to fix a few scaling problems and a bit extra spice on a few skill but overall this is a really solid concept.
  17. Frankly speaking, DE should just added combo chance stat for guns ( since melee already has the implied 100 % combo per hit that can be pushed to 120% combo chance per hit ) and unify the melee and gun combat on the same combo umbrella. A purr on hit system would have a lot off bias towards hight roof weapons. The worst offender was going to be merciless with a full decay in 4 seconds , that was the expectation given how stacking buffs work in warframe. The 20 seconds duration on the rest is just so long that if you can't keep it up your frustration is going to come from you inability to even see enemies due to excesses aoe nonsense on your team and not the keep your buff up thing. There are still problems but not nearly as bad as I had foreseen.
  18. Saw @(PSN)BaronHypersthen an accountant frame (Numeral- The Accountant) and it inspired me to go even further. A bit off a joke frame over the corpus grofit nonsense. More your less this frame has some esoteric financial powers like going into health debt (negative health until she reaches the credit limit) firing bullets that don’t exist trough bullet loans, buying life insurance (actual life insurance death just takes the contract and revives you instead of taking your soul to the afterlife ), buying time ( increasing the duration off timers ), making investment on your ally performances or making vulture investments on enemies. Lore wise I think she would feet best as another warframe commissioned by Parvos, I see this more off design miscommunication like Parvos asking for a strong sister capable of taking high risk investments and buying the necessary assets for success and if the worse comes being able to take an axe and deal with the situation, but the designers looked at the request and told him “Say no more”. Also, it would give some credence to Nef Anyo nonsense given that there is the angel of profit so his whole religion would have some kind of base on reality making it easier to believe in. Also working with credit as a damage scaling mechanism Passive – Reaping Angel – Sachiely can teleport up to 25 meters to mercy and enemy or hack a terminal. If an enemy was in debt Sachiely can repossess the health and wealth she loaned by mercing the target. 1. Investment (cost 50 health and 5% current credits per target ) 1.1 Vulture Investor (targeting enemies) (cost health)(targets up to 10 enemeis in a 7 meters radius from the main target) Invest on enemies bloating their internal structure and putting them into debt. Increases the enemy size and health but decreases their speed. Upon death enemies are guaranteed to drop credits. Mercy killing a bloated enemy will cause a credit explosion damaging nearby enemies. 1.1 Angel Investor (targeting allies) (cost health)(targets up to 7 warframes in a 7 meters radius from the main target) Sachiely invest on an ally business plan increasing their health, movement speed and bullet jump range. If the ally meets the market goal Sachiely will get her health back and both Sachiely and her ally gain increased damage. Note: market goals are like chanlenges, kill X enemies, Headshot Y times , kill enemies while aim gliding and so on. 2. Debt spending (cost 50 energy) Sachiely can go into health, ammo, and energy debt. This debt accrues interest at the rate off 10% per second and her credit limit is 5 timer her maximum reserve off that resource. There is a different type off “bankruptcy” for each resource. If her health loses more health than five times her maximun heath, she will die If she spends more ammo than five times the gun maximum ammo, the weapon will be thrown away and blow up. If she spends more energy than five times her maximum energy pool, Sachiely will be silenced for 15 seconds. Example for Clarity. 2.1 Sponsored Loan Allies in a 15 meters radius may also enter into debt ( ammo , energy and health ) however if they cannot pay their debt Sachiely will go "bankruptcy " in their place. 3. Give unto the Void (cost 75 energy and all credits ) Sachiely throws up all her credits into the sky and they vanish into the void. Them her crestis fall from the sky dealing damage to enemies and slowing them down. Damage and slow scales with credits spent. If the slow would reach 100% the enemies are turned into a credit statue instead. Killing an enemy affect by this skill will drop credits equal to the amount off credits that felt on him. If the enemy was turned into a credit statue the credits dropped upon death will be increased based on the enemy base HP. Note: targets enemies within Sachiely line off sight. 3.1 Void Endowment(cost 75 energy and all credits ) Allies are also affect by the credit rain and gain shields (similar to Warding Halo). This shield provides attack speed and fire rate. 4. There nothing Money Can´t buy (100 energy to open the shop than a credit price for the deal ) Shows a special gear well showing items she can buy and deploy Health - buys a contract of life insurance. Upon death, the reaper will come to claim the contract and revive Sachiely. Friends - Summons a massive robotic round. This dog has three precepts. Debt colector - pulls all credits on the map and the weapons on 30 meters radius. Reposession - Steals half of an enemy healt, shield and armor. Innovative Imitation- copies an enemy skill and auras. Additionally it will redeploy any allied mechanical companions that has been destroyed or is in bleed out. Happiness – buys a supply package. This package is teleported into position causing a flash off light bliding enemies. The package will resupply the player ammo and restock any lost gun ( either due to Sachiely 2nd skill or enemy ). Time - buys time to increase the duration off all ally skills, buffs, and combo count by 100%. Cannot Increase the same skill timer twice. Signature Weapon Accessit ( Shotgun) Fires a super heated Plasma ball that heats up while traveling. Damage and projectile size increases by 10% for each meter traveled ( bonus damage caps at 200% ). It's exclusive Attaché system reloads the weapon while holstered. Incrementum (Heavy blade) Always be ready to defend your risky position with this foldable Axe. This Axe sends energy shock waves on each slam attack (cost 30 combo per slam). While holstered it collapses into a small briefcase and its patented Granum Attaché system builds up it´s combo counter. Note: If Sachiely uses this weapon, buying time will increase the combo count off this weapon in proportion to the amount off time bought ( amount of timers increased )
  19. It's neat but I don't ser much use for it. Pretty much fundamental outclassed by AW in the same way k drive were. Unless it worked more like a melee weapon like dante cavaliere ( devil may cry ). I don't see it ever being useful Or attached to some kind off ghost rider warframe for maximum effect.
  20. I like the idea , expecially the third skill. It even inpired me to make another frame More on the finance side ( on the extrme to the point you can go in bullet debt ( fire bullets even after the magazine is empty ) and health debt ( having negative health and paying interest on your health deb until the debt is to hight and you get repossed ). Giving out predatory loans to enemies and so on. I really like this theme and it is one off the most creative I´ve seen so far. The only thing the seems like would be fundamentallyu broken about the frame is the garanteed drop on enemies ftom the ultimate ( it would out performa any of the reroling we have right know by a mile )). Also a bit to much self buffing for my liking but the idea is really neat
  21. Frankly speaking a find the dimanic off shadows have to mimic something else ( or at least a distorted version off the thing) that´s why I based an old conecept off a shadow frame on a passive that allowed you to mimic your allies skills ( at the cost off having to cast it soon after your ally decided to do so). The other dinamics i found interesting were limiting enemeis perception and skill that can only travel trought a surface ( wall or ground ). The whole mecahnic off relying on the level light level for skills is hard to implement properly ( as per seen in mirage 3 ) becasue off engine and gpu implications. I´ve explored these mechanics here Sombra, shadow warframe
  22. Added feather storm as a augument for raven´s 1
  23. Camera angle swaps feel like they break the flow off the fight. Really feels like the combat is back to a new start. Doom does well with it´s mercy kills because even dought it removes the control off the player it does not abruptely snaps nor change perpective so the combat feels like just 1 stream. Even the grandfather off QTE and finishers ( god of war) , if i recall correctly the camera did not snap out it quickly panned out to the "cinematic" position. Mercy kills really feel like they are filmed by a diferent camera so it feels like it breaks the flow off combat regarless off their duration (assasin creed does the whole camera panning to the proper position masterfully , it prefers to hide part off the animation to keep the camera moviment on a reasonable speed that does not break flow ). If the objective off the game is to have a good gameplay flow , yep not removing control off the player is the way. Am I fundamentaly against qte and cinematics ? No. Asura´s Wrath is a surprinly enjoyable experience but I would never put any off it´s QTE fiesta in any other game. Also Asura´s wrath was little replay value due to the scriped nature off the gameplay.
  24. As far as I know she can't use helminth skills while on k drive and I assume she can't do it because off animations. So probably a unfixable problem given that DE won't commit the resources to make k drive animations to all existing and future frames helminth skills.
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