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  1. It is definitely an automatic re-leveling of the ship to a plane that seems to be determined by the planet surface below. If you are facing directly toward or away from the planet, the auto-roll is reduced or doesn't happen. But while piloting, hold the ship still and use whatever key you have bound to roll left or right; you might notice you have a sort of horizon indicator that rotates the opposite direction to hold its level. Roll the ship "upside down" or ninety degrees or what have you; if your crosshair is centered so the ship isn't rotating on any other axis, it will auto-rotate back to its original roll-axis orientation the moment you let go of the button. This function definitely needs a toggle, at least.
  2. Oh, I know you can voluntarily roll; probably shoulda specified. Not looking to get voluntary rolling added, but to get involuntary rolling removed. If you actively use roll control, having your ship abruptly spin around at full speed the moment you release controls is dreadfully jarring...
  3. Absolutely loving flying my shiny new ship, especially after getting the Piloting intrinsic to rank 5. DE did an awesome job on the Railjack's handling, It's just marred by one thing... if you bank/roll, as soon as you stop moving, the ship will auto-level to what appears to be a horizon indicator in the pilot's HUD. Why would there even be a horizon indicator in a spacecraft? Anyway. If memory serves, Archwing itself used to have auto-leveling, and the whole playerbase - the part that played Archwing anyway - screeched to have it removed. Why'd it return? Oh, and now roll controls have been removed from Archwings entirely! Again, in fact. If memory serves, roll controls for spacecraft in Warframe have been very... iterative. I wonder if there's some technical aspect that makes roll-axis control more tricky or difficult to execute consistently? Would love to hear DE comment on that. Anyway, yes. Dear DE: please add these to your probably-huge-by-now to-do list, in order of importance: 1) Remove-or-add-a-toggle-for auto-leveling from Railjack roll control if possible. The only thing wrong with the otherwise awesome flight controls! 2) Add roll control back to Archwings. Would be nice. Pretty please? 3) Ensure all spacecraft with roll control have access to this control axis at all times, i.e. sprinting and rolling simultaneously, which Archwings couldn't for some time before their roll was removed again when Empyrean launched. There might be something technical about simultaneous axis control that makes it too hard to do, but would be neat. Ya'll lemme know your thoughts. Anyone agree that auto-leveling is annoying? Was the point of the post but I get rambly and other stuff snuck in there too... danke to those that have the patience to read all that! TL;DR: Title. DE, Railjacks fly really great but they auto-level after you use roll-axis control. Would be greater if they would not!
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