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  1. I noticed that when it comes down to Umbra having new and powerful mods; this makes me wonder. What do you guys think we will be fighting in the future for the mods to be THIS strong? Because Umbra mods taking a LOT of credits and Endo seems like its a fore'shadow' (haha) to enemies that will be just as power creeped.
  2. zaxiade

    Ballas and how we would get Umbra Theory

    In the video, if you use captions; It states that Ballas is indeed talking. The filter does however make them sound similar in that particular video alone.
  3. My Mag's Nier Automata Cosplay: Nier 2B reference:
  4. zaxiade

    Made a remix based on 'The Sacrifice' Hype site

    Hey! I pasted a link to my remix basically via soundcloud. I've heard recently that some people aren't able to see it appear via SC. I also uploaded it on YT for that exact reason, so I've added a Video of it with a visualizer.
  5. This is meant as a joke and not for serious purposes, I had fun making this and I'm just excited for the upcoming quest. You Tenno ready for a sacrifice? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) A visualizer I made for it too.
  6. Because of sorties like radiation hazard conditions, I think it would be cool if there was a symbol showing that a player is infected by the hazard so we would know not to aim in their direction or cast abilities that would harm them otherwise.
  7. The past few matches I'll be playing a game with some people and as soon as I enter a Rift I go +3-4 zones ahead in another game with others, my last game I went to zone 4 with a friend and suddenly after I came out of the rift I entered with another squad in zone 8. Is this intentional?
  8. Usually when holding E for Exalted blade; Excaliber does instead 2 slices of normal waves. I think it would be neat to have the typical Charge attack for an even bigger/wider wave of damage when fully charged.
  9. zaxiade

    Hardest codex entry to complete

    The White/Carrion Charger Eximus and the Manic Bomboard Eximus are the two things I've never seen spawn to this day.
  10. For some reason this makes me think of static shock, like we could use the shield to suddenly orbit/fly/hover like he did with his metal disc. That would be nifty although I'm not sure if that would happen with Volt.
  11. zaxiade

    Celebrate Warframe at the Game Awards!

    Ayyy this is pretty good.
  12. zaxiade

    Devstream #100 Overview

    "OTHER TIDBITS The Sacrifice will not be released this year. " So .. next year? I noticed this has been delayed by time and time again.
  13. I'm really digging this idea!
  14. Original Image: Faction: Tenno Brief Description: As title says. I'd like to introduce my first Weapon concept/idea. This is Morthaine, A sacred spawned SCYTHE that utilizes the scythe grip/stances (i.e: Stalking Fan) had appeared long ago from unknown origin.. Slow but powerful, it has innate electricity with high slash damage. Specialty: Using a charge attack; this weapon would sent a lightning bolt of energy, with pinpoint aim. Channeling and aiming at a target chains the lightning.