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  1. Why isn't Onkko selling the Zauba Armor?

    Despite a few hotfixes pointing out that he sells, he was supposed to apparently be selling them but right now they can only be acquired via market plat wise. Most likely a bug.
  2. I don't know if this was asked before, but I think having customization slots would be cool like we do for our Warframes.
  3. Syandana's most of the time do not go well and clip with these things (Nezha's 'back Circle' and Titanias 'Archwing') attached - (in my opinion, not speaking for everyone). I was hoping to give a suggestion or two on how we could improve or make everyone happy. For Nezhas' circle, is it possible to be like nova's skin, where as nova's deluxe had arms that appeared during animations maybe his circle could appear in the same fashion, only to appear when using an ability that the circle appears for those moments. For Titanias', maybe if we switch it off maybe they could shift/transform/appear on her the same way as if you were switching a weapon that you made invisible: Selecting her Pixie Archwing ability would make the Archwings pop out. That or possibly make these two simply Auxiliary and we can switch them on and off like Valkyrs' Wires or Nekros's Mortos Binds. Thanks for reading!
  4. My Operator is turning into a monkey. ._.

    I have STILL not seen my operator perform any of this once.
  5. Able to use baro tiara with the baro mask and earrings?

    Diadem and Mask are in same category. we are not able to use both. D:
  6. For example, My codex says I have completed "Baza" and "Cassowar" weapons with full mastery rank points. But when I check my profile for some reason these same weapons are at rank 28 and affixed at a certain point when I know I've completed them.
  7. Devstream 103 tenno lounge excited.

    What about those seats Ordis speaks of all the time? We finally get a chair, or a couch? ... I want a Corpus Styled mini-fridge.
  8. The game awards syandana

    Still haven't received mine either.
  9. Celebrate Warframe at the Game Awards!

    Ayyy this is pretty good.

    I'm not sure what's causing this, but I've had so many random squads in this event via pub or with friends that the mission will fail out of nowhere. Thus causing us wasted time and no explanations. Anyone else dealing with this?
  11. Harrow systems? Deception? Just raging here

    No joke, it took me 67 runs exactly to grab Harrow's systems. Talk about RNG right? I didn't give up but it is still extremely time consuming regardless.
  12. I was thinking. From the range of people having multitudes of opinions about operators and since we can only theorize about this quest, would you guys like it if the outcome was: A) ---> You were able to progress into an Adult operator with more combat skills? B) ---> You would be able to fuse with your Warframe (or Umbra) and remain as one forever and pressing 5 would activate Void abilities just like using operator without switching to it but remaining as your frame?
  13. Devstream #100 Overview

    "OTHER TIDBITS The Sacrifice will not be released this year. " So .. next year? I noticed this has been delayed by time and time again.
  14. Agreed. It's clunky. On another note some armor shoulder pieces are placed too high on her shoulders.
  15. I'm really digging this idea!