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  1. Would infested fish, be In-fish-ted? :D
  2. Theres a toggle option to use slow motion in the Advanced options in Captura. While it may take a bit longer to take photos, slow motion saved me lots of time.
  3. Appreciate the correction, also good eye on the map detail.
  4. If I remember right; sometimes the kuria themselves only have a chance of spawning. So it might mean it'll be there next time or it won't. (correct me if i'm wrong).
  5. What Stalker?
  6. I'm really digging this idea!
  7. Original Image: Faction: Tenno Brief Description: As title says. I'd like to introduce my first Weapon concept/idea. This is Morthaine, A sacred spawned SCYTHE that utilizes the scythe grip/stances (i.e: Stalking Fan) had appeared long ago from unknown origin.. Slow but powerful, it has innate electricity with high slash damage. Specialty: Using a charge attack; this weapon would sent a lightning bolt of energy, with pinpoint aim. Channeling and aiming at a target chains the lightning.
  8. I just use my Dojo for the stuff I need, At this point I'm the only one who logs into my own clan anymore. I guess I can't take it seriously when all I do is farm for resources and input them for weapons. That's all I really do anymore.
  9. For me everything seems to be down too. I'm sure it'll kick back up soon.
  10. If I recall every frame "Has a CHANCE to be primed".
  11. After coming back after a mission, I've tried exiting and entering other missions/relays. All of my inside decor is missing, is this a bug? Was something reset?
  12. Jeez! That Helmet is top notch! I'd love to see this in game!
  13. Holy crap; That's a glorious result. Keep up the good work!
  14. Wow! i'm admiring all the intricate details on the helm and skin. I can't wait to see how you color scheme it!