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  1. Agreed. It's clunky. On another note due to how broad her frame is with the skin; to show off the "magnetic" physics that hold her together, even some Armor shoulder pieces are placed too high on her shoulders. They also make her look as wide as Atlas's torso.
  2. Not sure why but his design reminds me of the style from Asura's Wrath type bosses. I don't think he looks creepy, he looks terrifying and terrific.
  3. I'm really digging this idea!
  4. Original Image: Faction: Tenno Brief Description: As title says. I'd like to introduce my first Weapon concept/idea. This is Morthaine, A sacred spawned SCYTHE that utilizes the scythe grip/stances (i.e: Stalking Fan) had appeared long ago from unknown origin.. Slow but powerful, it has innate electricity with high slash damage. Specialty: Using a charge attack; this weapon would sent a lightning bolt of energy, with pinpoint aim. Channeling and aiming at a target chains the lightning.
  5. Wow! i'm admiring all the intricate details on the helm and skin. I can't wait to see how you color scheme it!
  6. The Vacuum Within 

    Does this mean Baro will bring a Primed Ammo case for Carrier?
  7. "This is What You Are" - Sheet Music Release

    Albeit I'm late to this topic, I just recently stumbled 'crossed it several days ago (how come I didn't hear about this way sooner? @.@") and I insta-grabbed those sheets, I just had to try out my hand in this. Here goes my rendition: I tried to make it change throughout the song's duration/progression and more. -------------- [Experimental House] || INDEX || The Beginning; 00:00 House Chord Start Up: 00:46 Melody Breakdown + Tribal Drums: 2:08 (My favorite part I worked on)
  8. Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    Appreciate the feedback on my builds. :3
  9. Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    His speed, I needed to balance strength and duration. If I don't build for this exactly, he almost runs at no difference in running speed. At least for me. Maybe it's just me that feels like I'm somehow going slower than his old self did. - I also try to incorporate speed type mods to specifically make this a speedster set up. His Shield + Discharge; I wanted to focus on duration, range, and efficiency. But no strength, which makes his first ability weaker but at least enemies are stunned for longer, and his ult has a damage cap anyway now. Plus his Riot shield actually doesn't run out fast at all when I pick it up. Or else if it isn't built for this it drains in seconds. - The good side with added range is that his Ult reaches pretty far. And his first ability with shock augment helps with more strength and efficiency, allowing allies to deal more damage. Strength would also work on speed but with normal duration this is more of a ''fight not flight'' build.
  10. Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    While I do admire the old Volt over the current one, I used to just have one build that would fit every ability. I'm a guy that loves to use all the abilities of every warframe that we are able to access. That's what I love. Now with Volt's recent changes. I have three separate builds. -One for just his speed (To rush through stages). -One for his Shield and ... Discharge (CC). -And one for max strength and augment Shock Trooper to spam his first ability with (strength). I miss being able to focus on all of his kit instead of having to only do with one or two abilities at a time.
  11. I know you've heard this a thousand times by now, but this is some inspiring work you have here. It's very obvious that your potential is outstanding and I'm surprised you're not more well-known. Have you worked on any other video game before or have done concepts for other stuff? I feel like you're going to make some amazing original work.
  12. With volume turned all the way up, behind the infested noises, it sounds like ... maybe it's a heartbeat. . .
  13. How Do You Pronounce "orokin"

    For me It's Oreokin. Yes Oreo's Dipped in gold shaped like keys with Death Orb cream.
  14. The Face Behind The Name! V2

    Take any picture you want! Im sure itll look kick azz. P.S: show off your guns. xD