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  1. A railjack open world would be pretty awesome. Shipping lanes to prey on or defend from pirates, wormholes to help you zip to various parts of the map, void storms slowly travelling across the region—it could be a whole new way to interact with the star chart, really.
  2. Honestly, I've always thought that some missions, like Survival, should be mission modifiers rather than standalone mission types. But yes, combo mission types would add a lot of interesting variety.
  3. Like @Drasielsaid, my guess is that you have that mod on your Blast config (or possibly another weapon completely), and you don't have enough capacity on that config.
  4. Jamming drone in ice driver objective on Calabash (Corpus railjack void storm) spawned in unreachable location, could not be killed, mission could not be completed, had to abort. Ticket #2654633
  5. Well, the thing you want to blow up is inside a protective wall of infested vines. So he means "get inside it" the way you'd "get inside" a lockbox or a safe or somesuch. Anyway, watch the main hive. It will spit out a little firefly every few seconds that will race across the map. Follow those fireflies, and you'll find a smaller tumor that you can blow up. Blow up three of those smaller tumors, and the main tumor will be unlocked so you can blow that up.
  6. Again, if you're sitting still such that Wisp doesn't need to recast her motes, the health mote is the absolute least OP thing your team is probably doing. Saryn and Mesa are wiping out entire map tiles, Frost and Limbo are completely negating all damage to anyone near the objective, Vauban or Khora are soloing the entire mission, Nova is either putting all the mobs on ez mode or speeding up the rounds—I mean jeez, if you want to talk about upkeep, you have to balance Trin's energy costs against the fact that she generates infinite energy with her 2. Anytime you're sitting still in Warframe, the most pressing challenge isn't surviving, it's staying awake. Even if Wisp were OP in static situations, Warframe shouldn't be balanced around static situations. Lots of stuff in Warframe is ridiculously, hilariously overpowered if you don't have to move around much. It's been an issue since before Vivergate, and DE has never managed to solve it. Nerfing Wisp on that basis, out of the entire spectrum of massively overpowered abilities and combos that start cropping up when you take map traversal out of the equation—it just doesn't make sense.
  7. Me coming into this thread thinking someone's trying to take away Wisp's zero-energy permainvisibility: oh thank god they're just talking about her health mote. Wisp isn't powerful, and she only negates other healing frames if you spend the entire game pretty much standing still. And if you're doing that, you're probably doing stuff that's hilariously more OP than plonking down a Healing Stream Totem. Wisp's true strength is that she doesn't have any one single true strength, she's a jack of all trades—a little tanky, decent CC, weak but steady heals, okay DPS, nice mobility, best in class stealth (okay she has one true strength). There's no need to nerf her because she doesn't outclass any other frame in anything. Even in healing, if Wisp is the reason your team survives then it's because your team sucks and your Wisp player was flat out amazing, not because Wisp is an inherently good healer. She puts out a small amount of constant heals and a nice health buff, and you only get those if a) she manages to stay ahead of you or b) you wait for her to catch up. In a gofaster game like Warframe, that is a massive liability.
  8. It would be awesome if zaw gunblades used kitgun parts. Kitgun chamber, Zaw strike and link, and a new Zaw grip that turns it into a gunblade.
  9. I dunno, I kinda like the extra capacity point you get on Tenet/Kuva weapons. Beyond that, if you're grinding out MR for anything other than completionism, you're doin' it rong.
  10. I just fed my second Protea to Helminth. Any frame + Xoris, ezpz. Honestly, farming out the Tenet weapons and my second Protea has really sold me on glaives overall.
  11. Misspending your focus points. Can't unring that bell, no matter how many login rewards you get.
  12. Prebuilt forma, not forma bp that you get from relics. As a professional lazy person, I value not having to remember to login every day and start a new forma build.
  13. Yeah, Plague Star should probably be 2-3 weekends per year.
  14. You're probably thinking of the teaser they showed for The Duviri Paradox.
  15. Critical is at or below DPS relative to status. If anything, critical could use a buff, especially for slow ROF weapons.
  16. Still very much are. It's decreased a bit, largely (imo) because they've gotten burned a few times by negative reactions showing off very early versions that changed significantly on the path to a much later release. But just the act of having devstreams at all, or a public Trello board—you may not be satisfied with the level of responsivity, but it's head and shoulders over any major studio I'm aware of.
  17. DE is one of the most responsive and engaged dev teams around, especially considering the size of the playerbase.
  18. "Moderately better" is... questionable. It hits harder than the Tenet Arca Plasmor with 2/3 the reload speed.
  19. Because fighting one that has an Arca Triton is frickin' hard enough already.
  20. All-white or all-black with a splash of color almost always looks fantastic. Basically a cheat code for fashionframe.
  21. It's just kinda weird that they'd make it a syandana rather than an auxiliary like every other single-frame cosmetic.
  22. You get the mission reward, modified by your sigil (if any). Kills etc. during the mission are still subject to the cap.
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