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  1. Can't disagree, that there are changes to the level design and reward goals. Moving them more to the end mission and less from enemy drops is interesting. It pulls a little away from the hook of a game like this, which is getting the instant gratification of shiny drops. But, that very impulse is what leads to the worse behavior. But, I don't see the harm of directly addressing the issue. For example, and probably not a perfect one, Witcher 3/cdpr introduced an invulnerable monster that shows up when player exploit a resource farm from killing cows. It's hilarious, awesome, and presumably work
  2. It is clearly a problem, though perhaps not one that takes as much focus as it used to. But, if and when it skews the game meta too far from the design intent and distorts markets, it begins to effect other people experience of the game. And, this is mostly done to appease peoples over stimulated desire to accumulate meaningless numbers of things, or exhaust content as fast as possible. And in the grand scheme of things this seems like a relatively simple method of addressing the issue, compared to massive nerf hammers and maps being shut down, as usually the case. Also, I new it was inevitabl
  3. I don't have an issue with farming. Arguably it is a function of a looter ARPG to, farm loot. But, skewing progression via exploits and imbalances to hyper-farm enormous resources or trivialize content is an issue. I don't normally have too many ideas how to address it systemically, just avoid it where I can. But, I have heard and seen a few instances of how other games address this, and it got me thinking. A common issue, is finding choke points that funnel enemies into a kill box that the AI just will suicidally charge forever. Why the AI can't just be programmed to have some awareness
  4. Physically this ship is a tri-catamaran style ship, meaning it has three main hull sections. The primary in the center and two on the sides angled down slightly. Artillery The primary hull has multiple cannons on each side, making it Calle of firing two salvos. Not as powerful as the artillery on the standard RailJack, but higher rate of fire, and capacity. Of purse the RailJack has to be lined up to fire the broadside from each side. The side pylons have forward and aft firing cannons. High damage low fire rate guns. Archwing Slingshot can load two Tenno, one for forward and on f
  5. There is an appeal to figuring things out on your own, for sure. But, I think the games that do that the best are really focused on making sure there is strong environmental hints. Warframe, isn't devoid of this, and its not like tutorialization isn't happening. The solar rails is a great example of shaping the players path to teach them how the game can be played. Here is a suggestion I think that could let players keeps on task. I got this idea from Crusaders Kings 3. I played Crusader King 2, but was not very successful at it. Because, I was often overwhelmed by the number of sys
  6. Anticipating the release of PSN Railjack update. I was thinking about the crew features. Customization and skill training look good. And the AI I hear is doing pretty well. That is great, and so the following suggestions are for expanding this new feature. Dragons Dogma (DD) has an excellent player driven NPC exchange for players part members. Pawns are the NPC that you can create and enter into an exchange, called the nexus. Once entered these pawns can be chosen by other players to join their party and you can recruit from other players pawns. There are a number of potentials features t
  7. Here is my request and suggestion for making Hit Damage toggled off worthwhile. I have tried turning off hit damage from time to time, for immersion. Usually, go back to it, because the current presentation makes for a more engaging experience. However, I know this doesn't have to be the case. Most games, in fact, don't have hit numbers popping up everywhere. I'll accept that Warframe has possibly more systems than most games, and communicating the effects and states can be challenging or noising. That is certainly true for powers, and area effect weapons. That being so, I'd expect it is
  8. Interesting take. Naturally it’s a more subjective thing. Do to the amount of rebalancing and tweaking, I would guess this mode would have fewer missions and perhaps missions that would benefit from co-op could be initiated. Perhaps, with squad-link. But, if this was more of a alternative difficulty mode, for say, tailback/empyrion, then it would probably need to remain the current solo/co-op dynamic.
  9. Agreed why I’m leaning toward a Steel Path alternate game mode. Opens the whole rewards and splitting player base issue, of course. I’m contemplating it being a solo mode or partitioned multi-player mode, sort of like Death Stranding and Dark Souls, where players are interacting with each other instance through various mechanics, but aren’t necessarily in the same co-op session.
  10. Thank, you. It would have to be an anomaly or technology, as the only objects with greater than 1 earth gravity are gas giants in our solar system. Moe, it could be a different game difficulty setting like Steel Path, modifying parkour, and weapon and mod load outs. Giving people a different style of battle flow. this could address other issues with smarter AI being irrelevant in the face of so many overwhelming powers and weapons. naturally, these would be little adjustments to keep most of the game inline with the feel of Warframe but try to introduce more danger and tension into th
  11. Long time fan and player of Warframe, it's great, and I love it.. Of course, every game can grow tired over enough time. What I propose is not to change WF but to inject some freshness air to the gameplay. Instead of the overwrought RPG mobs of endless scaling everything, in favor of a more measured and intentional flow of battle progression. The modifications I'm thinking of could go into an alternative mode, sort of like steel path. Think of it like a alternate difficulty. Or, perhaps it could be applied to the foot battle in Railjack. Move from random sporadic rush mobs to more
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