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  1. I forget where, but I once recommended that Regurgitate be replaced with an all new ability I thought up. I like what you wrote here so I'd like your feedback on it: ~~~~~BELCH~~~~~ (25 Energy)Grendel lets out bone-rattling belch of such magnitude that nearby enemies flinch and become temporarily open to finishers. In addition, Belching allows Grendel to make more room in his gut, temporarily halting the energy drain he suffers from swallowed enemies. The range of enemy flinching and duration of the energy buff are enhanced depending on the number of enemies Grendel has in his gut.
  2. I think this should apply to loot as well. Unless something drastic has changed since I've been gone, people typically farm survival style missions and pretty much nothing else for the simple fact that more enemies constantly pouring in at you is ESSENTIALLY increased drop rates for everything. WarFrame desperately needs to create more incentive for non-endless mission types other than one or two specific rare mods that are exclusive to whatever.
  3. I just wanna say that I also like boarding enemy crew ships and wiping them out from the inside. I agree it shouldn't be or feel NECESSARY but I like the idea that it's an option (especially if you get Rank 3 Gunnery to use the Archwing Slingshot to directly inject yourself into the crewship. That animation is f**king AWESOME.) I think to make it more appealing, maybe the crewship stops operating entirely when there's a tenno aboard, as if the entire crew is in a panic and trying to deal with the situation, this way the benefits of sacrificing one of your crew to go on an infiltration missi
  4. Hrm... I dunno if this is necessarily broken but I think at some point we should be able to completely redistribute ALL of our crew's stat points, not just the 3 that we gave them. I like the idea of keeping certain AI crewmembers you've grown attached to and being able to retrain them to be perfect in whatever areas it is you need them to be, rather than having them be stubbornly attached to the majority of their stat points so their role flexibility is highly limited... Maybe Rank-10 Command would give us a "Training Overhaul" option where we have to send our AI crew away for a day to
  5. I probably definitely don't have those. What're they called? I'll look up how to get 'em.
  6. The... the what and the WHAT mods?
  7. Yeah I like 'em. It just seems like as I go into the harder stuff they start to get more and more scrambled by boarding parties. They're useful for NOW but it's looking like that usefulness drops off (aside from the gunners still being insanely good at their job because, well, you just have to give them good guns). ... which is weird because I thought my gunners were so good at their job that the ramsleds can't even get to them, yet every time I come back to my ship from doing an away-mission in like... a grineer or corpus base there seems to just magically be a boarding party there and my
  8. I never said I think no crew is better. It's like you didn't even read the post, I gave every position what credit they were due (especially the gunners for, as you say, aimbotting the hell out of everything). My problem is how flimsy they are to boarding parties, but I'm currently debating that maybe I just need to find some crew members with rank 5 combat and endurance before I get too hasty. How do people have a single AI crewmember solo-ing entire raid parties on PLUTO while MY goons can't handle them as a group on SATURN? Either someone is straight-up lying or those final points in
  9. I've noticed in newer Corpus tilesets (like the ones you see in the Corpus RailJack segments), if you're invisible sometimes you find a Crewman just chilling and sittin' on a box wondering where the hell his life went wrong.
  10. The Dry Dock is constructed to be symmetrical in a U shape. Look for the CENTRAL console at the bottom of that U shape. That's typically the one you have to interact with to begin.
  11. Update: I just got to Saturn Proxima and holy crap, I have VERY different thoughts about this. Completely edited OP.
  12. And personally I've been getting weird errors where when I try to boot up the game steam tells me it's already running. Seems to be an issue with WarFrame not closing properly after the last use unless I close out steam entirely and log back in.
  13. Fair enough I guess. I thought it sounded cool. Only thing I don't like about Hijack, personally, is when I have it as one of my Syndicate missions. I can't hijack the cargo AND look for medallions/quittances at the SAME TIME...
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